With An Already Diminished Reputation, Laidlaw Is Still At It

Laidlaw & Company have always been in the limelight but shockingly for all the wrong reasons. As an investment bank, they seem to be doing everything else but help their client finances grow. The investment banking firm’s history is one full of countless complaints from customers, with their most recent being Relmada Therapeutics.

Laidlaw’s reputation has diminished and continues to diminish. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how the company is still getting new clients. With a history of financial regulations violation, countless sanctions and money penalties for their unscrupulous acts, the problem within Laidlaw continues to grow like a tumor.

The biggest problem about the investment brokerage firm seems to be its two chief principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. They have been on the Laidlaw management for years, and it’s within this timeframe that the multiple lawsuits against the investment banking company have been filed. Relmada sued both Laidlaw and its two principals for an attempted hostile takeover. Instead of treating Relmada’s investment information with discretion, as their client, Laidlaw went ahead and tried to use this information to take full control of Relmada Therapeutics Inc. Laidlaw is also being sued for slander, another crime that is in direct violation of the U.S. financial regulations.

Just by this attempt at overthrowing Relmada’s management, Laidlaw has violated compliances with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Nevada Law and the pharmaceutical company’s Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation. In compensation, Relmada filed for an amendment in which Laidlaw was to no longer be their investment representative, as well as monetary damages from the cost of mitigating the problem Laidlaw created.

Laidlaw & Company boast of a 170-year legacy as an independent investment banking and securities brokerage firm that puts the client’s interest first. They claim to believe in a strong worth ethic and a vision to improve the financial flexibility of their clients through sound investment advice. Sadly, what we see is a history of oppression from Laidlaw that does not seem to have a stop.


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