How to Get At-Home Therapy with Talkspace

Therapy has often been something that you had to make time for within an already-busy schedule. While therapy has its perks, it can be expensive and highly inconvenient, so you might be wondering if there’s a better way to receive the mental health help that you need. Whether you’re in need of therapy as a couple or you suffer from a mental health disorder like bipolar, an app that was launched out of New York City is changing the world of therapy forever.

This app is known as Talkspace, and it’s a prime example of how to bring therapy to the home of patients who need it. Talkspace allows you to download an app to your phone, tablet or laptop and have 24/7 access to licensed therapists based all over the country. Gone are the days when you had to take time off of work just to visit a local therapist or worry about how you’re going to find a way to get to the office altogether. Now, you can use Talkspace and message or video chat with your new therapist without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

What sets Talkspace apart from conventional therapy is its convenience and price point. It’s ideal for agoraphobics who are unable to leave their homes comfortably and for those who are handicap and simply cannot get to regular appointments. You also will only pay a few bucks a day to be a member of Talkspace, which is far less than you’d spend with a regular therapist who might charge hundreds of dollars per session. Once you begin to utilize the Talkspace app, you’ll notice it is far superior to traditional therapy and you may want to ditch your local therapist in order to make use of a more modern approach to mental health.