Perry Mandera and His Leadership Style of Living By Example

It is proclaimed by the great Cicero himself that the authority of the teachers can sometimes be a deterrent to its students. In the case with Perry Mandera and the business he’s starting, there’s no such issue of authority as he guides his workforce, because when he leads, he goes side by side with his people, and he leads by example.


The Leader by Example

When Perry Mandera says something, he always makes sure that he has actions to corroborate it. Better action than talk, as the saying goes. That said, one action that Perry Mandera does today is by shelling out his own money from earnings of his company, Custom Companies Inc, to help a group of kids in crisis to understand how to live sustainably and peacefully.

Together with the volunteers that offer their money and time for the society, Perry Mandera helped the children at the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls get the knowledge they need to know how to mend a garden, how to plant flowers and how to grow vegetables. This is such an excellent training for people, especially the young ones, in order to get them to go back to the old times, to the organic ways to enjoy the world and live harmoniously in it. The love that Perry Mandera seems to show to these kids is a living and active example of what can be done for the people and for oneself to live a meaningful life.


Reducing Carbon Footprint

It is also accurate to say that the company of Perry Mandera has continuously been altering its policies in operating their services and offering their products. In case you’re wondering, the methods in Custom Companies are already making sure that the Carbon footprint is reduced so that not only can they operate and earn money the most ethical way, they can also make sure that the next generation, like the kids from Mercy Home, can also enjoy the kind of sustainable lifestyle that Perry Mandera himself experienced. In addition, the Gardening lectures that Perry Mandera led could also give the kids a social responsibility to the environment and to the people around them.



The Wonderful Academy of Art University

The box office hit movie, Avengers: Infinity War Is getting rave reviews online, and all over. According to Disney the film brought in Over $640 million and worldwide box office sales, get this-during only it’s opening weekend, making you one of the largest world wide opening weekend movies in box office movie theater history. What is so fascinating about this is that, one of San Francisco’s own, Academy of Art University students, who is now the head of the animation department at Digital Domain, Jan Philip Cramer, was an animation supervisor for the box office here. Cramer exclaims to the University he wants attended, that he just can’t believe that this dreamt of moment, in which she came up with many of the ideas for such a big blockbuster, came from him.

Cramer earned his BFA from the School of Animatuon and Visual Effects San Francisco’s Academy of Art University in 2004, since then he has contributed to an insane list of blockbuster hit films, including, Deadpool, Avatar, Independence Day: Resurgence, Spiderman: Homecoming, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Cramer always dreamt of a career in animation for one of the biggest companies in the world, Disney, as a student, and states that it was his childhood dream. Cramer Is that a lot of his success came from his mentors at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco that helped him to take this wonderful career path. He is grateful that he is such a successful professional working at a top animation company and received his insight about the industry from his university learnings. He states the choosing the Academy of Art University was a great decision for him, as it not only helped shape his career, but it also gave him a good point of view on art and helping him grow as an artist.

The Academy of Art University has a great art school program in San Francisco that can help anyone interested in the arts, or animation build a promising and fulfilling career in the animation industry. Additionally, the University also offers other great undergraduate and graduate programs, some of the Graduate programs include: acting, fashion, fine arts, illustration, motion pictures and television, visual development, photography, and more. To check out more of their undergraduate education and graduate education programs, please visit the University website,


Igor Cornelsen Career Life

Igor Cornelsen name is very popular in the Brazilian banking industry. Igor has been making headlines in the corporate world because of the advice he has been offering people about investments. As a competitive investor in the market, this businessman knows how to take on new challenges and work hard so that he can make the lives of people better. According to Igor Cornelsen website, the businessman was born in 1947. After getting his education in high school, the businessman proceeded for his engineering classes at the prestigious Federal University of Parana where he was hoping to graduate with the best grades.

Being a student in one of the best schools in the country gave him the motivation to work even harder and change the life of the people who were close to him. Although engineering was a very good course in the Brazilian market, Igor felt that he needed to pursue a different career path. After studying for two years, the businessman changed his career to economics. Igor graduated with a degree in economics from the prestigious learning institution. His education background has played a very crucial role in the career life he has been enjoying.

When Mr. Cornelsen finished his studies in the year 1970, he was fortunate enough to get a job in a leading investment bank in the country. Igor enjoyed a very profitable career in this institution, and he also got the respect of many people because of his background in engineering. In this era, there were no calculators or computers in the market, and calculating compounded interest rate was a challenge for the people with no extra skills. Igor Cornelsen changed lives by this simple strategy. The businessman established his name in the market and finally landed a working opportunity as an investment banker. As one of the leading investment bankers in the Brazilian market, Igor has a lot of expertise.

Igor Cornelsen knows the changes that have been taking place in the Brazilian market and the steps consumers should take so that they can make their economy better. Igor has saved the country on so many occasions. During the financial challenge that hit the market many years ago, the businessman advised the government to take the right steps to empower the small investors so that things could do better. Fortunately, the businessman ideas worked, and this is why he has a great reputation since then. Igor Cornelsen is a very hard working investor too.

Jorge Moll Heads A Very Crucial Research

A recent study by D’Or Institute for Research and Education has revealed a very interesting behavior in human beings. The aim of the research was to identify why soccer fans have immense enthusiasm for the teams that they supported. The revelation of the study was that human beings have a form of in-group possessive habit rather than an out-group relation. Humans naturally love to identify with a particular group and shun from another one.

The study was headed by Jorge Moll. This renowned medical practitioner is a qualified neuroscientist. Dr. Jorge Moll agreed that all human beings like to attach themselves to cultural groups for the purpose of survival. During the study lead by Jorge Moll, the researchers collected together 27 soccer fans from Brazil. The fans supported different teams. The individuals were asked to donate their funds to the following groups of people:

  1. a) Anonymous fans who supported similar teams to them.
  2. b) Anonymous fans who supported different teams.
  3. c) Keep the money to themselves if they were not willing to donate it.

The fans’ thoughts were monitored using a functional magnetic resonance (FMR) instrument. The function of the scanner was to capture the brain functioning of each individual. With this data, it was possible to decode the in-group tendencies as well as the altruistic based decisions.

The study revealed that the fans had little difficulty in donating money to anonymous fans who supported similar teams to them. However, most of them declined to give funds to fans who supported their opponents. Also, most of the fans were comfortable with keeping the money to themselves. In a nutshell, the study shows that humans find it very easy relating to people who share similar interests with them.

Dr. Jorge Moll is the director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). He has been for many years trying to identify what causes certain behaviors in human beings. His interest lies in learning the psychological and neural mechanisms that determine human behavior. He is highly experienced in the field of neural science. Dr. Jorge Moll has also written numerous publications that have been very helpful to neural science scholars.


The RealReal’s Fundraiser

The RealReal is a company that deals with the sale of second-hand designer items such as clothes and jewelry. This firm has recently introduced beauty products in its e-commerce sale platforms as well as their stores. The CEO of this company is Ms. Julie Wainwright. She is also the founder of this firm that has grown tremendously from a small stall to one of the largest sellers of secondhand designer attire.

For many years, Ms. Wainwright has said about plans to list the company on the stock market. Recently, she announced that the private funding that it received would be the last one before they make an IPO for the company. Many people have been watching out for the listing of the company, but the firm on its side has been delaying. However, one of the recent developments in the firm indicates that the time may be nigh for the long-awaited public listing.

The company’s CEO has announced that the institution intends to raise about $100 million. This is not the first time that The RealReal has announced such a thing. Since the firm was started, it has raised about $170 million. The reasons behind the current fundraising move remain unknown to many people. However, there are a couple of speculations about the reason behind the move.

Some people are arguing that the company has realized that it requires to build itself further to reach the level that is necessary for listing. They say that this move is an attempt to buy time to grow as well as gain resources that are necessary for making the company marketable on the stock market.

Another argument goes that the firm has realized that the market is bigger than they expected at the time of its creation. The move is also seen as a way of expanding the company’s client base in a bid of making more and more profits. An official from the firm has not yet proved both arguments.

The RealReal company deals with the sale of items that are shipped from their original owners to the secondhand buyers. The money obtained from the sale is shared between the company and the primary owner. The RealReal has engaged a team of experts who inspect the items for authenticity.

Let Southridge Capital Solve Your Financial Problems!

Southridge Capital is a finance company in Connecticut that really prides itself on making sure their clients have a full understanding of the market for their financial needs. They are major players in this field and they plan to stay on top! Since 1996, they have given the market of finances a huge boom of $1.8 billion of investment with over 250 companies. Many of those companies were overlooked by larger financiers who would not give them an opportunity at all. These businesses include churches, community centers, and medical facilities. To me, that says quite a bit for the short period of time they have been around and they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon!

The expertise Southridge Capital provides is so wide that anyone can make a decision to have them oversee their finances. From credit building and overall financial planning, Southridge has you covered. Their team of experts have all been in the business for several years to make sure your needs are provided for now and in the future. They are always available whenever you need them to personally lead their clients in the right path and coach them along the way. No portfolio is the same because every ones needs and wants are all different, whether it is personal or business. Every customized plan is prepared and provided for each client with your coach explaining it all detail by detail. There is a solution for every problem covered in every aspect of finances in the market that we’re in- no matter how big or small. Check out for more details.

Steven Hicks, the company CEO, has strived to make sure Southridge stays on top of the game when it comes to our growing technology. They ensure the finance community to invest in companies who will serve their clients creative services necessary for their individual needs. Southridge has a passion in making sure their clients achieve their intended goals. With the success they have had, Southridge Capital is ahead of its time and will continue to make the financial world better each day! You can visit


GoBuyside (AD/nY)

GoBuyside-A name that has become synonymous with success. Established in 2011, it has in just seven years helped many firms throughout the world to achieve much economic success, in which such firms are eternally grateful.

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Jeff Yastine, Working All The Angles For Investors

The Publishing Company, Banyan Hill started out as, the Sovereign Society in 1998. At that time it offered individuals the personal keys to sovereignty and self-reliance. Its readership mainly consisted of nouveau investors who were earnestly interested in advice about asset protection with offshore accounts, global trusts and how to form international LLC corporations. Then in 2016, as apart of a rebranding process, Banyan Hill Publishing was created offering a wealth of little known information about varying investment strategies. It followed the original path of dispensing advice, but grew its website to over 400,000 readers daily. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

To say Banyan Hill Publishing has evolved since those early days would be an understatement. The emphasis at Banyan Hill Publishing is dispensing investor information via award winning editors financial experts who contribute timely articles about wealth building. Investors are empowered to make their own financial destinies, rather than following a path laid out by an overpaid financial advisor.

Financial advisors don’t work for the investors, they primary function is to make money for their brokerage firms. Banyan Hill Publishing puts the control solely in the hands of the investors. They are presented with a myriad of industry experts; people who have been in the field, so to speak. In the field, means they’ve made money by avoiding the dreaded downfall of market instability. No investor can avoid market instability, because this volatility unfortunately is apart of the financial economic system today. But, there are ways to protect assets from decline.


Jeff Yastine is an award winning former news anchor and business reporter. His insights as an Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing has turned his column, Total Wealth Insider, into one of the most popular newsletters on the site. In the newsletter, Jeff Yastine goes beyond typical financial jargon and actually provides details about hidden investment options. These options are hidden stock opportunities. Jeff has a knack for uncovering invaluable information. For example, Jeff Yastine wasn’t afraid to travel to Cuba, twice he explored the role foreign investors played in the country’s economy.

Helping others achieve long term prosperity is paramount when it comes to understanding the value of Banyan Hill Publishing and how Jeff Yastine contributes as Editor. He has been writing Total Wealth Insider since 2015. He has gained combined experience as a financial journalist and as an actual, successful stock market investor. His newsletter helps investors understand stocks and provides insider insights for better financial planning. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Saygus VP Tim Rush gives rave review of NewsWatch TV

American smartphone manufacturer Saygus credits NewsWatch TV as being a major help in achieving their goal of increased exposure. NewsWatch TV helped with efforts at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, as well as with boosting Saygus’ Indiegogo campaign. That campaign achieved $300,000 more than the goal of $1 million, which is why Saygus vice president Tim Rush has nothing but praise for NewsWatch TV.

Rush said that NewsWatch TV was able to help them deliver their message properly, at the appropriate time and to the medium they needed to deliver to. He added that he would “highly recommend” the NewsWatch TV services. Rush says they helped Saygus to better connect with their audience which in turn drives sales. NewsWatch TV staff did this via filming and production of various segments that aired nationally. These included footage exclusively from Barcelona regarding Saygus’ promotions at the Mobile World Congress.

Many businesses and brands are recognizing NewsWatch TV’s ability to provide well-executed campaigns and utilize them across many different platforms. NewsWatch TV has been in operation for over 25 years. It consists of a 30-minute television show which viewers can see weekly on AMC and iON Network in the United States.

The show is based out of Washington, DC, and features a variety of news topics presented usually in the form of one or two-minute long segments. These include the latest in consumer electronics, tourism, health, fashion, business issues, and presentation of new products that have been released.

It’s no surprise that the NewsWatch TV show is considered one of the most successful independent news magazines available on television today. In addition, they are found on a variety of social media platforms which provides even more exposure. Thanks to NewsWatch TV’s expertise in the delivery of media, more products, brands, and businesses are seeing improved success in their marketing campaigns.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews:


Malcolm CasSelle Champions Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm for Blockchain

Malcolm CasSelle champions the technology and innovation of the blockchain infrastructure at (WAX) World Asset Exchange to provide solutions to power the blockchain technology and provide a decentralized efficient model for transferring virtual assets. In fact, the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm has developed a faster more user-friendly approach that surpasses the other slower and more convoluted systems such as Proof of Work systems. Those platforms are not able to provide the systematic approach of decentralized virtual asset transfers that can be accomplished with the WAX platforms.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to align the strategic technologies and infrastructure needed to advance the blockchain into the future with a systematic approach that is streamlined to accomplish the ultimate goal of decentralized asset transfer virtually online. Furthermore, with the creation of the WAX tokens, a value is established over the WAX gaming platform and creates opportunities to transfer assets that have a solidified value that can be transferred globally between various geographical countries without the assistance of centralized banking systems. Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide the theoretical understanding and technical knowledge to streamline the decentralization of asset transfers over the blockchain and create an atmosphere for easy and discrete transfers of value with the speed and accuracy that was never before seen.


Malcolm CasSelle began his foundational knowledge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also continued his education in computer science at Stanford University where he also received a degree in computer science. After his college career, Malcolm CasSelle progressed through various levels of leadership within some of the world’s biggest and most renowned online technology companies. The most notable company Malcolm CasSelle leveraged his skills and created valuable expertise, knowledge, and insight for the expansion of the infrastructure of the company would be Facebook. Malcolm CasSelle also currently is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins another virtual asset gaming company that provides tremendous value and expertise in the areas of asset exchange of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The expertise and knowledge obtained within the infrastructure of World Asset Exchange have provided high-level understanding and analysis of the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm for the advancement and sustainability of the blockchain.