Hussain Sajwani article…

People change, the world changes even the way animals behave changes over time, with new changes there’s new problems, as well as opportunities to advance in life. We as people need to make sure we can sustain and maintain a life that is fair for everyone around us.

Yes, there are new risks involved with changes such as social and economic disparity, food and natural resource security, climate change and overcrowding but Luckily for, we have all the tools we need just to get the job done, with our new advanced technology and innovation in science, we have made our world safer, and more efficient than ever before. Groups of people who were once excluded and lacked help and resources now can find tools and information that will help them get back onto their feet and return back to society and the workforce.

With ongoing economic transformations and social development that’s led mainly by wider development, this will give us all the tools and research we need to fight back against these challenges we will face. But where should we start leading? For centuries, the Middle East has been a place to find earth’s natural resources, plus it is located at the center of the universe, turning the Middle East into the focal point for the whole earth. If you look at the Middle East region now, it has a population of almost four hundred million, and a whopping 40% are under 25. To add, the Middle East has 65% of the OPEC oil reserves and over 40% of the world’s gas reserves.

The importance of this region is growing stronger and stronger every single day. It is now how we give power to 100 million middle Easterners that are between the ages 15 to 29 that will improve the future of this region and it’s countribution the world’s growing prosperity. Dubai has noticed this opportunity for years and now it’s one of the main countries leading into new evolution though technology advancements.