Rodrigo Terpins Is A Role Model To Sportsmen

Aside from being an admired entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins is a sports personality that is highly regarded. Specializing in major rallies with incredible passion and determination, Rodrigo has completed world record racing competitions in just a few minutes. As it is said, the apple does not fall from the tree, Rodrigo is the son of a sports personality, Mr. Jack Terpins, a man who ventured into basketball and successfully led a team in the country. A successful business professional too, Jack Terpins is a perfect role model for his sons. Rodrigo has a brother called Michel Terpins, who is also a sports personality.


Rodrigo Terpins and his brother play for the Brazilian international team, Bull Sertoes Rally Team. With passion and determination, he has grown intoto the team, earning some of the world’s best positions. Mainly involved in T1 Prototype, Rodrigo has been scaling up the ladder of successful sports personalities for years. Managing to land 8th position in the 22nd edition of the competition, he is a role model to many prospective racers. One defining character for this visionary man is discipline. Aside from being focused on the sport, he ensures that discipline is paramount.


Rodrigo Terpins joins his brother in racing. Coupled with a strong partnership form their co-drivers, the teams have always emerged among the best, says Developing an interest for rallying a few years into their victory, Rodrigo Terpins keeps tabs on performance as well as progress. He is determined to achieve a lot a few years from now. In a team of nine others, Rodrigo has always graced the occasion in preparedness. Sources indicate that the duo has been in the industry for some significant time. With five successful seasons, Rodrigo Terpins has experienced immeasurable victory thanks to his determination.


An epitome of success, Rodrigo Terpins has a business to run too. It has been 16 years since he ventured into entrepreneurship and from the outcome of his success story, the business is doing well. His experience at Lojas Marisa contributed to his current success story. Working as an operations manager, Rodrigo Terpins is multi-skilled and determined to offer the best to the world. Read more on