Francisco Domenech, a managing partner at Politank.

Francisco Domenech is the founder of Puerto Rico. He is also a lawyer and the managing partner at Politank, a governmental boutique bipartisan firm. Academically, he attended the University of Puerto Rico and obtained both a B.A. in political science and Juris Doctorate. He joined University College London for one semester and studied comparative law.

While on campus, he served in various elective posts in the student council. He served as the president to the Student Body of the University of Puerto Rico College of Social Sciences,1998-1999 academic year. During the academic year 1999-2000, he served as the president to the General Students Body Council. Visit to learn more about Domenech.

Francisco Domenech has played a tremendous global role of ascertaining of its challenges of interdependence. He has achieved this through massive contribution to the Clinton Foundation, which is a non-profit organization objected to the foundation of strong pillars among the people in the USA and the globe at large.

His expertise and experience in the political arena have been instilled due to his vigorous participation in the registration of voters, development of policies, fundraising, and opposition research.

Through his earlier experiences and knowledge, Domenech has served in various fields that have made him be recognized in the map of the world. He has supervised outside counsel mostly involving federal lobbyists. He had represented the interests of the Senate before the courts and also provided various legal advice.

Francisco Domenech has linked himself with Hillary Clinton, who was ones a presidential candidate of the Democratic party. He also associated himself with Jenniffer Gonzalez who is the commissioner at Puerto Rico Resident.

He has served as a Secretary to Clinton’s presidential campaigns both in 2008 and 2016. In 2016 presidential campaigns, Francisco becomes the top fundraiser to Clinton in Puerto Rico. He also served as the Deputy State Coordinator in Puerto Rico, in one of Clinton’s fruitful primary campaigns and also her co-chairperson.

Francisco Domenech has himself engaged extraordinary innovative efforts in the introduction of new campaign management strategies. The mechanism has enabled him to to be in the midst of most the celebrities around the globe.

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End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones

There is a secret war going on for the rights of the average American voter. For nearly eight full years now we have seen voting rights under systematic attack thanks to groups like Citizens United, led by men like James Bopp. The goal of Citizens United, a conservative right wing group, has been to prop up corporations in order to allow them to use their extensive cache of money to sway legislators and influence elections. Citizens United struck their heaviest blow in 2010 when they appeared before the Supreme Court in order to argue that monetary donations were an extension of ‘free speech’ and that corporations should be considered as people. It’s not even hard to see what Citizens United was attempting to do.

Thankfully the power of the American people has been resilient, if fractured, and it has represented itself in the form of grassroots campaigns. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has dedicated themselves to focusing on putting legislators in position to introduce a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizens United decision. Led by Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is trying to make a difference in an era where Donald Trump is leading the Republican party from the White House. This has made End Citizens United’s job infinitely more difficult thanks to just how partisan Washington DC has become. Due to this, Muller has had to focus on putting their power behind legislators who are willing to make campaign finance reform part of their platform.

Most recently End Citizens United has gotten behind Democrat Doug Jones, a former United States attorney who is in the running for the Alabama Special Election which will occur on December 12th, 2017. Jones is a progressive who has made campaign finance reform a huge part of his platform and that is something that End Citizens United fully respects. Jones will be running against Republican Roy Moore who has been under fire for ages thanks to his bigoted outlook and his racially charged comments. Moore is backed up by big money and it will be an uphill battle for Doug Jones to overcome the difference in their financial levels. This case is exactly why End Citizens United is so stringent in their belief of campaign finance reform. The American people should be able to vote for the legislator they believe in, not the one with the most money.

Tiffany Muller spoke out on Roy Moore by saying his “radical agenda has no place in the U.S. Senate, plain and simple.” Muller was harsh in her condemnation of Moore and that should help to fuel a surge for Doug Jones. Now it remains to be seen if Jones can continue to make up the difference.

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An In Depth Look At Citizens United

End Citizens United is an Political Action type Committee which has a goal to reform campaign finance. In addition, the committee is also fighting against the negative effects of Citizens United. A 2010 court decision United Vs. F.E.C. has apparently changed the way in which people vote.

Essentially during election campaigns way too much money is spent on endorsing possible candidates for office. Donations seem to pour in from various sources. End Citizens United is strongly opposed to such donations. The committee feels the money being donated by wealthy individuals could be better spent on other important issues within the world like world hunger.

Serious campaign reform must take place. Yes, it tales money to campaign and get elected however much of the money is wasted and it no longer becomes an issue of election the best candidate. These issues in particular are contributing to decline of society as a whole. Candidates must oppose money in politics.

It is an absolute necessity to pursue aggressive campaign finance reform. A large majority of Americans agree that Jobs and Health Care are more important than spending millions of dollars on campaign funding. There must be limits set on exactly how much money can be spent to try and elect a candidate to office. Anyone whom disregards the funding limits set should be immediately disqualified from the campaign.


Sirius Radio has addressed this very issue numerous times. Sirius Radio as well as its commentators are in complete agreement that way too much money is spent on trying to get unqualified candidates elected to Political Office. Chris Frates from Sirius Radio has spoken out quite publicly about this very issue numerous times. It is about time something was done about it.

Some feel that reforming campaign finance would lead to manipulation of the political system as a whole. Some feel that the big money contributors who normally donate funds to political campaigns would then try to manipulate other organizations such as churches and schools. This is merely a red herring to deter individuals for being in favor of campaign reform.

Putting an End to Political over-spending
Funding secret money into political elections has been going on for decades. Weakening finance protections would lead to even more exposure of the political wrongs regarding campaign finance that are still taking place today. Therefore, we must get more people involved in exposing this serious issue even more as well as taking an active stand to pass bills in congress which would prohibit such conduct within the future.

End Citizens United is a group which does have good intentions. However, it is a matter of getting more people interested in the cause. Turning a blind eye where political campaign reform is concerned can no longer be done. Ignoring this issue is doing nothing to help the world and its critically important issues such as affordable healthcare, jobs and conquering world hunger. A great deal more money is needed in these areas, why not use the money that would have went toward funding another overpriced political campaign. Take that money and put it toward better and affordable healthcare, additional jobs for the unemployed and improving our educational system.

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