The Kabbalah Wisdom

Kabbalah is a set of ancient Jewish wisdom that offers its users practical tools that make their lives more joyful and fulfilling. Albeit most of the materials are in the form of intangible wisdom, some also come in the form of material stuff such as bracelets and bangles. As such, most people claim that their religions fail to offer them the fulfillment that Kabbalah offers them; this explains the high enrollment of people to Kabbalah.

Celebrities and Kabbalah

Many Hollywood stars have joined Kabbalah over the years. Although this has brought much ridicule from the elderly Jewish Rabbis, Kabbalah teachers keep enrolling more celebrities to the programs. The elders claim that Kabbalah was not meant for the masses but for the Jewish people who were over 40 years and ready to keep kabbalah only for themselves. Traditionally, those that learned Kabbalah were not allowed to share it with other people. Nevertheless, ever since Madonna enrolled for kabbalah classes, she influenced many more Hollywood celebrities to join the classes and practice Kabbalah. Madonna made a heavy investment in studying the doctrine, and she then opened several Kabbalah centers. Britney Spears claims that she only joined the religion because of Madonna. On the other hand, Sammy Davis says that he joined the religion because being African American was almost similar to being Jewish; the two groups shared sufferings oppression from the superior races. Sammy felt that the Jews had a legacy of enduring the problems for a long time. He, therefore, wanted to gain the fortitude and strength he needed from the religion. Others claim that they joined the religion to overcome their problems to learn more: click here.

Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center is located in Los Angeles. It was founded by Philip and Karen Berg, who have over the years offered online as well as physical classes to its students. The couple feels that Kabbalah helps the learners become the best versions of themselves; therefore, they negate the concept of only sharing it with old Jews.

The roots of Kabbalah date back to the year 1922 when Rav Yehuda shared the wisdom and modernized it. He passed it to one of his students Brandwein, who later passed it down to Berg.