CAP Calculator Launched By Executive Team at Davos Real Estate Group

About David Osio
David Osio is a financial expert who has several collaborations with non-profit organizations that support communities to encourage business development in fields like medical research, music, art, and culture. He has served as the board member of Miami Symphony Orchestra and has supported it for some years. He is also a supporter of other organizations like UMA Foundation, Wayuu Taya Foundation, Fundana Foundation, The children’s Orthopedic Foundation and he supports EPK yearly. His charitable support to organizations has expanded globally.

David Osio is the founder and the CEO of the Davos Financial Group. Through his leadership, the group has grown both locally and internationally. The geographical expansion has also lead to an increase in the company’s income. He has got a record of supporting charitable growth in every state where his business is operating.

Davos Real Estate Group
Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is among the independent firms that make up the Davos Financial Group. It provides financial advice and has been leading in the Latin market for over two decades. It focuses on formulating investment policies that meet the client’s needs and expectations. It has got a professional team that is specialized and experienced in the services they provide; therefore, they always deliver great quality work to their clients. The company has recently launched the CAP Calculator. It is a mobile application that estimates the real estate returns. The development of “CAP Calculator” saw the REG CEO Gerard Gonzalez work together with Tecknolution. It is developed with the latest technology and can now be accessed by iPhone and Android users.

The mobile phone application not only allows the investor to estimate the property income but also customers to estimate the rent price and settle for the price that suits their income. It also allows the clients to estimate their mortgage according to the bank’s projections, a period of funding and rate of interest associated with the mortgage.

Besides the recent development of CAP calculator, REG has also had a commendable geographical expansion in Europe where its work began in Spain. The development has been made possible through a partnership with International Real Estate Agents. The collaboration with agents has grown by more than 60%. In return, the sales have also increased by 75% during the 2016 first half. According to Gonzalez, REG is currently focusing on projects that will ensure that their customers receive excellent services.

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About David Osio

A Review of Dallas Bank Ambitious Growth Plan

Dallas-based firm, NexBank recently announced an increase in its private placement on senior unsecured notes. Consequently, the amount of the firm’s senior unsecured loans notes will rise to 75 million dollars. This is a significant increase, which highlights NexBank’s intention to take over the financial services industry. The firm intends to use funds that will be generated through the offering, to provide the necessary funds to its banking division. The funds will also be used for other corporate purposes.

NexBank Increases Senior Unsecured Notes Offering to $75 Million

NexBank used Sandler O’Neill & Partners L.P as its placement agent during the private issuance of the notes. The notes will mature in March 2026. In addition, they are non-callable for a period of five years. They also have a fixed interest rate of 5.50 percent, which will last for five years. After this period elapses, the notes will have a floating interest rate. The notes have already been given an investment guide ranking by Kroll Bond Rating Agency. They have a stable outlook, which means that their profit potential is high.

About NexBank Capital in Brief

The company has established a niche for itself in the money markets by offering its products and services via three core businesses. These are mortgage banking, investment banking, and commercial banking. NexBank has grown rapidly due to the provision of custom-made banking and financial services. The company’s services benefit institutional clients, corporations, major financial institutions, and individual bankers.

NexBank has distinguished itself as an industry leader in banking due to its strong commitment to clients. This enables it to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled access to personalized and sophisticated solutions. It banks on the competence and expertise of the professionals that it has on board. These financial experts have a proven track record of success, which translates to the overall success that the company has had. Having been in business for long, NexBank understands the needs of its clients. Therefore, it designs products that meet these needs.

FreedomPop Is The Best Place To Come For Wifi Help

A FreedomPop review told me a lot when I was trying to be sure that I could get the best kind of wifi service for my house and my office. There are a lot of things that people can do when they are trying to do to save money, and I wanted to be sure that I should get something that would work just for me. There are many things that will work great for you, and I found out that their wifi hotspot would do a lot for me.

I started out the way that most people do when I just got the device and dropped it in the house. I started using the hotspot in the house that same day, and I was able to get the service to load faster than anything else I have ever used. That was the best part because then I took it over to the office to make sure that I could get that done in the same way. This is one of the best ways for someone like me to run my office, and I also wanted to be sure that I could use it in the house.

The best part of this is that it is very cheap for us. We are having a very good time making sure that we can all get online, and we know that it has been very helpful because it works so much better than anything else we have been using in the past. We got tired of overpaying, and that is why we decided that we could do better.

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Dick DeVos Goes The Extra Mile

In life today, there are very few people that are looking out for others. It can be a dog-eat-dog world. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but it is simply what I have observed. That is why it is so great to hear about people like Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur. Everything in his life that he has earned, he has done it by rolling up his sleeves and working while others are sleeping. Many people like to take their earnings and show them off as a sign of a good quality of life. However, just because someone has money, it does not make them a great person. A great person is like someone like Dick DeVos.


It is no secret that he is worth billions of dollars. That can be found online on a number of websites. However, he has used that money to further his passions for things that are important to him. He is one of the few that does this. He has used it for as much good as possible. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation have numerous passions listed on their website.


A lot of things stood out from viewing their website, but one I’m going to focus on is justice. To me, I see a lot of injustice in the world, each and every day, and I wish that someone would do something about it. They are doing something about it. They are fighting for justice and trying to make things equal. If all things were equal, people would be a lot happier, as they would feel like they are getting a fair shake in life. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

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They talk about family in the name of their foundation and when it comes to family, that includes children, and they have given money to the following causes: American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children, and Children First America. That is all to help children. This is thrown around a lot, but that is only because it is true: the children are our future. It is vital that they are protected, taken care of, and have everything they need to have a rich future. With Dick DeVos by their side and helping out, they can have that and more. This is a man that serves on many boards and has been involved in many causes such as the right-to-work law and grand action.

The Fight Against The Incorporation Of Olympic Valley Is Won!

Lake Tahoe is among the list of the “must see places” in the United States. The series of lakeside communities provide several activities for families year round. For years people have traveled from near and far to enjoy the amenities and excitement of Lake Tahoe, but the Reno-Gazette Journal reports that lately the north shore communities seem to be suffering from a significant drought, taking a toll on the resorts and affecting several small businesses established along the north communities shores on The changes in climate are a threat to small business and resort owners because traffic may decrease until weather returns to normal. This could cause a significant drop in revenue for those affected.

Along with the feared potential loss of revenue and customs due to the changes in weather, resort and business owners also faced a possible incorporation of the resorts could also affect their business.

An early ski season helped business owners in the north shore community make up for what they lost during the drought, by being able to open roughly two week sooner. And after spending thousands of dollars towards fighting the incorporation attempt, it was dismissed, and the group behind the Olympic Valley Incorporation efforts withdrew their petition.

Andy With is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He was spent years perfecting the resorts and has dedicated himself to delivering the best ski resort experience to tourist who set their eyes on the Lake Tahoe communities. Wirth is heavily involved in community improvement efforts, and worked tirelessly to help create a better environment in the Tahoe community for its tourist and its residents as well. In July of 2013, Wirth was appointed chairman of The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The RSCVA believes that the extensive management and international resort experience that Wirth brings to the table will be a great addition to their company and make it even easier to cater to their customers, no matter what background they come from.

A Noticeable Improvement With Wen

Having shiny and healthy-appearing hair only makes a person feel more self confident in their personal and professional lives. After just one week of using WEN Hair Care you can certainly see the change it has made in her hair. Her hair looks more shiny and bouncy along with looking more healthy. Even though she was not too happy about the oily feeling it gave her hair you cannot even see that by the pictures. All one can see is that it left her hair with more life to it and even her friends noticed a difference.

Wen Hair Care is proving to be something that everyone would want to use for their hair as it involves the time-saving use of shampoo and conditioner in one bottle along with other products such as styling sprays, oils, creams, mousses and others that all leave the hair feeling more soft and manageable along with giving the hair a more healthy appearance than other commercial products. Wen does not strip the hair of its natural oils like other products thereby enhancing the natural shine to the hair. Available online on Amazon and Sephora beauty stores in a variety of fragrances such as lavender, sweet honey peach, apple, fig among many others, there is something that everyone will love that will leave their hair smelling fresh and clean all day.

With the one-step process of the shampoo and conditioner in one it saves time on cleansing the hair and conditioning the hair with giving the hair a feeling of a leave-in conditioner all day. The bounce and shine are added bonuses to using Wen along with having more manageability of your hair to keep a lasting style all throughout the day.

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Dallas Financial Institution Releases its Financial Reports

NexBank Capital is a very popular financial services company. The company serves the consumer by offering three core businesses: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. The institution offers its clients customized banking and financial services mostly to the leading financial companies, institutional clients, individual and corporations in the whole country. NexBank Capital is headquartered in Dallas, and it has several branches in different parts of the country.

Just recently, NexBank Capital published its financial results for the year that ended in 2015 and the fourth quarter. According to the consolidated results, the financial services company managed to reach a record level for assets, loans, earnings and deposits for four consecutive years.

The net income from the company also increased from one year to the other, and last year, it managed to reach fifty three million. The return of average equity for the company was reported to have grown significantly up to thirty five perfect when compared to the twenty three percent that was registered in the year 2014. According to the fourth quarter report, the net income for the company was sixteen million and the ROAE was reported to be 37%.

In the year 2015, the company total loans were increased by over forty two percent. The deposits to the institution also grew significantly in the year, reaching almost two billion.

NexBank Capital is considered to be one of the leading regional banks in the United States. One of its affiliates NexBank SSB is believed to have played a huge role in the institutions growth, and it also maintained its capitalized status in the competitive market.

The Chief Executive Officer and president of the company, John Holt said that the good results were a reflection of the efficiency and profitability of the institution. In the past years, the company has increased its earnings, improved its assets and its deposit channels.

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The Company JustFab Inc Has A Lot To Offer Its Customers

Those who love shoes will absolutely love JustFab, which is a great company that has many branches that sell jewelry, clothing, shoes, activewear and more. Those who have never heard of JustFab before can easily find more information about the company online, especially in their “about us” page that lists all the companies that are associated with them. The original company came out in 2010, which is JustFab at, and JustFab became popular when they advertised two pairs of shoes for the price of $39.95. Not only were the shoes low in cost, but it was possible to get free shipping as well, and VIP membership was included with the price.

Many continued staying with JustFab because they loved the products, and the inventory changes periodically over time to give customers more choices and different fashions. JustFab went on to create the company FabKids, which specializes in apparel for children on Pinterest. Those who fell in love with JustFab also came to love FabKids because it allowed their children to become fashionable too, and they were also able to save a lot of money through both websites. ShoeDazzle is also another company that is owned by JustFab, and they are associated with the popular reality family the Kardashian’s.
The newest creation from JustFab is Fabletics, which gives everyone a choice of activewear, which mostly includes yoga clothing as well as other activewear. Fabletics has grown in popularity, not only because they have low priced clothing for those who are active but because Kate Hudson is involved with the company and is a co-founder. Kate Hudson herself wears the products from Fabletics as well as endorsing them, and the products are flying from the website.

Those who are interested in joining Fabletics can go directly to the website to do so, and they can get 50% off their first purchase, and it’s easy to get clothing for as little as $25 for an entire athleisure outfit. Many are saving money by joining JustFab and Fabletics, as well as the other websites owned by JustFab, which is why they have become a go-to company when it comes to shopping for clothing, shoes, and more. This company currently has millions of users in the USA alone, not to mention the other countries where their products are sold. Join JustFab as well as BusinessWire’s press release today to see what they have to offer, especially since they change their inventory all the time.

Marc Sparks Helps to Make Entrepreneurs’ Business Ideas Successful Realities

We all know that the economy relies on businesses thriving. Any time new businesses can get their legs underneath them and start becoming successful, that’s when great things happen for business owners, their employees and our society in general.

Of course, no new businesses get off the ground without a little bit of help. Disqus reveals that entrepreneurs, like Marc Sparks have proven time and time again that when people with great business ideas seek out his assistance and guidance that success is almost a given.

Marc is passionate to help companies get started and succeed. Many people have had ideas in the past that they were sure wouldn’t go anywhere. Once Marc intervened those very ideas turned into successful, profitable business ventures.

Marc Sparks realizes that the end product of a great business really starts with that spark of a great idea. Sparks helps the people with these ideas to turn those business ideas into reality, to set goals and to establish realistic plans of business growth.

Of course, when someone has the kind of experience with helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a reality you can count on that person having some great stories to tell and wisdom to share with the world. Marc authored a book, They Can’t Eat You, in which he bares his soul to the world and explains how he started successful business ventures based on his own ideas. The book is not all about Marc telling everyone how successful he is; it is about providing lessons that can help people who have lost hope to get back on track and to attain the success that they have been trying so desperately to achieve.

Mr. Sparks seems to always have a lot of irons in the fire; he is seemingly working on new projects around the clock. One of his most noteworthy projects to date is Spark Tank.
Marc has provided a forum for these folks to share their ideas. Over the course of the project, the best ideas moved forward until one winner emerged. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

The winner received a trophy and a check for $5,000. Spark Tank was a positive experience for all the participants and showed how those in the social service industry can work to make their best ideas a reality, while helping the causes that they work for.

People with new and innovative business ideas need to realize that nothing is impossible, if they follow the right steps to success. Marc Sparks continues to be the kind of guiding light that helps these folks to get their businesses moving in the right direction, and likely will for many years to come.

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The role of IAP Worldwide in military and humanitarian missions

Allot of things are required when a military or rescue mission is being planned. AIP Worldwide Services is a company that is on the front line in providing supplies to these groups while they are on their duties. The company has served in logistics, technical expertise services, and facility maintenance for more than 60 years.

The reputation of this organization in providing tailor made supplies that meet customer expectations has made it grow regarding market coverage. The markets served by this company are more than 25 countries making it a global leader.

The company started as a supplier of products and equipment to the US Army while operating in Saudi Arabia. That was 60 years back, and it has continued to grow over time.

The military found AIP Worldwide Services as a right partner and entered into a partnership in making most of their supplies. Many government contracts on military expenditure are assigned to this firm which is very reliable. Other security organizations also benefit from the services offered.

The heights AIP Worldwide Services has reached in the logistics market has a lot to do with their human resource and hiring practices.

All the ideas, skills and talents are combined to find workable solutions to problems that seem impossible. As a result, nearly all challenges have been resolved when their team is called for action leaving customers desires fulfilled.

The company has diversified its services by being on the front line to assist during disasters or emergencies. The humanitarian organizations depend on this company to provide transport vehicles to the affected locations. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: and

They set up emergency power generators which make many activities be done successfully. During the whole mission from start to end, the supplies are delivered with consistency.

The need to improve services and cover a large market has brought about the acquisition of two companies by IAP Worldwide. The two units from DRS Technologies Inc. deal with different services. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) offers telecommunication engineering services.

Aviation and Logistics Business provides aircraft repairs and maintenance, logistics, and mission support services. The two units are projected to improve the services offered in the increasingly global markets. AIP Worldwide will incorporate its roles and experts in these firms to make their services the best in the market.

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