Insurance Claim To End With Bruce Levenson Starting Court Proceedings

The insurance giant AIG has recently discovered it will be heading to court after attorney’s for former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson filed breach of contract papers in a Fulton County court over an unpaid claim. Levenson’s lawyers have filed the court claim after a year long battle with AIG to acknowledge a claim relating to the mutual termination of the six year contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; the legal case has been brought after AIG failed to communicate with Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium after the group sold the NBA franchise to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson has been one of the best loved philanthropists in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas, particularly after he raised a large amount of funds to found a new program providing undergraduates and graduate students the chance to explore not for profit groups at The University of Maryland. The program has already created a number of philanthropy specialists who work with groups in the local Maryland area, but with the aid of the Levenson family has now expanded its reach to developing areas of India and Africa.

The work of UCG’s Bruce Levenson has made him one of the top business leaders in the U.S. who is now looking to bring his skills to the legal fight he faces with AIG; the New Hampshire based insurance company was first notified by members of the Hawks staff of an impending claim over Danny Ferry’s contract as early as April 2015, which was followed by a claim being made when Ferry’s contract was mutually terminated in June 2015 just days before the franchise was sold. Bruce Levenson’s lawyers believe the comments and behavior of Ferry are grounds for constructive dismissal and should have resulted in the insurance policy being triggered with AIG that will now form the basis of the breach of contract claim.