Adam Milstein Writes About Jewish Pride

Adam Milstein, the well respected Jewish philanthropist and activist, is also a well known writer. He writes for major Jewish publications, such as the Times of Israel. In a recent article on the Times of Israel blog, Adam Milstein wrote that pride and courage are the two biggest gifts we can give to our children.

He talked about the Maccabees. The Maccabees is the name for a group of Jews during the time of the second Temple. The Greeks had decreed that the Jews should be forbidden to conduct their religious ceremonies. The Maccabees were just a small group of Jews, but they did not shy away from standing up for their rights and their way of living. In the miracle that is celebrated by Jews every year on Hanukkah, the Maccabees managed to defeat the Greeks, even though the Greeks had a much larger army than them.

Adam Milstein says that we have to emulate the Maccabees. We have to stand up for ourselves and for the Jewish people. We need to give over to our children the gifts that will help the Jewish people continue to exist and thrive.

The first of these gifts is pride. You have to have pride that you are Jewish. Adam Milstein says that when he grew up, he was proud to be a Jew. That is how he was raised. He wrote in the Times of Israel that if you can not be proud of your heritage, you will find no reason to stand up for yourself and to continue in the traditions that have kept the Jewish people alive for so many years. That is why we need to install pride in our children. We need to teach them how to be good Jews. We need to show them how fortunate they are to be Jewish. This way, they will continue our tradition and keep the flame alive. We also have to install in our children a sense of pride about the State of Israel. After all, it was founded against all odds, despite all the things that stood in its path.

The Great Philanthropy Work Of Tony Petrello

No matter what part of any industry one is in, one of the most important factors that play into a professionals’ overall success is their ability to give back. In other words, a professional has to be as involved in philanthropy as much as anything else, if not more. In what has become one of the most important parts of any industry, being involved in philanthropy work has become almost important as the specific work itself. As tremendous as that may sound, simply put, many people are very fortunate to have philanthropist supporting and benefiting their own cause. Having said all of that, it is also important to understand that philanthropist come from many different place and backgrounds. Again, no matter what industry there is, there is a priority to give back to those in need. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine just how many philanthropists their really is in this world.

However, one philanthropist and businessman who has stood out above many has been Tony Petrello. Being such an important figurehead in his own industry, which is the oil and gas industry, Tony Petrello has made a name for himself as a prominent philanthropist by focusing this area above many of his other duties. Now that we are somewhat familiar with Tony Petrello and his amazing work, lets recap some of his career highlights that have allowed him to become such a fantastic philanthropist.

More on Tony Petrello and His Role At Nabors Industries
As one of the wealthiest and prosperous professionals around, it is safe to say that Tony Petrello is as accomplished as it gets as a professional. Without a doubt, Tony Petrello has made sure to be as beneficial as he can in his career and has been very successful doing so. However, among his many career highlights, his most known and accepted efforts have come from his role at Nabors Industries. At Nabors Industries, which is one of the biggest natural gas and oil companies around, Tony Petrello has been determined to achieve nothing less than success for the company. In turn, the company’s overall success has allowed Tony Petrello as CEO to give back in ways that he never imagined he could before. With the amount of profit and earnings from Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has made sure to give back to those who need it the most. Above all, this just shows how great Tony Petrello is as a kind-hearted individual.

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George Soros Funds Charity Organizations To Promote Justice And Fight Humanitarian Crisis In The Asian Countries

Charities have played a vital role in facilitating developing countries achieve their development goals. These countries, especially in Asia, face human crisis and this is where charities come in to provide essential needs such as food, medical supplies, shelter, and clothing to the affected communities. Some of these charity organizations face stiff misconception from governments and minority groups claiming that the organizations meddle their internal affairs. But despite these challenges, these organizations do not give up and sometimes operate in very harsh conditions because they understand that humanitarian needs are more important than any other personal views.

These organizations sometimes run out of funds to operate where the conditions escalate, and they require to be funded by good wishers to help the needy as they depend mainly on charity funds. This is where individuals who can come out to support the efforts of these organizations by funding them. One man who has made such an effort is George Soros who recently announced a huge funds transfer to the Open Source Foundations of $18 billion which operates in Asia. George Soros said this was part of his efforts to facilitate such organizations as he would later send 2$2 billion later on as part of his efforts to promote such organizations in the future.

The foundation revealed that it uses the funds in fighting for justice among the depressed communities, ensuring that criminals and drug lords are brought to justice and also provide essential needs such as access to clean water and a healthy living environment to eliminate the risk of disease eruption among the fighting communities. The foundation says it receives many cases of injustices like where certain paper mills and companies mining gold have been polluting water sources in Indonesia. Such cases are sensitive and local communities cannot be able to fight for themselves. This is where Open Source Foundations comes in enforcing the involved governments to publish reports indicating when the water was polluted and when can the people be able to use the water as they have the right to know and also challenge such actions.

Open Source Foundations revealed that they also use the funds to facilitate local partners who lack funds to continue their humanitarian efforts like the Nepali lawyers who were helping in Maina case. They have helped the Nepali nongovernmental organizations deal with the scale of the sexual assault that occurred during the 2015 conflict that led to mass destruction. The organization has been involved in revealing the assaults which were undermined enforcing the government to bring criminals to justice and compensate the victims who suffer up to date.

Open Source Foundations has facilitated the Alliance for Social Dialogue who have been at the forefront in ensuring that the human rights and democracy are observed to heal the people from the injustices that occurred during the crisis. They have also supported grassroots groups in Mongolia who are fighting for children with disabilities to remain in the education system where they were to be excluded from receiving a proper education like other children which sparked a lot of anger in many activists who fought this decision with all the powers they had. Truly, the charity from George Soros will contribute a lot in improving the livelihoods of many people in the Asian countries for the next several years and more

George Soros Helping the World Through Donations

George Soros is best known as the man who broke the Bank of England. This refers to his endeavor from 1992 when he shorted the currency so much that Great Britain had to delist it from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros, however, has done so many other important things in his life that one might have issues prioritizing them. Although there is a lot of controversies that surround Soros as a consequence of his philanthropical engagements, he remains one of the most generous billionaires to ever live.

The latest reason that Soros has made many headlines is one of the largest donations ever made. He has transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations which is a gift that has been in the planning for years. This organization was founded by Soros himself over 30 years ago. Currently, the presence of it is known around the world as it is impactful in 120 countries.

Although Soros has made hefty donations which account for $30 billion, this will be his larges single-sum contribution. The goal of it is to basically leave the majority of his current $24 billion net worth to the organization that was made to help people around the world.

Soros, however, remains a hot topic in many conservative circles. This is because of his on-going involvement with the Democratic party where he has been an open supporter of Hillary Clinton. His opponents go to extreme lengths to demonize all of his endeavors and some of the latest theories about his underlying goals push the limits of rational.

For example, one theory portrays Soros as the mastermind behind many of the latest protests that have happened in the United States. The sports-related demonstrations, as well as the societal disturbance, has been prescribed to Soros by some of the most conservative conspiracy theorists.

Soros has undeniably engaged in a lot more philanthropy since the latest presidential election in the U.S. which can be contributed to his spotlight. With the shift in leadership to a Republican-based establishment, Soros has noticed a pattern of hate crimes that he has been fighting hard. This includes donating a lot of money to causes that help people who might be affected by the racism and discrimination that has seen a spike.

Soros has already donated around $14 billion to the Open Society Foundation since 1980 which has enabled its existence for the past 37 years. The money he gives now will serve to ensure the existence of the establishment long after his passing. Since Soros is an 87-year-old, the donation can almost be looked at as his will to have most of his possessions go towards helping people who are affected by the issues of society.

Even though there are a lot more theories of Soros’ hidden goals, one cannot deny his ability to influence the democratic body in many countries. The fact that there are groups who oppose him comes as nothing more than a proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of his actions!