Alex Pall of the ChainSmokers

Alex Pall is the creator of the band called, the ChainSmokers. His band had an Interview done in the Summer of 2016. The article was written and published by an amazing team. Jean Lemoigne is the person who put together all the vibrant photography. She posted pictures of Alex Pall and his bandmates that would catch people’s attention. The creator and author of the article was Mathias Rosenzweig. She made sure that the whole Web page was colorful, simple to read, and full of creative writing.

Mathias has shared her article on several social media sites. She thought this decision would boost the fan base for Alex and his band. Savannah White coordinated the high fashion and trendy outfits. These amazing outfits showed off each band member’s personal fashion style. Rebecca Plymate helped with all the artwork on the Web page. She created beautiful and unique artwork for the team.

The Interview with Alex Pall went very well. Alex was asked about his personal history and why he decided to form a band. He talked about his passion for DJ styled music from a young age. While working as a DJ, Alex met his future band mate. Alex and Andrew started collaborating musically together. Both of them had a passion for DJ inspired music. They have produced many popular hits on the radio and at dance clubs. Alex Pall’s passion for music shows with how successful his band has become. The ChainSmokers have a large and loyal fan base.

Alex Pall and the ChainSmokers have had much success since their Interview in 2016. They have created new songs and put out a new album. The new songs have a trendy DJ style to them. Alex Pall has always had a passion for fast beat club music. Their published music videos on their social media pages have gained lots of attention. The ChainSmokers keep in touch with their fans on a regular basis.

EDM DJ duo The Chainsmokers, dishes on Dirty Habits, Dark Songs and Overnight Success

The Chainsmokers took some time off to relax, recoup and to take a much needed breath. When asked about their kitschy name and whether or not they are heavy smokers they both look at each other and laugh. “We really weren’t big smokers in school and we aren’t heavy smokers now. I don’t know, that is a great question.” Drew Taggart speaks candidly about what people say about them and not having any strong desire to quell rumors about the band. “Our producers and sound engineers sat us down a long time ago and told us that the haters are all still out there and they love nothing more than to piss you off and get you going. Honestly we are too busy to even get involved with all of that. We have publicists to handle that for us now.”

When asked to open up about the overnight success and the pressures from fans to keep the momentum going the band, with a very relaxed response said “We don’t want to be about responding to our fans likes or dislikes, we just want to do what feels good to us because when it stops being what we want and morphs into something we don’t even recognize anymore, that is when we will just stop and maybe, I don’t know, get a job at In and Out or something.”

As they straddle that line between EDM and Top 40, they discuss where they get their inspiration for their sound. “We are so often in airports or taxis or ubering about towns so we get to meet and talk to a lot of people. Just having normal conversations with people about their lives, their struggles and what makes them happy are things we take away with us and then write about later. We have always had this synced mind set between the two of us that shows up in our work.” They are quick to add that their success stems from more than just the two of them. “We have a radical team and we know we wouldn’t be here with them.”

They are often asked if the lightning fast commercial success is ever too much to deal with and they have both said “We will let you know when and if it becomes too much!” Right now they are enjoying the fame, success and the big acts that they have been fortunate enough to work with. “Halsey is such a babe!” Laughing “Seriously though, she was so much fun to work with, it was a good collaboration.” They may be taking a much needed break but watch out world because this down and dirty duo or just clearing their throats.

The Iconic Desiree Perez

She is also known as Dez Perez and is the Chief Operating Officer at ROC Nation serving since 2009. The company is one of the most significant entertainment companies in the world. She is also a producer. Her involvement includes publishing, management, and labeling. She took up Samsung’s deal along with Rihanna. She plays a role as part of the collective team runs operations at ROC Nations.Music is one of the largest industries, but unlike others where gender sensitivity is realized, music is flooded by men in almost all fields. Women have, however, taken advances in the industry making a significant success.

One of these females is Dez Perez; she is hardworking and has proven to work as efficiently as the men in the industry. She associates with some of the most successful people in the music industry. She ensures shareholders get their benefits besides her managerial operations. She is part of collective individuals that have formed a movement dubbed Hova Circle of Influence, which is meant to influence entertainment and music industries.Dez Perez has enabled Jay-Z to juggle between music and business successfully. She has worked with him in the enterprise for more than 20 years.

Dez is part of several other Jay-z companies and has contributed in taking business risks fearlessly even in high-pressure situations. She helps her clients achieve in investments, for instance, she had Samsung promote Rihanna’s Anti tour for 25 million dollars. Dez continues to give her financial and business advice.When ROC Nation went to negotiations in 2008, Dez was part of the negotiations and ensured that everyone who took part in the negotiations benefit. Apart from the talks, she helps artists to succeed in their music career by making business decisions o their behalf. She is a producer as well but mostly a significant role player and speaker for ROC Nation.