Food Wars & How OSI Group Is Redefining The Industry

Did you know that many of your favorite foods that line the shelves of your favorite retail stores come from just a few suppliers. That’s right! Unless it’s an independence organic type of business that receives it’s food solutions from a specific source, the majority of today’s retailors all “pull from the same tree.”

Though the products may be packaged or branded by various names, most foods come from the same exact source and this is where OSI Group enters the picture. OSI Group is one of the nation’s biggest privately held companies. This fine food provider started out as just a small family meat market by German immigrants, but today it is one of the biggest and best providers in current times.

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OSI Group can handle any and all food solutions thanks to the use of innovation, research, and design facilities. Even custom food solutions can be developed with precise measurements to meet the retailors needs. This is simply “food-to-table” business at it’s finest. Types of foods? OSI gives you everything under the sun and then some including baked goods, vegetables, fruits, pork products, fish, poultry, pizza, beef, and more. The options are nearly endless here as the company is setting new trends and is changing the current status quo. What other food supplier can achieve this much productivity?

OSI Group can do it all whether it’s from source, develop, production, or distribution. Custom specialties such as entrees, snacks, side dishes, desserts, and appetizers are all on the menu. What ever that can be thought of, OSI can personify it. Product brand and reputation is very important in a “supply and demand” world. OSI Group protects all retailors with it’s high safety and quality assurance.

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How OSI Group Built The Fast Food Industry

OSI Group traces its origins to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In 1909, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky decides to open his own meat deli. His business is successful, and this means Otto needs the help of his sons. After changing the name of his deli to Otto and Sons, Kolschowsky decides to aim even higher and operate on an international level. This decision eventually led to the OSI Group that we know today.

Making It In The Corporate World

OSI Group is a major reason behind the success of international food chains such as McDonald’s and Subway. Before the key innovations OSI Group implemented, such as cryonics, it wasn’t possible to store meat for significantly long periods of time. Once OSI Group discovered a method to store food for long periods and created a business model that applied that method, the door was open for McDonald’s franchises in China and Starbucks in Dubai. Although there are competitors, none are capable of staging the sort of operations OSI Group has. OSI Group remains the king of the meat processing industry.

Reaching The Top Of The Food Chain

OSI Group supplies fast food chains with just about every type of meat imaginable. Beef, chicken, bacon, and even processed deli meats are made available through OSI. Outside of these offerings, OSI also offers frozen vegetables and dough for fast food chains in need of such assistance. The variety of goods and services OSI provides varies greatly according to the country it operates in. In America, the processor offers the traditional goods we are familiar with, but in other regions, such as Europe, you are more likely to see offerings reflecting the local traditions and the acquired taste of the host country.

The American Company

While OSI Group operates across the world, it is undeniably an American company. The billions of dollars in revenue the company produces produce jobs in America and lift up the American economy. In fact, according to Forbes OSI Group is one of the 100 largest private companies operating in America with more than $6 billion in profits. When Otto Kolschowsky created his meat deli, he understood he was starting a business, but he had no idea just how large the company would grow. Now, thanks to the work of his sons, OSI is on top of the world.