New Residential Is Putting On The Gloves

Since a few decades ago, the complex structure of the ever-evolving market of the residential mortgaging loan system within the United States of America has changed in an upward motion sharply and fast. New Residential Investment Corp. thinks that the productive changes that are coming in the $21 trillion United States residential market for housing situations are steadily producing intense and notable investing potentials for those that seek something of that sort of nature.

In an example that we present here, in the resulting changes of the United States crisis on finances, the mortgaging industry in residential aspect of things is going through significant systematic developments that are constantly changing the way mortgaging is produced, held and maintained. These types of changes are making a breath-stopping breakthrough of potential moments to consider investing into. New Residential Investment Corp. strongly is minded in the aspect that they are a single of just a small number of market partakers that hold the togetherness of cash, best marketing knowledge, and have the right connections with the right people that are crucially essential to take this chance and knock it out.

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Wes Edens: The Future Of Alternative Investment

After graduating from Oregon State University, 34 years ago, Wes Edens was ready for a long career in the investment world. Although Edens graduated with a bachelor degree in Finance, the world of investment management has been his home for decades. His has worked in this niche all his life after Oregon State University. As a dedicated employee in a relatively small bank (in San Francisco) to now being a co-CEO of one of the biggest investment companies in the world, Eden is still the same passionate and strong-willed person. For example, Wes Edens recalls the infamous financial crisis period, where he worked only resting four Sundays regardless of the financial situation.

For the last two decades, Edens has been in charge of one of the most futuristic investment management entities in the world, Fortress Investment Group. In this period of twenty years, he has been part of the company’s growth agenda from being a small company to being public traded and later SoftBank investment. As a principal, co-CEO, and the man in charge of two company’s entities, one cannot stop to admire Wes Edens approach to administration and leadership. Together with Peter L. Briger and an addition to the management circle, Randal A. Nardone, the trio is without a doubt the future of investment management.

Currently, Wes Edens is in charge of two demanding units of Fortress Investment Group. They include the fast-growing alternative investment and private equity firm. The two entities have given him a chance to work with some of the best people in the investment world and more importantly establish Fortress branches around the world. As the man in charge of private equity, Wes Edens has led the unit to one of the most brilliant expansions in Fortress. Currently, private equity has four major projects. The projects include healthcare investment, financial services to different entities, transportation and more importantly, energy and infrastructure.

Apart from being part of the Fortress journey, Edens has other interests outside. Most of these interests include making wise investments. Eight years ago, for example, he injected an investment to Springleaf Holdings Inc. worth more than $124 million. Currently, his interest in this company is over $3 billion.

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Some Things To Know About Wes Edens

Nowadays it is not easy to predict the financial markets if you are not knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. It has become difficult to learn and forecast the market. But entrepreneurs should not be scared by the situation. They can learn the steps they can follow from other successful ones, and they can also achieve the same success. Those willing to invest can also seek the services of some of the best financial gurus in the market. Today firms are spending a lot of money on investment management because they have realized that it is the only way their money can be safe. In this way, they can also expect some good returns. When you are investing, you have to ensure that you can get some returns and that is why you should not invest blindly. You need the right guidance, and that is why companies like Fortress Investment Group are there to help investors in making the right decisions. It is essential to consider the company you work with since not all firms can deliver the same results.

Fortress Investment Group boasts of great leaders like Wes Edens who have been in the market for years. Wes Edens has worked for several financial firms, and he has learned the ropes and tricks on how to succeed in your investment. He is an individual who has worked from scratch to become one of the most successful billionaires in the world according to Forbes. By working with such individuals, you can be sure to get returns from your investments. They are good planners and are the best when it comes to taking care of your finances. People like Wes can discover the latest investment options and guide you correctly on how to invest.

Wes Edens is one of the most investment professionals who you should consider when thinking of starting a business. He contributed a lot in starting Fortress Investment Group and has been given various roles at the company. For example, he is the chairman of the organization. Wes Edens has achieved great success in business because he has followed the right steps to be at the top. For example, he started by learning Business Administration at Oregon State University and gained the necessary skills required to launch the financial career.

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Stream Cares Puts Stream Energy at the Frontlines of Homelessness

Dallas digital news source the Dallas Patch recently covered the Stream Cares foundation and its many efforts to support Dallas homeless. Stream Cares is the philanthropic arm of Dallas-based direct energy seller Stream Energy. Stream Energy has been dedicated to charity since its inception. Many of its associates contribute regularly to various institutions, and philanthropy in general is part of the company’s DNA. Stream Cares is a formalization of Streams ongoing charity and it is the first of its kind.

No large corporation has every set up an independent wing just for charity, but that is exactly what Steam Cares is. Stream Energy earmarks a lot of funding for charity, and Stream Cares ensures that money is put to good use. This makes philanthropy as normal as a memo for Stream Energy. Stream Cares works closely with institutions advocate for homeless families. According to Patch, Stream Cares partners with these institutions to provide financial support. One such institution is Hope Supply Co. which helps homeless children prepare for school. Working with Hope Stream has supplied kids with clothes, food, and necessary essentials for school. Stream Cares even finances special events. Recently, Hope Supply Co. instigated Splash for Hope. The event gathered supplies for homeless kids, while allowing said kids to have a day at a waterpark. Stream Cares paid for the attendance and lunch of 1000 of those kids. Their presence was another example of Stream Energy’s desire to give back.

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Stream Cares also partners with the American Red Cross to provide emergency services, and Habitat for Humanity to build habitats. Stream’s goal is to minimize the amount of homeless on the streets, and give many poor families a second chance. Their involvement with these institutions hits poverty on all fronts. This is the largest initiative Stream instigates in its aid to the community. Stream also is dedicated to supporting the city of Dallas itself, as well as fund disaster relief. The company was one of the first to lend aid after Hurricane Harvey. Stream may be a successful energy company, but it is also a family, and it wants to pay its success forward.

Jeff Yastine, Working All The Angles For Investors

The Publishing Company, Banyan Hill started out as, the Sovereign Society in 1998. At that time it offered individuals the personal keys to sovereignty and self-reliance. Its readership mainly consisted of nouveau investors who were earnestly interested in advice about asset protection with offshore accounts, global trusts and how to form international LLC corporations. Then in 2016, as apart of a rebranding process, Banyan Hill Publishing was created offering a wealth of little known information about varying investment strategies. It followed the original path of dispensing advice, but grew its website to over 400,000 readers daily. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

To say Banyan Hill Publishing has evolved since those early days would be an understatement. The emphasis at Banyan Hill Publishing is dispensing investor information via award winning editors financial experts who contribute timely articles about wealth building. Investors are empowered to make their own financial destinies, rather than following a path laid out by an overpaid financial advisor.

Financial advisors don’t work for the investors, they primary function is to make money for their brokerage firms. Banyan Hill Publishing puts the control solely in the hands of the investors. They are presented with a myriad of industry experts; people who have been in the field, so to speak. In the field, means they’ve made money by avoiding the dreaded downfall of market instability. No investor can avoid market instability, because this volatility unfortunately is apart of the financial economic system today. But, there are ways to protect assets from decline.


Jeff Yastine is an award winning former news anchor and business reporter. His insights as an Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing has turned his column, Total Wealth Insider, into one of the most popular newsletters on the site. In the newsletter, Jeff Yastine goes beyond typical financial jargon and actually provides details about hidden investment options. These options are hidden stock opportunities. Jeff has a knack for uncovering invaluable information. For example, Jeff Yastine wasn’t afraid to travel to Cuba, twice he explored the role foreign investors played in the country’s economy.

Helping others achieve long term prosperity is paramount when it comes to understanding the value of Banyan Hill Publishing and how Jeff Yastine contributes as Editor. He has been writing Total Wealth Insider since 2015. He has gained combined experience as a financial journalist and as an actual, successful stock market investor. His newsletter helps investors understand stocks and provides insider insights for better financial planning. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.