Isabel dos Santos: The Woman of Success in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan business woman, who is known as Africa’s richest woman. According to a recent research on Forbes, she is also Africa’s first billionaire woman. In 2015, she was named as one of the 100 most influential and successful women across the globe (Wikipedia).

At a young age, she learned to be a successful leader, as she is the oldest child of the past President of Africa, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. As she wanted to become more successful, she started her career attending college in London. There, she studied electric engineering and also met her husband. Within the past twenty years, Dos Santos has become very influential, holding many management positions with companies. With her passion for business, she started working with her her father, as a project manager engineer. In the past, she has owned a trucking business, a Miami beach club and restaurant, and has became chairwoman of an oil company.

Due to her vast experience, she began to show interest in telecommunications, media, retail, finances, and the energy industry in Angola and Portugal. She created Unitel with Portugal Telecom to pursue her passion for technology. Isabel dos Santos, spoke at the European Parliament about the use of technology and media for the future economy of Africa. The growth of technological development could affect many sectors of activity in Africa, from banking to agricultural. The chairman of Unitel, Isabel dos Santos, spoke of digital developments at the Africa Summit of 2019.

At the Summit, the business woman, stated that the next revolution for Africa would be digital. She is hoping that in a short time, many Africans can have a bank account, can make sales, and transactions. However, the agriculture of Africa will play an important technology challenge. Public transportations, security, and affordable prices create a problem. Despite the hardships of the agriculture, the emerging of technology in Africa will promote a better life for the people and for the environment. Isabel dos Santos also referred to the quality of education and how technology will show a greater connection with Africa and the world. Isabel dos Santos continues to promote technology development for Africa, while supporting the level of quality for consumers.

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Does The OSI Group Eat At McDonald’s?

You bet your last french fry they do! Who doesn’t opt for a delicious quarter pounder with cheese (or even some bacon added) once in a while? No one, that’s who! It is, in this writer’s opinion, true, or at least axiomatic, that McDonald’s restaurant is the most famous creation in all creation. McDonald’s hamburgers are world-famous. Everyone alive knows the famous golden arches (for all intents and purposes that is). But where do they get all the great, high quality beef for those millions, perhaps billions, of hamburgers served every day all over the world? Is it fair that the supplier of the most important ingredient (beef) for the most famous hamburger in all of human history, is largely unknown?

Well, whether it’s fair on not is subjective. The OSI Group is the supplier. They provide McDonald’s with the top quality beef they need. They’ve achieved worldwide success in the food industry. They have been supplying McDonald’s with great beef from the very beginning of the OSI Group McDonalds relationship. The OSI Group doesn’t need to advertise with that much success. Their performance speaks for itself. Therefore, the OSI Group McDonalds combo is a one-two punch that has been resonating for quite some time now.

In a nutshell, over 100 years ago a German immigrant started a butcher shop; succeeded for decades partnered with McDonalds in the mid 50s and has been supplying them with beef ever since. Again, the OSI Group McDonalds pairing has stood the test of time, and shows no sign of slowing.

The little butcher shop/meat market that started it all was established by Mr. Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky worked hard and ran a first-rate operation in butchering. His sons followed in his footsteps, and the deal of the century was struck between Otto & Sons (which eventually became OSI Industries, or the OSI Group) and McDonald’s restaurant; hence, the OSI Group McDonalds pairing. The history is thick with success, and with such a dynamic duo as the OSI Group McDonalds powerhouse, success has never been so delicious.

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Guilherme Paulus: Changing Brazil’s Hospitality Industry One Resort At A Time

Since the founding of GJP Hotels & Resorts in 1995, Guilherme Paulus has over $600 million of his wealth in transforming the hotel into Brazil’s leading chain of hotel specializing in deluxe services. His investment has paid off as the GJP Hotels & Resorts has grown into an awarding network of hotels with four brands to its name. The four different brands, Saint Andrews, Linx, Wish and Prodigy, cater to distinct needs of various markets in the hospitality industry.

As a testament to the hotel chain’s growing influence in the industry, Wish Foz do Iguaçu which is a five-star rated golf resort located in Brazil’s Foz do Iguaçu in Parana State was voted the best golf resort in the country. Under the chairmanship of Guilherme Paulus, the hotel chain has grown into a national brand with over 20 outlets and an employee base exceeding 19,000 personnel. Such successes and commitment to employment creation earned him Brazil’s Entrepreneur of the Year and Personality of the Year award in 2017.

A Serial Investor in Brazil’s Economy

Before GJP Hotels & Resorts earned him international recognitions and awards, Guilherme Paulus had already made a name for himself as one of the leading corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in Brazil. A risk-taker and bold leader, Mr. Paulus is the man behind the success of Brazil’s leading tours and travel company: CVC. Co-founding CVC in 1972 when he was just 24 years old, Guilherme Paulus guided the company to financial and operational success. As the company’s chairman, he was responsible for the company’s rapid growth into a market leader. By the time he sold his majority stake in CVC for over $750 million, it had expanded its operations throughout Brazil with hundreds of outlets and vendors in major cities across the country.

Investing in the Air Transport

Guilherme Paulus has also invested in the air transport industry with the purchase of an airline with one airplane. Within five years, Webjet had grown into a reputable airline with numerous airplanes. When he sold the airline in 2011 to GOL, Mr. Paulus had transformed it into one of the leading airlines in the country. In addition to his executive duties at his companies, he serves on the management board of Brazil’s National Tourism of Council.

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A Powerhouse CEO-Graham Edwards

The company Telereal Trillium is a large, privately owned company in UK. This company exists because of the vision of Graham Edwards. It has great reach and power. Besides Telereal trillium being this large company, the company has become a very generous one. The donating comes from the management who match the amounts of whatever the employees donate to whatever charity they decide to give to. This company exists because Graham Edwards reached out to the owner of Trillium and told him of his desire to merge. This was accomplished and so the company Telereal Trillium was born. It has become a powerhouse company with Graham Edwards at the helm as CEO (Gazetteday). Graham Edwards needs to keep focused because he needs to take care of every Telereal Trillium has philanthropic accomplishments in its history. This is also due to the leadership that Graham Edwards gives to the company. The company would not have been able to become the powerhouse that it has, if it was not for the vision of Graham Edwards. He merged two powerhouse companies and he now sits at the top. Graham Edwards also makes sure the company keeps employee pride and satisfaction on the top of their lists. He sets the priority and makes sure every one of his employees feels pride and satisfaction. His knowledge that a corporate culture should not be centered just around hard work. He wants them to also work toward goals that further one’s belief. Not only has Graham Edwards made the company powerful, but also he keeps and makes an effort to keep the environment and social footprint at a minimum. While this company has been under his auspices, he has devoted much time grow the company and be sure to make sound business decisions. He also has helped the company to grow and it boasts a portfolio of six billion pounds. Graham Edwards Telereal makes sure he always makes sound business decisions and is in recognition of what a large impact his company has on the surrounding communities.