Barbara Stokes — The Hurricane Relief Homes

Barbara Stokes is an American entrepreneur. She is developing an organization on the way to assist with storm rebuilding efforts. The devastation that has been introduced due to the worst storm season in modern times will not soon be forgotten. The name of the company is Green Structure Homes. They’ve allied with FEMA and advanced their very own system of precise safety protocols to shield the occupants of homes. The 2017 season of hurricanes had a huge impact on the lives of American citizens everywhere. It turned into a year wrought with devastation. The Yellowhammer state was struck so hard that many were left in motels and campsites. Each hurricane – Nate and Irma – was relentless in their devastation; they did not permit anyone to escape the path of destruction being carved out. In Alabama, homes have been broken and people had been placed in a great deal of hazard; however, they had been lucky enough to survive the entire storm. The worst results had been avoided. Follow Barbara Stokes on

More than two hundred thousand human beings fled Florida to seek out refuge in Alabama. Many communities in Texas and Puerto Rico suffered predominant damages and faced considerable losses due to the storms. The communities came together and assisted one another in their most neighborly manner possible. People donated materials, raised money, and gave to shelters.


Inside the months following the tremendous storms, Alabama has granted an employer a few useful contracts with FEMA. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provided Barbara Stokes and GSH a settlement of $28 million and they started constructing hurricane resistant houses in October. Production of the updated houses is slated to be whole by the date of March 2018. Barbara Stokes is a veteran of receiving federal offers and she has promised to use the cash to its full cost. She will construct nice houses for storm survivors and create a better life for those families in want.

Right now after signing the FEMA contract, GSH made another statement that they would be hiring additional people. The manpower might speed up the construction and increase the economy. The employees could be constructing homes at some point of the Southern states of the USA. GSH is doing an upstanding job as citizens by setting the sufferers of hurricanes up with better houses. Barbara Stokes is supplying an essential resource for the USA and when a catastrophe strikes again we can be ready. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.