The Campaign Game Changer NGP VAN’s Influence and Election Involvment

Elections in the US are held after four years, which means that every other politician has to convince people to go to the ballot and vote for them and their party if they have one. To do this, the politicians have to go from place to place to showcase their intentions with the position they intend to acquire. Using this, the voters will gauge what they want for themselves and then pick a candidate for the office depending on their policies.


Now, big data is being collected for this purpose, allowing Democrats to identify their potential voters into actual votes come election day. The elections of 2008 and 2012 are the best examples to depict how the technology used to gather this information is helpful to an election. The campaigns are powered by NGP VAN.


NGP VAN is a database of voters and web-hosting company that’s mostly used by Democrats and Liberal Party of Canada to gather necessary information during campaigns. The company, that’s based in Washington DC, is responsible for powering data-driven campaigns that are focused on technology to give a better overview of the elections and where they need to seek their votes the most by utilizing the available web and mobile tools to do so.


Times have changed from the 20th century where a politician would use radio, TV or a newspaper to showcase their policies to the public and that would be enough to get people to the ballot to vote for them. Nowadays, one has to utilize all available resources to get the attention of the public. The retired president Barrack Obama’s campaign was headlined by the use of modern technology to get as many voters as possible interested. For example, they used a web-based platform where voters hosted meetups and engaged in canvassing. This ultimately led to the increase of votes by 14.5 million. NGP VAN was used in 2012 to power a mobile app call Pollwatcher.


NGP VAN has some strategies in place to help with campaigns. For example, it enables donors to donate quickly and easily with no hassle, visualizing data for easier analysis by the campaigners, easier canvassing especially with the introduction of MiniVAN in March 2018. In the upcoming election towards the end of 2018, NGP VAN intends to headline the campaigns to help Democrats gain the majority seat in the Senate and House by using web tools, big data and information from other progressive websites to assist in the campaigns.

Jason Hope: Lengthening the Future

Every year more research is being conducted in the field of antiaging. There is a big movement towards better understanding and respect for the aging process, but that doesn’t mean that people should completely give up on trying to find a way to expand human longevity. One foundation that is looking to conduct more research into this field is the SENS Research Foundation. This foundation, created in 2009 by founder Aubrey de Grey, has earned a reputation as one of the foremost institutions on anti-aging research. This is probably why, when technology entrepreneur Jason Hope wanted to donate money to this cause, he chose to give the SENS Research Foundation $500,000.

An article, located on, covers some of the benefits that the SENS Research Foundation has earned due to the substantial donation. Hope wanted to be sure that his money was going to a foundation that knew exactly what to do with it. Since the SENS Research Foundation has been functioning for quite some time now, they have a large network of laboratories and research groups. They have even partnered with Ivy League and research universities to explore some of the benefits of anti-aging technology.

One of the biggest things that the SENS Research Foundation is looking into is degeneration on the cellular level. This is a concept that Jason Hope is on board with, and he has expressed enthusiasm for the project. Since he began his philanthropy early into his technology career, hope has been an outspoken advocate for the anti-aging movement. While it is evident that most humans that are alive today will not benefit from this research directly, they are working towards a better future for many other generations to come. It is an exciting time in this line of research, And Hope’s donation will go very far in helping to further it.

Jason Hope, himself, is a graduate of Arizona State University. After graduating, he went on to found a mobile tech company and various other projects. He developed an extensive portfolio of companies, ranging in different types of industries. He continues to reside in Arizona, working diligently in the community and actively engaging in the political landscape of his state. He has been instrumental in many massive philanthropic pursuits throughout Arizona, and he hopes to continue that trend along into his future. If the research and antiaging continues the way that it has gone so far, the future is sure to be brighter and longer.

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Jason Hope’s Two Cents on Technology and Business

The technology from mobile communication fueled Jason Hope’s journey into the business world. Jason got into the business industry after learning of the advantages that the technology of mobile brought along. He believed and still believes that that technology will catalyze major changes in the world economy. The fact that mobile technology is quite an aged one but still has room for advancement inspired him to set off on the journey of starting his tech company. It did not take long before he was reaping profits from his business. His first company, Jawa which is a mobile communication company, acted as a base firm from which he added partnerships and investments in the technology sector. It is from this portfolio that he makes money.

Jason Hope, just like any other business owner, experiences challenges and doubts in the business world. He categorizes doubt as a good thing since it helps keep business owners alert and provokes action. For him, he uses doubt and challenges as a drive for change and because of his dedication to the technology industry is what gets him through most doubts. He additionally says, what makes an entrepreneur successful or not is how he or she handles challenges and doubts. He also mentioned one of his failures in his business, when he had hitches with some of his first clients. He remained focused and looked ahead because dwelling on failures hinders progress. He would wish those other entrepreneurs would apply this.

While still a startup, Jason got his first client as a referral while he was working on the marketing and advertisement for another company. From there, he started building his clientele network. Presently, aside from referrals, he uses social media for his marketing strategies. He states that social media is readily available and since it keeps people interconnected, proper use of it is a great way of marketing your business. In as much as this contributes to Jason Hope’s success, there are other factors too that fuel his progress. For one, his focus on the future greatly boosts his business. He is always looking at what direction technology will take in improving lives. He also doesn’t give room to failure or doubt, another factor that has driven his progress.

A technological trend that seems to excite this business icon is the Internet of Things. He says shortly, every home will have all its devices interconnected. He also is excited about how technology will contribute to anti-aging processes and as a result put a stop to diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. In the same spirit, he shared a business idea with those that may be interested in applying it. He talked about internet marketing and utilizing the social media with businesses. Having these skills and using them for your business will bring success to your business according to him. He leaves us with his favorite quote which in summary urges people not to sit on their ideas and rather, do something about them.

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Eric Pulier’s Approach to Technology

Eric Pulier is one of those entrepreneurs that you rarely hear about in the headlines, but you are always aware that they are working hard behind the scenes. Eric Pulier founded the XPrize Foundation which is focused on giving young technological innovators the creative outlet they need to make real, dynamic change. Pulier has also cemented himself as a leading philanthropist with his work dealing with chronically ill children at the Painted Turtle summer camp. Eric Pulier is a man of many talents and it can be an enlightening experience to trace them back throughout his journey.

It all started in New Jersey where Eric Pulier was born and raised. It was apparent early on that Pulier had a gift and his supreme focus on computers was eye opening. Pulier was programming his own computers while still in grade school and he would be opening up his own computer company before graduating high school. Pulier would go from selling computer databases in New Jersey to attending Harvard for his collegiate education. Pulier attended all four years and graduated Magna Cum Laude while also working as the lead editor at the school paper, the Harvard Crimson.

All of this education background is just to show that Pulier has always practiced what he preaches and it has led him to great success: prepare, prepare, prepare. Pulier is an entrepreneur and his success has almost single-handedly come by way of his extensive and meticulous preparation. Pulier focuses on markets that can provide him an in and an outlet to innovate. He also keeps track of his notes and never lets a good idea pass him by. Part of succeeding as an entrepreneur is being willing to go that extra mile and never let these concepts slip away. After Harvard, Eric Pulier would immediately head out to Los Angeles. Pulier would land in L.A. and start his first company in 1991. From there success seemed ready to be embraced. Pulier has become a staunch tech innovator, public speaker, and published author. Right now Pulier is focused on his work with vAtomic Systems, a company that focuses on bringing digital goods to the real world.


Jason Hope Believes in the Internet of Things and so Should You

The internet has been a profound game changer in the world and we are looking at new ways that it will change the world’s economy. Jason Hope a renowned futurist as well as a tech adviser, writer, and speaker has been on board with a concept called the Internet of Things for years now. The Internet of Things is a concept that looks like it will dramatically change the way we live our lives. What is the Internet of Things? Why does Jason Hope believe in it? Well, let’s dig in.

When broken down to its core concept, the Internet of Things refers to the way that the internet is connecting to everything in our daily lives. We aren’t just talking about our phones and laptops — we are talking about all of our day to day items. We already see that the Internet of Things has impacted the fitness world in a huge way: there are shoes that track your routes and fitness levels digitally, there are basketballs that record shooting statistics for professional players, and there is, of course, the famous Fitbit. This is just one way that the Internet of Things is creating a new industry of technology. Jason Hope doesn’t think it will be the last.

In fact, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be one of the next most popular tech industries on the entire planet. Right now the Internet of Things lives on the fringes of entertainment, but there will come a point in time where it actually changes the way we fundamentally live our lives. Jason Hope points to how the airline industry is embracing the Internet of Things. He also points to how emergency response vehicles can embrace it to save lives and bring about great social change.

Bob Reina: He Holds The Keys To The Castle

Bob Reina is the type of person that people try to emulate in their everyday life, and that is the highest compliment that can be given to a person. When they see someone like Bob Reina, they see a man of conviction and they see a man of strong moral fiber. When he says something and believes in something, nothing or no one is going to stand in his way. He is going to get results. He is in the business of results with Talk Fusion, which he founded and created back in 2007. Now, here in 2017, they are the talk of the tech world. Learn more:


A lot of people get in this position and it causes them to sit back, kick up their feet, and think the world is their oyster. They often say the hardest thing in life is knowing how to handle success. People might find that a little confusing, but it is true. With success, people need to know how to handle it the right way and not let it get to their head. It can be death to their company if they think they are a big shot and they develop an ego and they forget why they started the company in the first place. Learn more:


That has not and never will be an issue with Mr. Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, which has video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. These are tools that are designed to help people get their business off the ground and see it flourish in the best possible way. Bob Reina has the keys to the castle for people out there, and if they are willing to open those doors, their life will be better than ever. They can finally say they are happy and they can say adios to that job that has sucked the life out of them. Learn more at about Talk Fusion


When they are the boss and they are in charge of their business, they see how wonderful life can be and they see that it doesn’t always have to be so hard and so tough on them. It can be enjoyed. Learn more:


The Many Talents of Eric Pulier

Are you familiar with the name Eric Pulier? If you’re not really into the technology field of work then you be unaware of how important this guy is. Eric Pulier is simply amazing thanks to his remarkable way of thinking. He’s a “jack of all trades” kind of guy and he’s known as an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and an investor. This Harvard graduate has a genuine good heart and his efforts have done a lot of good for the people who needs it. Pulier’s talent is that he uses innovation to help resolve issues across many business sectors. He has developed one of the very first multimedia educational programs for people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis as well bringing in advanced technology to underprivileged communities.

Much of his hard earned money has been donated to charitable donations to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pulier actually built Bill Clinton’s 2nd Term event platform known as “Bridge To The 21st Century.” This event was a hit as it was showcases on across many popular news networks. Members of Congress, event participants, celebrities, and other politicians enjoyed the multiple day celebration. Pulier’s imprint is all over a wide range of fields much more so than any other high profile person. By the use of advanced technology, this guy showcased an event that was unheard of at the time. Pulier was able to develop a live-feed for space astronauts, which allowed them to connect with NASA in real-time.

Having such great editing and writing skill, Pulier has written many successful publications. You won’t find another individual with this much persistence, passion, and natural talent in one package. The loving father of four has come a long way over the years and the amazing about this article is that it only scratches the surface.

The Future is Here with Gooee’s Smart Lighting

Technology is constantly becoming more efficient and accessible to make everyday life easier. One of these new advancements is called Gooee’s  smart lighting, wherein lights will turn on and off automatically without requiring the use of a switch. Instead, one type uses built-in sensors to determine if the light needs to be turned on or off. The other kind, while not possessing a sensor, can still be manipulated into flickering on instantly. There are two systems in place to operate smart lights, either through “control hubs” or other kinds of smart machinery. For use in homes, smart lighting is easier to use if other devices are connected to it. One of the many positive aspects of using smart lighting versus the traditional method is that it conserves energy and power, as well as costing less over time. It is amazing how far technology has come in the last several years. It truly puts the saying “the sky’s the limit” into practice.