Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Guru in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American female surgeon specializing in plastic surgery with many reviews in the discipline. Walden is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery where her specialization is in aesthetic breast and facial surgery. She prides in founding Jennifer L. Walden M.D, a privately operated plastic and ambulatory surgery center based in Austin Texas to learn more: http://www.austinmdmagazine.com/an-austin-girl-comes-home-dr-jennifer-l-walden/ click here.

Training Taken by Dr. Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is well trained and has several degrees among them being a BA in Biology from the University of Texas-Austin and an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She also has Residency training from University of Texas Medical Branch in the department of training and also an integrated plastic surgery Residency from the same university. Additionally, Walden has fellowship training in aesthetic surgery fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

Jennifer Walden’s Career Path

The super doctor’s reviews reveal that she served as an Aesthetic Sugary Program Director in the Manhattan Eye, EAR, and throat Hospital from March 2008- November 2011. She also did private practice and cosmetic plastic surgery in Manhattan between 2004 and 2011. She later relocated to Austin Texas in 2011 where she has been practicing as a cosmetic plastic surgeon.

A Female Exceptional

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been in plastic surgery for at least eight years. She is outstanding in her field since there are not many female doctors who prefer to venture cosmetic surgery. The discipline scares off female doctors due the rigorous training and internships involved.

In a Nutshell

According to statistical reviews, mostly plastic surgery is performed on women thus giving the female surgeons an upper hand. Dr. Jenifer Walden reveals that women tend to feel comfortable talking to other women about their body parts than they do to men. She says that women have confidence in her since they know that she cannot view them judgmentally. Jenifer relocated to Texas to be closer to her family. She revealed that she has two sons and wants to be a better mom by being close to them.

Brown Modelling Agency: Building an Empire

Brown Modelling Agency is a marriage between two big-time talent agencies in Austin, Texas. Wilhelmina Austin, run by CEO Justin Brown, focused on modeling talent. Heyman Talent-South focused largely on acting talent. By merging these two companies together under the umbrella of the Brown Modelling Agency, Justin Brown and CEO of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée, have created a talent agency superpower. This agency is the largest in central Texas, and one of the largest in Texas in general. The main office will still be located out of Austin, however they will also have a branch in Dallas and a setup in Los Angeles.

Combining these two agencies allows the newly formed Brown Modelling Agency to offer more services and opportunities to their “talents”, as they call their models and actors. Their talent has been seen world-wide working with accounts such as Louis Vuitton, L’oreal, Toyota, Miami Swim Week, to name a few. Acquiring Heyman Talent-South has allowed Justin Brown the opportunity to expand the company’s portfolio and has given them greater national reach. Michael B. Bonnée has stayed on as head of the theatrical department of the agency. He will be responsible for the growth of this side of the company.

Justin Brown started his own company based on his vast experience with the modeling world. He started as a model himself, working as a fit model for accounts such as Lucky Brand jeans. He went on to study business management while in college and became interested in being behind the cameras. He landed in development and placement where he worked to find jobs for talent or to help them make it in the big time. In 2005 he went to Austin and began his own development agency, working hard to turn it into what it has become today with the help of Heyman Talen-South.

The Brown Modelling Agency prides them on selecting only the best talent. They are then developed at the agency and put onto the commercial market. Justin Brown has experience in knowing what the different markets are looking for. For instance, in Dallas a more conservative look is wanted, whereas Austin is a younger, funkier town and prefers a more alternative appearance. Justin Brown’s experience in New York and Los Angeles also give him connections to help his talent make it into the bigger markets if they so desire.

The union of the two biggest agencies in Austin is providing the city with a chance to have a nationally recognized talent agency in their own backyard. Whereas previously talent was hired from either Dallas or Houston, Austin is growing and the city is ready for the step up to national focus.

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Orange Coast College: The College Standing Tall As One Of The Best In Sports

Orange Coast College is one of the premier colleges in Southern California, offering an incredibly high standard of education to all the students who come there. The Orange Coast College began accepting students in 1947 and since then has had batches of extremely successful students passing out of here. The college is known to be one of the highest ranking community colleges in the country, and also has one of the largest enrollments in America.

Orange College has a wide array of courses that they offer their students. Right from arts to sciences, Orange Coast College has almost every program that one can think of. The college also goes the extra mile to ensure that they can offer their students the best resources. Orange Coast College has an extremely revered list of professors leading numerous different subjects and lectures.

One of the reasons why Orange Coast College stands out so much as compared to other colleges in California is owing to their extremely successful sports team that they have. The college is known to have some of the best players, who has seen a significant amount of success at the games that they play.

The college has numerous sports, for both men and women, more than any other community college in the area. They have some of the best coaches on board to train their students to be exceptional on the field.

Earlier this month, Orange Coast College was up against some of the best rowing teams from colleges across the country. Rowing is a sport that hasn’t received as much light as it should, but with numerous prominent colleges entering the championships, Orange Coast College has had to work even harder to prove themselves in the sport.

The Orange Coast College is one of three community colleges in Southern California. The college offers courses all the year around, with academic years starting in the summer, fall and winter trimesters respectively. Orange Coast College also has provisions for students to transfer them over to other universities across the country with a view to help them get an even further level of education.

The college also has an all integrated summer course to help their students develop their skills further. They conduct these classes out of their base on Rabbit Island, which is located near Vancouver in Canada. By having a second location, they can give their students a genuinely productive college experience.

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Dyeing Hair Lilac With Wengie


Wengie transforms her blonde hair into a lovely lilac shade. Keep reading to find out how she did it!


The first and most important aspect of this dye job is to lighten the hair. Wengie started out a dark blonde, and because of that her lilac will be a darker shade. The closer to white the hair is, the lighter the purple will be. It’s important to keep the hair as close to one shade as possible, as having darker or lighter spots will change the color of the dye.


She began by mixing Fudge’s Pink Flamingo and Blue Hawaii dyes into a Tresemme conditioner to get the precise purple she was looking for. Once the dye was mixed, it was simple to paint her hair with it and leave it on for twenty minutes. Wengie used a shower cap to help the color infuse.


Once the time was up, she hopped in the shower and blow-dried her hair so that we could see the result; a lovely shade of lilac! According to Wengie, the color will start to fade after about two or three washes. She’ll be rocking that purple until she goes dark again for her friend’s upcoming wedding!

Clay Siegall Explains How He Developed Interest In Cancer Research

Clay Siegall is the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. The Seattle-based company engages in the development of targeted cancer therapy. Clay is passionate about providing the populace with viable drugs. Under his guidance, Clay Siegall has succeeded in maintaining the company’s leadership position in the market. Seattle genetics is recognized for developing the first antibody drug conjugate, which was later approved by the FDA.

Clay Siegall’s inspiration to develop cancer therapies was informed by his long time interest in medicine, and determination to fight diseases, and restore the health of people. Additionally, he has always been interested in the power of technology. His focus on cancer treatment started while he was a student at the university. When one of his relatives was taken ill, he was taken to hospital, where he received cruel treatment. The family member developed severe anemia and nearly died from the chemotherapy. Siegall become aware of other treatment options like amputation and radical surgery. To this end, he saw the need to develop other viable drugs. It is for this reason that Clay founded Seattle Genetics.

Siegall notes that Seattle Genetics generates income in different ways. The company makes money by selling its own proprietary drugs, including ADCETRIS. In addition, Seattle Genetics earns considerable revenues from partnerships and licensing of technologies. Siegall notes that their business uses unique marketing strategies. This way, they have been able to woo many companies to use their technologies to develop viable drugs. Siegall points out that the company engages in new businesses by spending a lot of time in meetings and negotiations.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics, a firm that he founded in 1998. He has led the company in developing multiple cancer therapies. Moreover, he has guided the firm in capital raising activities. Before launching Seattle Genetics, Siegall was working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Clay Siegall holds 15 patents. He has written 70 publications. Siegall sits on the board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals. He is an alumnus of both the George Washington University and the University of Maryland. Siegall has a B.S. in zoology and holds a PhD in genetics. He is a firm believer in therapies that prolong the lives of patients.

Highland Capital Management-Giving Back to the Community

Highland Capital Management has decided to close a healthcare-centered private equity fund with an amount of $147 million in capital commitments. South Korea’s National Pension Service was the main investor for the fund, and investors that were part of the investment have objectives within the healthcare space as well as investment returns.


Highland Capital Management will work with Stonebridge Capital Korean private equity firm, in order to co-manage the fund. This will be the very first private equity fund in Asia related to healthcare and most investments made so far have been on either a direct basis, or by way of multi-purpose tools. Healthcare is the main industry for exposure for the firm and Highland Capital Management has more than $1.5 billion in healthcare assets.


Highland Capital Management is located in Dallas, Texas and has offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paolo. Highland Capital Management is an experienced alternative credit manager on a global scale and specializes in credit hedge funds, loan obligations, and credit strategies, to name a few. Highland Capital Management also offers alternative investments including natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short equities.


Highland Capital Management has a very diverse client market that includes corporations, financial institutions, fund of funds, high net-worth clients, pension plans, endowments, and foundations.


Highland Capital Management holds community in very high regard and invests in the communities where their employees not only work but live. The firm invests through generous volunteerism, financial donations, and advisory board involvement. Highland Capital Management donates not only to the local communities, but to national nonprofit organizations as well. To date, the firm has committed over $10 million to various charitable organizations all over the world and continues to be supportive of good causes.


Eric Pulier The Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and a great philanthropist who is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in enterprise technology today. He has founded over fifteen companies. He is married and is the father of four children. Eric grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and was tech savy from an early age. He graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in English and American literature. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988. Eric moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where he founded People Doing Things.

In 1994, he founded interactive agency Digital Evolution. Eric donates to several non-profit organizations. Eric is very active in the philanthropic community. He combines his passion of technology to solve problems for disadvantaged communities and physically impaired children in the United States and around the world. Eric is heavily involved with The Painted Turtle which is a camp to help children illnesses. He is also involved with XPRIZE Foundation. XPRIZE is a non-profit organization that promotes and hosts public competitions in the technology world. Eric Pullier  has donated generously to the Starlight Foundation along with other celebrities like Steven Speilberg and James Cameron, to children with chronic illness. Eric Pulier has made significant contributions to many charities around the world and brought many well known names to also commit in helping those that are disadvantaged. The article, “The Impressive Track Record of Eric Pulier: Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist (UPDATED for 2017)” can be found at http://hackronym.com/the-impressive-track-record-of-eric-pulier-venture-capitalist-and-philanthropist/



Dick and Betsy DeVos Reveal their Philanthropic Giving Records and Prove Critics Wrong

Dick and Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic record speaks for itself. The couple supports charity and education initiatives across the United States through their family foundation. Being politically affiliated with the Republican Party, the DeVoses also give substantial donations in support of Republican candidates. Their generous giving attracts appreciation and criticism in equal measure, with critics arguing that the couple gives a little too much to political campaigns. For those who understand Betsy and Dick’s charity donations, however, knows that their political giving is negligible relative to what they give to charity.


Revealing the DeVoses’ Donations


In line with the American Constitution, individuals nominated for cabinet positions undergo vetting and scrutiny before they are appointed to assume office. Betsy DeVos had to pass through the same process early this year upon her appointment by President Trump to the Secretary of Education docket. One of the issues put in the spotlight during Betsy’s vetting process was the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation where the couple was required to reveal the foundation’s spending. Records obtained from the foundation’s website showed that the couple had given philanthropic donations to the tune of $140 million for its entire active philanthropic period. The records further showed that the DeVoses had contributed close to $5.3 million to political campaigns since 2011 and $11.6 million to charity in only one year- 2015. More than $3 million of the amount spent on philanthropy in 2015, which accounts for a quarter of the whole amount, was channeled towards education programs. Of the $3 million, $357,000 was in support of organizations that advocate for education reforms. This spending was a clear indication of how weighty the DeVoses take education reforms.


Education and Culture & Art’s Donations


2013 was another year that saw the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation give hefty donations towards education programs in the United States, particularly in Michigan. Records from the Tax Department broke down the particulars of donations for that year, specifying who the beneficiaries were and how much they got. Big Rapids-based Ferris State University, for example, got $100,000 while Midland-based Northwood University got $200,000. Potter’s House in Wyoming and West Michigan Aviation Academy took the lion share, each of them receiving more than $300,000. The DeVoses’ commitment to improving Art & Culture was also evident in the couple’s donations. The sector was awarded 21 percent of the couple’s total philanthropic donations in 2015. The DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the distinguished University of Maryland on its side had received a whopping $22 million before 2015.


More about Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is the current senior executive head of The Windquest Group. He also served as VP at Amway International and later as president of the same company. From 1991 to 1994, he was the CEO of his family’s Orlando Magic. He is a pilot by profession and an alumnus of famed Northwood University.


Omar Boraie Of Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is most often thought about in reference to his position as Vice President of Boraie Development which is in the business of real estate development. Numerous projects have been built by this company in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area. It is a pillar of the New Brunswich community, and recently expanded into the Atlantic City and Newark areas where it is certain to continue to excel.

It was Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball star, who brought about the move into the Newark market. It was his desire to introduce a new residential building into his hometown that was the inspiration for this new team. The resulting building became the first new high rise residential construction project in 50 years to see the light of day in downtown Newark.

In an article on NJBiz, Boraie Development is also planning the creation of something brand new for Atlantic City. The historic value of the barren southern inlet region of this resort city will soon enjoy a boost to its popularity. For Omar Boraie, great potential exists with the area around Revel Casino Hotel Tower where retail establishments and housing can easily be added to enhance what is already going on there. With Sam at the helm, there is little doubt that this project will succeed.

As for New Brunswick, Boraie Development company management says that projects that have already been completed are just the beginning of what they have planned as work continues on New Brunswick’s transformation. According to Omar Boraie, the company has some long term plans, but these will be implemented in incremental steps over a number of years. These projects are part of the vision Sam has for the city and he predicts that it will become New Jersey’s economic hub in the future.

It was Omar Boraie that founded the company 40 years ago, and is now in the process of grooming Sam’s brother to take over when he retires, but Sam plays a major role in managing Boraie Development. Growing up in this family business, Sam is now in charge of acquiring new strategies to help the company grow more rapidly as it achieves its mission of revitalizing the city in which it was born.

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Mr. Don Ressler: an Innovative Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon

Mr. Don Ressler is a highly revered executive with interests in startups and fashion. Mr. Ressler is one of the founders and chief managers of JustFab, a renowned e-commerce fashion retailer. He works together fashion entrepreneur Mr. Adam Goldenberg, his fellow chief executive officer. Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg set up JustFab in 2010. A year later, they sought out the services of Kimora Lee Simmons, who took charge of creative director and president posts. This firm specializes in the sale of handbags, denim, shoes, and jewelry. Mr. Ressler and his colleague tailored this company to operate on a membership basis. This company handles over 10 million clients.

Mr. Ressler contributions to the growth of JustFab

In 2011, Mr. Don Ressler facilitated the company’s first funding deal that saw the company receive $33 million in capital from Matrix Partners. Having utilized the first round of funds to grow the business, in 2012, JustFab received a second round of venture capital. Among the partners who invested in this firm were Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures. With this money, JustFab opened offices in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, the company expanded its operations through acquiring FabKids, a brand that markets and sells outfits that suit individual needs of children.

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The same year, Mr. Ressler announced that the business had closed the third round of funding amounting to $40 million. This additional round of financing enabled the company to enter new products into the business. In August 2014, Passport Special Opportunity Fund gave JustFab $85 million worth of capital. Other key stakeholders who participated to this contribution were Sinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners. By 2014, Mr. Ressler and his partner had been able to secure a total of $250 million worth of funding. JustFab currently owns industry-leading brands like Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids.

Mr. Ressler’s other startups and achievements

Mr. Ressler has been instrumental in setting up other companies, such as Intelligent Beauty, Inc. At Intelligent Beauty, he operated and incubated businesses involved in beauty and fashion. He is also the brains behind FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc., a fitness center that serves high profile clients in the United States. Mr. Ressler is also the founder of Alena Media, a company that pioneered Hydroderm, a skin care brand. Throughout his career, he has helped companies raise capital to the tunes of millions and has generated sales worth $1 billion. Mr. Ressler is an expert is brand building, particularly for Internet companies. He set up Myspace.com, a $650 million dollar company that was acquired by News Corp in 2005.

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