A Powerhouse CEO-Graham Edwards

The company Telereal Trillium is a large, privately owned company in UK. This company exists because of the vision of Graham Edwards. It has great reach and power. Besides Telereal trillium being this large company, the company has become a very generous one. The donating comes from the management who match the amounts of whatever the employees donate to whatever charity they decide to give to. This company exists because Graham Edwards reached out to the owner of Trillium and told him of his desire to merge. This was accomplished and so the company Telereal Trillium was born. It has become a powerhouse company with Graham Edwards at the helm as CEO (Gazetteday). Graham Edwards needs to keep focused because he needs to take care of every Telereal Trillium has philanthropic accomplishments in its history. This is also due to the leadership that Graham Edwards gives to the company. The company would not have been able to become the powerhouse that it has, if it was not for the vision of Graham Edwards. He merged two powerhouse companies and he now sits at the top. Graham Edwards also makes sure the company keeps employee pride and satisfaction on the top of their lists. He sets the priority and makes sure every one of his employees feels pride and satisfaction. His knowledge that a corporate culture should not be centered just around hard work. He wants them to also work toward goals that further one’s belief. Not only has Graham Edwards made the company powerful, but also he keeps and makes an effort to keep the environment and social footprint at a minimum. While this company has been under his auspices, he has devoted much time grow the company and be sure to make sound business decisions. He also has helped the company to grow and it boasts a portfolio of six billion pounds. Graham Edwards Telereal makes sure he always makes sound business decisions and is in recognition of what a large impact his company has on the surrounding communities.