Malcolm CasSelle Champions Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm for Blockchain

Malcolm CasSelle champions the technology and innovation of the blockchain infrastructure at (WAX) World Asset Exchange to provide solutions to power the blockchain technology and provide a decentralized efficient model for transferring virtual assets. In fact, the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm has developed a faster more user-friendly approach that surpasses the other slower and more convoluted systems such as Proof of Work systems. Those platforms are not able to provide the systematic approach of decentralized virtual asset transfers that can be accomplished with the WAX platforms.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to align the strategic technologies and infrastructure needed to advance the blockchain into the future with a systematic approach that is streamlined to accomplish the ultimate goal of decentralized asset transfer virtually online. Furthermore, with the creation of the WAX tokens, a value is established over the WAX gaming platform and creates opportunities to transfer assets that have a solidified value that can be transferred globally between various geographical countries without the assistance of centralized banking systems. Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide the theoretical understanding and technical knowledge to streamline the decentralization of asset transfers over the blockchain and create an atmosphere for easy and discrete transfers of value with the speed and accuracy that was never before seen.


Malcolm CasSelle began his foundational knowledge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also continued his education in computer science at Stanford University where he also received a degree in computer science. After his college career, Malcolm CasSelle progressed through various levels of leadership within some of the world’s biggest and most renowned online technology companies. The most notable company Malcolm CasSelle leveraged his skills and created valuable expertise, knowledge, and insight for the expansion of the infrastructure of the company would be Facebook. Malcolm CasSelle also currently is the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins another virtual asset gaming company that provides tremendous value and expertise in the areas of asset exchange of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The expertise and knowledge obtained within the infrastructure of World Asset Exchange have provided high-level understanding and analysis of the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm for the advancement and sustainability of the blockchain.