Customer Reviews Drive The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand has recently been at the heart of the major challenge to the dominance of Amazon and is using many of the techniques developed by the Online retail giant to create a better way of using customer reviews to increase sales. Fabletics is obviously doing something right as the brand has seen a 200 percent increase in sales to give it revenues of $250 million by the end of 2017; one of the major ways Fabletics has been growing its customer base is through the continued use of customer reviews to develop the position of the brand on search engine rankings and as a way of building its membership which already stands at over one million.


Studies have shown the importance of customer reviews to the position of a brand in the battle to compete with Amazon as the dominant factor within the Online retail sector. Fabletics has dedicated a large amount of its time and funding to make sure it has a dedicated customer service department willing to respond to all the issues and points raised by customers Online as the reputation of the brand relies on each individual member believing their personal needs are being addressed.


The development of the Fabletics brand has come at a time when the development of Online communities is becoming an important part of every aspect of life, including shopping. Fabletics customers are among the most active on social media platforms and across the Internet as they seek new ways of making sure their view of the brand is well-known. In the battle to become established in the Online retail industry, it is important to take on board the concerns of customers who are seen as the most important aspect of any company; a recent study stated 60 percent of consistent Internet users would not deal with a brand which had a negative ranking Online.


The choice of the correct brand ambassador can also play a major role in the development of a company like Fabletics which has seen Kate Hudson become one of its key marketing strategies since she joined the brand as a founding partner. Despite seeing herself as an actress, Kate Hudson has thrown herself into the Fabletics company and played a role in developing the social media strategy of the company which often revolves around her own image as one of the most approachable and grounded celebrities in Hollywood.

Fabletics – Quality Products, Affordable Price

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon are threatened by start-up fashion brand Fabletics, which was launched in the year 2012. The company in just a few years has been touching annual revenue of more than $250 million, and its workforce has increased from just a handful to over 1.500 employees in the last few years. Fabletics offers a broad range of active wear and athleisure products and gears for women, and the best part is that the company is known to keep the price low and quality high. There is hardly any big brand in the market that offers athleisure products at the cost in which Fabletics offers its products.

Moreover, Fabletics follows a subscription based business model that ensures that the customers remain with the brand, and which also helps the customers get huge discounts and a variety of other perks. It is a win-win situation for the company as well as the customers. At present, Fabletics has over 1.2 million customers, and its customer base is increasing at the rate of over thirty percent each year. The co-owner of Kate Hudson says that one of the reasons why the company has been able to meet the expectations of its clients at such consistent pace is because the enterprise uses the sales, marketing, and user data to provide customers what they are looking for.

The company uses technology in an integrated manner for its strategy building and decision making. It helps in making the right choice, whether it is a business decision or a creative process. The company has over a 1,500 employees, and close to 1,000 of these employees are dedicated to providing customers with attentive and responsive customer service. Fabletics has recently started opening stores across the nation, and presently has 18 physical stores. The reverse showroom technique implemented successfully by Fabletics is also one of the reasons why the company has been able to keep its customers.

It has helped in ensuring that it does not lose its customers to the competition, and continues to grow at a steady pace. The company takes special care of its customers and offers a broad range of offers from time to time, irrespective of whether it is VIP member or a guest on the site. The company has a vast collection of quality athleisure products to choose from. The customers looking to buy athleisure products from Fabletics must not forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz at its site.

Kate Hudson’s Line of Clothing Fabletics is Taking on Amazon in a New Way

Making a dent in the modern fashion industry is no easy feat! Especially when you consider that the marketing super giant Amazon is cornering a good 20% of the the fashion e-commerce market. But that hasn’t stopped Kate Hudson and her exciting Fabletics line of fashion clothing and accessories from growing into a $250 million dollar enterprise within three short years.


How Was this Marketing Feat Accomplished?


Fabletics has taken a modern and intuitive approach to the “active wear” movement and offers their fine products as part of a subscription mechanic to distribute their products. It works simply enough, customers choose to like the brand for it’s inspirational advantages to achieving health and fitness aspirations. With a little more confidence and the convenience of an exclusive membership to the e-commerce system the dynamic combination is very potent.


There was a time when high prices and top quality items were the distinguishing factors in a leading brand of clothing and accessories. But economics has shifted greatly and this combination of price for quality is no longer enough to maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market. Now the more important factors are customer service and experience, brand recognition, creative designs and exclusive content. These characteristics are what Fabletics uses to gain a traction and provide value to today’s modern consumers.


What’s the Big Secret?


According to Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager at Fabletics, it’s all about reaching the modern and reinvented image of what a modern “High-value Brand” should achieve and provide to their customers. Our membership policy allows us to open personalized services and fashion choices that are on the mark with current trends. Furthermore, we can offer all this at half the price you could find them elsewhere on the market. Then there is the magic of “Reverse Showrooming”…


What is “Reverse Showrooming”?


While many other trendy fashion suppliers are being killed in the showroom, where interested clients find what they like and then go off to find a cheaper option somewhere else. At Fabletics This tendency has been flipped around due to their unique way of starting up the business. Instead of losing out in the showroom, they have turned it into one of their strongest assets.


Instead of shooting high with the popular store front option, they went slower and took the time to cultivate a following of interested consumers. This was done with events and other sign on activities. As a result, more than 30% of the customers who do their shopping with the physical location are already members, and another 25% will be members as soon as they leave the store.


Now when a customer tries on a specific item of clothing, it appears in their online shopping cart. Fabletics is not so concerned with where the purchases are made. This is because retail is just another example of their exemplary customer service.



In Conclusion — the e-commerce giants are huge and their power is ponderous. But as you can see, it is the little innovations and good ideas for improved customers service and brilliant industry insights that can flip the board in favor of the little guy.

Fabletics Takes A Chunk Of The Online Subscription Fashion Market

Fabletics is an online subscription e-commerce fashion site created by actress Kate Hudson and the team at JustFab that includes Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Fabletics is succeeding in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by Amazon. While Amazon controls a major chunk of the ecommerce fashion market, Fabletics is making its presence felt. Since its founding three years ago the company has done more than $250 million in business with its aspirational brand that combines convenience with high quality, stylish clothing and a rapidly growing membership.


The team at Fabletics has created its own high value brand metrics. Sales of the activewear the company offers through its subscription mechanic is bolstered by innovative last mile service, exclusive designs, brand recognition and an excellent customer experience specifically tailored for the modern consumer. And the company’s strategy and positioning is already paying big dividends. It has led to Fabletics opening physical stores throughout the United States with plans to open as many as 100 stores over the next 5 years. It’s enough to give Amazon pause.


Founded in 2013, Fabletics offers a athletic wear, dresses and swimsuits in a wide range of styles and sizes. The company increases membership through pop-up stores and uses online trends and analytics to stock local stores. And the strategy has worked. Fabletics has shown a consistent 35% a year increase over the past three years.

Membership is free and each month members receive new clothing from which to choose. The clothing choices is based on the members previously expressed preferences combined with the recommendations of the company’s fashion experts.


Fabletics offers personalized outfits based on the member’s workout and lifestyle preferences. The versatile clothing in the Fabletics line is perfect for work, play or a night out on the town. It’s designed to inspire people to be active and ‘Live Your Passion’ regardless of their fitness level. The clothing is very comfortable, looks great, can fit into any budget and makes people feel wonderful. That has helped the Fabletics brand to develop an international memberships that’s millions strong.


The company even does their physical stores differently. They encourage browsing online and “reverse showrooming” as ways to build relationships with consumers. To better understand the local markets Fabletics hosts events and activities. This results in the majority of people visiting the stores already being members or signing up immediately. The company also uses data collected online to stock local stores with the clothing options their members prefer and tweak them as styles and tastes change. This helps to increase customer satisfaction.


While adding new ranges and constantly doing subtle test the company is able to grow because of its accessibility and the culture it’s created. It’s a balance of consumer education, lifestyle and an incredible customer experience. Plus the team at Fabletics is data-aware, nimble, uses fast purchase options, smart distribution, and innovative membership programs. It’s a delicate balance of art and science designed to create the perfect customer experience online and in the stores.

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Fabulous Fabletics

Finding good clothes to wear when you work out used to be almost impossible. You want them to be comfortable, easy to move in but also attractive. The Fabletic line is all three. Kate Hudson has always been passionate about her own health. With the Fabletics line she is sharing that love with other women as she passes along the apparel that she’s always liked to wear herself while working on that enviable body. Each piece is easy to move in, and is made from breathable material so that you can be sure to get the most from your workouts. Hudson has made keeping fit a priority in her life and if it’s one for you too, you will love wearing the Fabletics line as much as she loves designing it.


Fabletics began in 2013 and ever since, each year the sales has increased as women who try the outfits share their experiences with others. Outfits vary from solid colors, splashy patters and interchangeable pieces that work for running, yoga and a workout at the gym. If you’ve ever admired Hudsons style now is your chance to get it for yourself in an affordable, easy way to shop with new pieces you can add to your collection each month. From crop tops to long sleeve options and leggings, Fabletics even manages to takes the stress out of shopping the racks by delivering exciting pre-selected coordinating outfits right to your front door. With a subscription service that selects items just for you, in your size, and send them right to your home it’s just one less thing you have to worry about that frees up more time for your workout.


No matter how you choose to get your workout, whether it’s from sweating at the gym, training for a marathon sweating on the tennis courts or using your own equipment at home, wearing something that moves with you and controls your body temperature is important to get the most out of your workout. Fabletics can help you do that. Moisture control, affordability, easy to care-for and fashionable, what more could you want from your idea workout apparel?

The Company JustFab Inc Has A Lot To Offer Its Customers

Those who love shoes will absolutely love JustFab, which is a great company that has many branches that sell jewelry, clothing, shoes, activewear and more. Those who have never heard of JustFab before can easily find more information about the company online, especially in their “about us” page that lists all the companies that are associated with them. The original company came out in 2010, which is JustFab at, and JustFab became popular when they advertised two pairs of shoes for the price of $39.95. Not only were the shoes low in cost, but it was possible to get free shipping as well, and VIP membership was included with the price.

Many continued staying with JustFab because they loved the products, and the inventory changes periodically over time to give customers more choices and different fashions. JustFab went on to create the company FabKids, which specializes in apparel for children on Pinterest. Those who fell in love with JustFab also came to love FabKids because it allowed their children to become fashionable too, and they were also able to save a lot of money through both websites. ShoeDazzle is also another company that is owned by JustFab, and they are associated with the popular reality family the Kardashian’s.
The newest creation from JustFab is Fabletics, which gives everyone a choice of activewear, which mostly includes yoga clothing as well as other activewear. Fabletics has grown in popularity, not only because they have low priced clothing for those who are active but because Kate Hudson is involved with the company and is a co-founder. Kate Hudson herself wears the products from Fabletics as well as endorsing them, and the products are flying from the website.

Those who are interested in joining Fabletics can go directly to the website to do so, and they can get 50% off their first purchase, and it’s easy to get clothing for as little as $25 for an entire athleisure outfit. Many are saving money by joining JustFab and Fabletics, as well as the other websites owned by JustFab, which is why they have become a go-to company when it comes to shopping for clothing, shoes, and more. This company currently has millions of users in the USA alone, not to mention the other countries where their products are sold. Join JustFab as well as BusinessWire’s press release today to see what they have to offer, especially since they change their inventory all the time.