Oncotarget’s Vision: When Information Needs to be Shared

Oncology is, in basic explanation, the study of cancer and tumors and their effects in the human body and mind. It is a very new, different and crucial part of the medicine that we know today, and scientists all over the world are joining in to study this new sector that is promising to take care of one of the deadliest and most terrifying diseases in the world, with thousands of different types.

Cancer has evolved to be a very present disease in our society, and many don’t understand how cancer attacks, what makes someone get cancer and why do people that do not take care of their health end up unchecked, while those who exercise and eat well can often be the next targets for that disease. The truth is, many of the characteristics that we know about cancer today have just been recently discovered, with just a few years of research to back those findings up, and, often, it is not enough. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Because of the scarcity of information that this new field of medicine can provide, scientists and researchers, as well as those who feel the importance of knowing about the disease, have to gather around and share knowledge with each other.

This is where websites that spread the news about oncology, and the same goes for the other sectors of medicine as well, are so important for the progress of those studies. Oncotarget is our primary choice for example, as it is a peer-reviewed website with articles that are 100% free to read, share, use, learn, and, of course, put in practice. Learn more about Oncotarget at Eurekalert.org.

Oncotarget was created with the purpose of, every week, sharing news about the oncology world, but, with the fame that it received, and the number of people that began using the website to learn more about the most recent findings about the disease, the website started increasing their publication-rate and the number of articles that they publish.

Today, Oncotarget is the most famous website for that function, and they have other branches that touch other subjects other than oncology, with many different types of research in mind. If you need to know more about the disease, take a look at Oncotarget.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Glen Wakeman: Assisting Small Time Business Owners

Glen Wakeman is an American executive who has more than two decades of experience in company management and business development. He is recognized as one of the most successful executives in the financial world, and he dominates the industry when it comes to managing and developing smaller companies and firms. His passion in helping others is evident in a five-point rule that he has been following since the beginning. He believes that by following these points, one can become successful. Glen Wakeman formulated the points when he was feeling hopeless because of the countless challenges that he has to face. According to his idea, a business would thrive only if they have strong leadership, reliable human capital, great execution, excellent risk management, and good governance. If a company managed to integrate these points into their business model, success would come immediately. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Glen Wakeman pointed out that some of the business existing today does not have strong leadership. He emphasized that leaders should be firm in their decisions, and a weak leader who cannot decide for the company he is leading would just contribute to its downfall. The company should also be prepared for going through several changes, and the whole organization must be able to cope with it for the business to thrive. Another point that Glen Wakeman wanted to focus on is the importance of human capital. He referred to them as the company’s employees, and without the management’s support, the human capital who is vital to the business might feel underappreciated, and it can result to poor performance that would impact the business in the long run. Glen Wakeman suggested that the management should always consider the human factor when dealing with the employees, and they must also listen to what the employees are saying. If there is a good relationship between the management and the employees, a reliable human capital will develop. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

The three remaining points based on the idea of Glen Wakeman focuses on the overall performance of the company as a single body. Execution requires the people who are working at the company to contribute to the success of the company. They must attest to their roles in the business and check out every process if it is working fine. They are also tasked to see how their present technological assets can help the company. Risk management is also an important point to remember, along with governance.

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How to Get At-Home Therapy with Talkspace

Therapy has often been something that you had to make time for within an already-busy schedule. While therapy has its perks, it can be expensive and highly inconvenient, so you might be wondering if there’s a better way to receive the mental health help that you need. Whether you’re in need of therapy as a couple or you suffer from a mental health disorder like bipolar, an app that was launched out of New York City is changing the world of therapy forever.

This app is known as Talkspace, and it’s a prime example of how to bring therapy to the home of patients who need it. Talkspace allows you to download an app to your phone, tablet or laptop and have 24/7 access to licensed therapists based all over the country. Gone are the days when you had to take time off of work just to visit a local therapist or worry about how you’re going to find a way to get to the office altogether. Now, you can use Talkspace and message or video chat with your new therapist without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

What sets Talkspace apart from conventional therapy is its convenience and price point. It’s ideal for agoraphobics who are unable to leave their homes comfortably and for those who are handicap and simply cannot get to regular appointments. You also will only pay a few bucks a day to be a member of Talkspace, which is far less than you’d spend with a regular therapist who might charge hundreds of dollars per session. Once you begin to utilize the Talkspace app, you’ll notice it is far superior to traditional therapy and you may want to ditch your local therapist in order to make use of a more modern approach to mental health.

Lori Senecal Boosts Revenue With Different Campaigns and Creativity

Lori Senecal is someone who has proven herself to be very creative. One thing that makes her very creative is her belief in what creativity is. One thing that she has said is that creativity is not just a talent but a behavior. Therefore, she has decided that she is going to apply creativity to every aspect of her life. She especially applies it to the campaigns that she has run for companies such as Kraft, Letgo and NBA2K. One of the most creative aspects of NBA2K is that she has used fit bit to bring the ad to the screen.

With her experience with advertising, she has shown that she is capable of bringing forth campaigns that are going to increase the revenue of the company that she works for. She has also increased the revenue of the advertising agency that she has taken over by 21%. One of the ways that she has managed this is through expansion. She has also taken her company global. Before she has taken over, CP+B has worked in ways that were a little slower. Lori Senecal has changed the slower way of working into a more efficient way of working. She has taken this approach as a way to help people handle the demands of their finances.

One of the greatest strengths of Lori Senecal is that she knows her strengths. This is a very important factor in the success of an individual. If an individual can know his strengths, then he will be able to make some much needed progress in his career and other aspects of his life. He can also gain the trust of clients which can bring him a lot of income. Lori was not only aware of her strengths, but was also careful in her approach to her work. You can follow her on Twitter

Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cpb-names-lori-senecal-global-ceo-300046965.html

Jorge Moll Is Revolutionizing Medicine

Jorge Moll is the establisher of Rede D’Or, a health laboratory which deals with diagnostic imaging. Turning out to be one of the leading and largest operators in Brazil, Rede D’Or has consistently worked with established investors in the medical industry to revolutionize the health sector in Brazil. As the president of the firm, Jorge Moll exudes exemplary leadership skills with the sole purpose of advancing the company’s service delivery scope. Presently, the company is in charge of approximately more than 30 hospitals. To explore the service scope of Rede D’Or extensively, it is projected that in 2010, part of the firm was traded at over $750 million. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Technology Marries Medicine

Technology is vastly becoming the primary controller of healthcare departments. Being a new era of investors venturing into the industry, most healthcare facilities are delving into technological use for success and better treatment. A good example is the Google glass, a business that offers patients a better experience. This is achieved by enabling patients to access doctor’s appointments through a technological tool. On the other hand, doctors are enabled to access patient information through the same devices. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

Humanized Interaction

Being visionary and focused on bettering the healthcare sector in Brazil, Jorge Moll has been working tirelessly to ensure that the interaction between patients and doctors is as easy as possible. Rede D’Or is better defined by its commitment to offer patients some of the world’s best services through technology.

Doctor’s Visit

When the doctor is through with the patient’s examination, the collected information is reviewed by a specialist. All too often, this machine to human interaction has proven to be effective. In addition to the devices are patient’s tablets and handsets, which have been integrated into the industry of medical services.

Jorge Moll is a leader who believes that technology will transform the medical sector to a better service provider. Being a director and president of Rede D’Or Research School, and Brazil Senior Research, Jorge Moll has proven to be competitive in service delivery and decision making. The head of neuroscience and cognitive behavior is often linked to developmental projects that have improved the medical sector.

Visit: http://www.abc.org.br/~JMOLL

George Soros Funds Charity Organizations To Promote Justice And Fight Humanitarian Crisis In The Asian Countries

Charities have played a vital role in facilitating developing countries achieve their development goals. These countries, especially in Asia, face human crisis and this is where charities come in to provide essential needs such as food, medical supplies, shelter, and clothing to the affected communities. Some of these charity organizations face stiff misconception from governments and minority groups claiming that the organizations meddle their internal affairs. But despite these challenges, these organizations do not give up and sometimes operate in very harsh conditions because they understand that humanitarian needs are more important than any other personal views.

These organizations sometimes run out of funds to operate where the conditions escalate, and they require to be funded by good wishers to help the needy as they depend mainly on charity funds. This is where individuals who can come out to support the efforts of these organizations by funding them. One man who has made such an effort is George Soros who recently announced a huge funds transfer to the Open Source Foundations of $18 billion which operates in Asia. George Soros said this was part of his efforts to facilitate such organizations as he would later send 2$2 billion later on as part of his efforts to promote such organizations in the future.

The foundation revealed that it uses the funds in fighting for justice among the depressed communities, ensuring that criminals and drug lords are brought to justice and also provide essential needs such as access to clean water and a healthy living environment to eliminate the risk of disease eruption among the fighting communities. The foundation says it receives many cases of injustices like where certain paper mills and companies mining gold have been polluting water sources in Indonesia. Such cases are sensitive and local communities cannot be able to fight for themselves. This is where Open Source Foundations comes in enforcing the involved governments to publish reports indicating when the water was polluted and when can the people be able to use the water as they have the right to know and also challenge such actions.

Open Source Foundations revealed that they also use the funds to facilitate local partners who lack funds to continue their humanitarian efforts like the Nepali lawyers who were helping in Maina case. They have helped the Nepali nongovernmental organizations deal with the scale of the sexual assault that occurred during the 2015 conflict that led to mass destruction. The organization has been involved in revealing the assaults which were undermined enforcing the government to bring criminals to justice and compensate the victims who suffer up to date.

Open Source Foundations has facilitated the Alliance for Social Dialogue who have been at the forefront in ensuring that the human rights and democracy are observed to heal the people from the injustices that occurred during the crisis. They have also supported grassroots groups in Mongolia who are fighting for children with disabilities to remain in the education system where they were to be excluded from receiving a proper education like other children which sparked a lot of anger in many activists who fought this decision with all the powers they had. Truly, the charity from George Soros will contribute a lot in improving the livelihoods of many people in the Asian countries for the next several years and more

Exemplifies Expert Service To Account Holders

NexBank caters to their personalized account holders with superior service and a friendly team of expert customer service professionals to assist you with your new or existing account. Their CEO, John Holt says, the comments from their customers play a major role in initiating services. He decided being a part of a stabilized financial network depends on having a platform for their customers to give their feedback. Customers can go on their website forum, share comments, refer services, and take part in their services referral forum. You can also speak to an expert customer service professional for more details on your account.

Do you currently navigated your account with a pesky automated system? NexBank has live online support and a friendly expert financial specialist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never have to worry about navigating your account on your own because they provide you with quality assistance on your account when you need it. They specialize in personalized accounts along with industrial and commercial accounts to assist you with meeting your financial goals. You’re encourage to invest in your future, retirement or starting a business. Learn how to put more of your hard money to work with NexBank.

NexBank Features

– direct deposit features

– online bill pay options

– retirement counseling

– free checks for the life of your account

– IRA accounts

– multiple device access

– easily switch money in between accounts

– money marketing accounts

– mortgage tab

– and more…

Their college savings feature is very popular because more students and their parents are looking for ways to Dave on the rising cost of college expenses and tuition. NexBank has over 1,300+ college savings programs to help you save on the cost of tuition. Join the NexBank family today.

Dallas Financial Services Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. As well as being located in Dallas, the firm has a number of offices in various parts of the world as well. As of today, Highland Capital Management has office locations in New York City along with other financial hotspots in the world. The firm has offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seoul, South Korea, and Singapore. With these various locations, the firm is able to assist a number of clients throughout the world that are looking for comprehensive financial services. The firm has been in existence over 25 years and has grown from a life insurance company to a full fledged financial services firm. As a way to stand out among its competitors, the firm specializes in using debt and credit backed securities to help manage clients’ capital. Read this article at Dallas News.

Whenever a business, organization or individual works with Highland Capital Management, they will be in position to take advantage of a number of services that will benefit them. For individuals looking to get help from Highland Capital, they will have the opportunity to get assistance in terms of guidance and investment management. The firm will assign professionals to give them advice on what to invest in and how to attain a number of goals they have financially. Highland Capital is also available to help organizations that are looking to manage their funds. Corporations and government agencies can receive advising and capital management on a regular basis.

Visit: http://www.hcp.com/

Like all other successful organizations, Highland Capital Management has leadership that is among the most notable in the industry. When the firm first began, it was co founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. James is still the president and co founder of the firm today. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital Management has grown steadily as well as offering more innovative services to help clients get the most out of their investment capital. Dondero frequently analyzes the financial markets so that he can lead his company to helping its various clients. With his leaderships, James has been able to build his firms into one of the most successful in the financial services industry. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

George Soros Helping the World Through Donations

George Soros is best known as the man who broke the Bank of England. This refers to his endeavor from 1992 when he shorted the currency so much that Great Britain had to delist it from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros, however, has done so many other important things in his life that one might have issues prioritizing them. Although there is a lot of controversies that surround Soros as a consequence of his philanthropical engagements, he remains one of the most generous billionaires to ever live.

The latest reason that Soros has made many headlines is one of the largest donations ever made. He has transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations which is a gift that has been in the planning for years. This organization was founded by Soros himself over 30 years ago. Currently, the presence of it is known around the world as it is impactful in 120 countries.

Although Soros has made hefty donations which account for $30 billion, this will be his larges single-sum contribution. The goal of it is to basically leave the majority of his current $24 billion net worth to the organization that was made to help people around the world.

Soros, however, remains a hot topic in many conservative circles. This is because of his on-going involvement with the Democratic party where he has been an open supporter of Hillary Clinton. His opponents go to extreme lengths to demonize all of his endeavors and some of the latest theories about his underlying goals push the limits of rational.

For example, one theory portrays Soros as the mastermind behind many of the latest protests that have happened in the United States. The sports-related demonstrations, as well as the societal disturbance, has been prescribed to Soros by some of the most conservative conspiracy theorists.

Soros has undeniably engaged in a lot more philanthropy since the latest presidential election in the U.S. which can be contributed to his spotlight. With the shift in leadership to a Republican-based establishment, Soros has noticed a pattern of hate crimes that he has been fighting hard. This includes donating a lot of money to causes that help people who might be affected by the racism and discrimination that has seen a spike.

Soros has already donated around $14 billion to the Open Society Foundation since 1980 which has enabled its existence for the past 37 years. The money he gives now will serve to ensure the existence of the establishment long after his passing. Since Soros is an 87-year-old, the donation can almost be looked at as his will to have most of his possessions go towards helping people who are affected by the issues of society.

Even though there are a lot more theories of Soros’ hidden goals, one cannot deny his ability to influence the democratic body in many countries. The fact that there are groups who oppose him comes as nothing more than a proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of his actions!

Why organo gold is the best choice for your coffee needs

Coffee is easily one of the most important parts of a lot of people’s day. The thing is, not all coffee is made equal — and a lot of coffee these days is not organic. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of coffee drinkers are switching to Organo Gold, which is an even healthier and organic alternative to the norm. Organo Gold also doubles as a network marketing company, which means that not only are people switching because of how much healthier it is, they are also doing so because they have the potential to make an income simply networking the product. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold has been making its way all over the world for decades, and is now easily one of the most prominent coffee & network marketing companies in the 21st century. The coffee is also where a ‘cup of gold’ was coined by its consumers, now a more common phrase globally. Another great thing about Organo Gold is that they don’t just sell coffee, they also produce tea and other forms of beverages. This means that if coffee isn’t for you, you’ll still have the ability to take part in one of the biggest opportunities out there. Follow Organo Gold on facebook.com.

You can actually join Organo Gold as either an independent business owner OR a customer, meaning you can just strictly drink the product instead of promoting it. For those who DO want to take advantage of Organo Gold’s compensation plan, getting started is incredibly easy. If you’ve been introduced to the opportunity before and simply never contacted your referral back, definitely take the time to do so & read up on any literature regarding joining the Organo Gold team. There are hundreds of thousands of other people taking part in the movement every day, and the process to get started is incredibly easy!

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