Michael Nierenberg Speak Up on Current Portfolio State

A business is founded with among many other reasons is to make a profit. Michael Nierenberg is a business manager, a very resourceful person in the matter of investment. He recently spoke on the actual state of the portfolio investment during the Q2 2018 Earnings Conference Call the conference is organized to assess the current position of the company and identify if it’s operating efficiently or otherwise.

He premiered by saying that the Q2 portfolios yielded as expected thanks to the current stable economic environment as there were no eventualities that would have made the stock perform otherwise. However, Michael Nierenberg notes that an investment project have gone down while the company has diversified into other markets. Advancement of loans has been minimal although this is in line with stringent finance rules.

New Residential Investment Corp is keen on the investment choices it wants to take part. There are cautionary measures put in place as the company is prudent to operate on projects with a substantial return. It is very integral on financial services. Michael Nierenberg mentioned that the stocks would continue to be profitable. The MSR Financing Market is taking over 90% funding for the REIT Term. It was recently valued at US$ 560 million MSR notes each at 460 with a lifespan of 6 years. It’s just a project to watch, in 2018 new MSRs worth over US$ 54 billion were acquired.

The call business is on an upward trend, apparently with call rights of US$ 140 billion. Conversion of assets into liquidity and accessibility to capital has dramatically favored the market making the company has a strong position.

About Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman to the Board of New Residential Investment Corp. Elsewhere, he is the Fortress Investment Group’s Managing Director across other affiliation and regent positions with other institutions. Some of the institutions he has worked for are; JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, and America Merill Lynch, where he served as the Head of Global Mortgages. At New Residential Investment Corp, he gets to work with Nicola Santoro, the Chief Finance Officer, Jonathan Brown, and the Chief Accounting Officer among other independent directors of the company.

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Vijay Eswaran a Successful Entrepreneur Giving Back to the Society.

Vijay Eswaran is an Entrepreneur, author and a humanitarian. Vijay Eswaran is also known to be the founder and also the chairman of Quest International (QI) group of companies initiated in 1998.

Vijay Eswaran is destined to mentor entrepreneurs; His efforts have been seen by his establishment of the RYTHM and Vijayaratnam foundations. The foundations work handily with the less fortunate communities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Books published by Vijay Eswaran.

Among the books published by Vijay Eswaran includes; Sphere of silence, where he details the duties of a solid play in success among other publications.

Vijay Eswaran Giving back to the society

Vijay Eswaran has the concept of networking and assisting other individuals to also be successful. He has been motivating people globally ranging from students to those in business. In 2011, he was recognized by Forbes as the hero of philanthropist.

RYTHM is a charitable organization founded by Vijay Eswaran engaging in restoration projects for the most demoralizing times encountered for example the Indian Ocean tsunami that occurred in 2004, Indonesian earthquake in 2006.

The foundation is well known for the mentorship program for the orphans, educational and liberation camps putting its primary focus on adolescent girls from disadvantaged communities. Contributions have also been made to help the children.

Vijay Eswaran has been in partnership with the Foundation of Goodness based in Srilanka. FOG is an institution dedicated to narrowing down the gap between rural and urban life to handle the level of poverty.

Vijayaratnam Foundation was also founded by Vijay Eswaran. The objective of the charitable organization is to transform lives and even communities. It is a chapter of the RYTHM Foundation. It helps girls get education including those with special needs. Lastly, they also empower women.

Vijay Eswaran advice to anyone else is always to continue pushing. As a leader, you need to sell, pull and never give up on your team as they will eventually surprise you. Vijay brings ideas into life by talking about them. He advises on not giving up easily and never take no as an answer.

David McDonald Legacy at OSI Group

A lot of transformations have occurred in the 21st century which have made various companies to change their ways of doing business so that they can retain their position and competitiveness in the industry. OSI Group being one of them have not been left behind as they have developed and positioned their business philosophies to fit to the current business culture. At the centre of all this is one determined and dedicated gentleman, David McDonald. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the president of this firm. His interests and love for food businesses rhyme well with his position at the OSI Group.

David McDonald was brought up on a farm which made him develop huge interests in animal production. His liking for animals motivated him to join Lowa State University where he graduated with a degree in animal science. It is his implacable quest for quality that brought honour to him as a CEO. McDonald started his career at OSI as an intern where he was an eager person who was determined to achieve his goals at all cost. With time, he was elevated to other senior positions where he worked at various departments at OSI Group. This went on until he rose to the topmost position at OSI Group where he became the president.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has managed to become one of the best and the most favoured food supplier worldwide. The firm has made significant progress when it comes to expansion and acquisitions. Under his leadership, OSI Group has bought several other food processing companies such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe. The firm has also established more than ten poultry production firms in China.

This is in line with its objective of establishing more outlets globally so as to uplift their global market command. The OSI Group president also noted that he aims at making the organization the leading food provider to international organizations and other clients worldwide. Since David McDonald took power, OSI Group has experienced significant strategic changes without diminishing the fundamental principles and values of the firm. This has enabled the company to achieve success because of its capability to establish and maintain partnerships with other participants in the industry.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Jason Hope Shares His Thoughts On Navigating The Internet Of Things

According to recent research, by the year 2020, there will be at least 30 million objects working through the internet of things. Scottsdale, Arizona philanthropist and tech-minded entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been known to have a deep love for technology that impacts the society. This tech-minded entrepreneur has of late been very curious about the internet of things, and his great urge of giving back to the society has fueled this interest further. The philanthropist and tech lover recently released an e-book on navigating the internet of things.

The synopsis

In this e-book, Jason Hope starts by providing a detailed explanation on what the internet of things really is. This tech entrepreneur goes ahead to cover the not so popular gadgets and object that utilize the internet of things like security systems, cars and even home appliances. From this point, Jason Hope moves forward to cover how this technology will benefit individuals and society as a whole.

Besides the benefits, the philanthropist also covers the possible danger that surrounds this technology. In this e-book, he states that though the risks are minor, he believes that everyone should be aware of them. Jason Hope also shares on how everyone can stay safe from these dangers. The tech entrepreneur also discusses regulation currently in place surrounding this technology and how it affects its development. He also takes time to cover the future of this technology.

The philanthropist

As a wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope dedicates some of his resources to philanthropic courses. He has given numerous donations to different organizations to further their good courses over the years. This tech entrepreneur latest charitable effort was a half a million dollars donation to the SENS Research Foundation. This funding was to help the research foundation further its research on its AGE-breaker program. The AGE-breaker program involves research into the drugs and treatments that have shown the potential of breaking down AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). AGEs are a group of metabolic waste that builds up in our tissues and brings forth a lot of harm like loss of skin and blood vessels elasticity.

To Know More Click This Link : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Shervin Pishevar Takes Down Tech Giants In Tweetstorm

In an unprecedented Tweetstorm, super angel investor Shervin Pishevar unleashed a barrage of harsh criticism on five of America’s largest high-tech entities, blasting them for their powermad dominance and stifling the ability of upstarts to create new business models and products.

In the crosshairs of Shervin Pishevar were Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (owners of Google) and Amazon. He called them “robber barons” who are “destroying one start-up after another.” The bottom line, he said, is that these companies are too large and powerful and should get the “Ma Bell” break-up treatment. The latter refers to the way AT&T was broken up by U.S. regulators because it had become a stifling monopoly.

Shervin Pishevar knows something about starting a small high tech company. He was the founder and creator of webs.com, WebOS, SGN and Hyperoffice. All that was just a beginning for Mr. Pishevar. As an angel investor he backed such behemoths as Uber, Airbnb and Tumblr and Uber Series-B. He later founded Hyperloop One and Investment company.

So when a guy like Shervin Pishevar blasts the Big Players for crushing new start-up companies, he speaks with the experience of a man who has “been there.”

Pishevar’s Tweetstorm went well beyond discussion of the Big Five. He also discussed the curious lack of inflation in the U.S. economy in recent years. He also offered opinions on the fate of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. He went on to offer dire predictions about Silicon Valley and even the stock market.

What does he think of the current high-flying stock market? Shervin Pishevar thinks it is overvalued and almost certainly due for a dramatic downward correction. He thinks the stock market could give back 6000 points. Part of the reason for that, he said, is volatility with bonds. He blames the central banks for using bonds too liberally to help stabilize the market.

He also said that Silicon Valley may soon lose its position as the world’s premier tech corridor. He called Silicon valley more of an “idea” than some kind of actual physical location. That means competition can arise from anywhere else on the globe.


How Baltimore’s Kevin Seawright Helps First-Time Homebuyers

Financial expert Kevin Seawright is the founder and chief operating officer of a company that helps first-time homebuyers purchase renovated houses in Baltimore, Maryland. His company is RPS Solutions LLC, named this because it provides real property solutions to its customers.

He partnered with city officials as well as the Housing & Community Development organization in order to help out low to moderate-income families who haven’t been able to qualify for home loans. His company buys foreclosed properties from Housing & Community Development and then brings in contractors to renovate the homes. He also established a network of lenders who work with first-time homebuyers in order to qualify them for mortgages. Find out more about  Kevin at angel.co

One person that he helped buy their first home was the son of one of his friends, Jerel Brown. Jerel Brown has worked for the city of Baltimore Housing Department for several years but his budget kept him as a renter rather than being a homeowner. He approached Kevin Seawright because he knew of what his company offered people like him.

Jerel Brown said that he fell in love with one of RPS Solutions homes because it looked just like a house you would see in a magazine. The team at RPS Solutions led him through the entire home purchasing process and he has now been happily living in this home for about two and a half years.

Earlier in his career, Kevin Seawright held several high-level municipal positions. Working for the city of Baltimore, he was once the chief financial officer for this city’s Parks & Rec department. He was also at different times a payroll director and the managing fiscal officer. He is a graduate of Almeda University, where he earned his MBA in 2006, and completed the executive leadership program at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Check out: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Increasing-Baltimore-Homeownership-is-Goal-of-RPS-Solutions-New-Partnership-with-National-Community-Stabilization-Trust-1002309082


Meet Clay Hutson, the Man Behind Some of the Most Celebrated Musical Tours

Clay Hutson is the man behind some of the great celebrity tours and shows that millions of people pay to attend. Hutson has come quite a long way as the owner of a live entertainment company that is behind shows of celebrities like Pink and Kid Rock. His journey into one of the most sought out stage managers in the music industry began in Nashville. After completing his college studies, Clay Hutson was employed as an audio engineer at a local live entertainment company in Nashville. Since the time, he has given services to various roles in live entertainment such as project manager, and has even been part of the Billy Graham traveling outfit’s crew. This significantly contributed to his current success as it helped lay a stable foundation for his journey as an entrepreneur.

Today, Clay Hutson’s company is mostly involved in stage management. He has been the man behind the shows of musicians such as Kid Rock, Guns n Roses and Garbage among many others. Ever since he began working, Clay Hutson has always displayed an attitude of positivity and a lot of zeal in the way he gets things done. For instance, he always ensures that he arrives at the venue of the show that his company is managing before anyone else. This gives him enough time to go through the schedule, create a storage plan and a walkthrough, and then come up with a to-do list for each one of his crew members.

Unlike most event and , Mr. Hutson works every step of the way with his team to ensure that the stage is ready a day stage managing companies before the show or event. He then creates another to-do list to guide his team on how to break down the venue while the show is still in progress. That makes each member of the crew aware of what they are expected to do once the show is over. This not only creates a smooth-sailing experience but also maximizes on the productivity of him and his team; hence setting an excellent reputation for his company and making it one of the most sought out companies in the music realm.

As a person whose everyday life revolves around music, Clay Hutson is usually intrigued by the technological advancements that continue to come up within the live music arena. Such improvements help him deliver unique and even better services to his clients. If he were to go back in time and advice his younger self, the current Clay Hutson would tell young Hutson always to put family first, and be honest with himself and others.


Guilherme Paulus Shows How To Succeed As A Businessperson

Brazil is the largest economy in South America. It is also one of the countries that have tough business regulations that make it hard for entrepreneurs to start and run businesses effectively. To make it as an entrepreneur in this country will require you to be self-motivated and dedicated the cause you are starting. If you fail to put the right effort in your work, you will be brought down by the external factors. High taxation and poor government regulation are making this country difficult for business people. Those who have successful businesses in this country are the ones who have gone beyond the obvious to make their dreams come true.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the successful business persons in Brazil. The fact he is successful means that he is a person who has overcome all the challenges we are talking about. Today, he runs one of the successful businesses in the tourism industry. CVC is the largest tour company in Latin America. Guilherme started it in 1972. He had partnered with a friend who left four years later. He built the company over the years alone until he finally made it. CVC is without a doubt a top company today because of the efforts that Guilherme Paulus has applied. He was dedicated to the idea and was passionate enough to go on even in times of challenges.

Guilherme Paulus is a passionate business person who has benefited a lot from the work he has been doing in the industry. He has shown that it is possible to run a successful business by maintaining focus on the main goal of an idea. The success he has today as a business person comes from the work he has done in the past few decades. He has proved that it is possible to overcome challenges and run successful business. In the past few decades, there have been so many challenges that entrepreneurs in this country have faced, but Guilherme Paulus has maintained his position as a top business person. He has proved that he can make money even in challenges.

Guilherme is also the founder and chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts. He is also one of the people who has made sure that the operations of the company have been done in the right manner. He has shown that it is not impossible to be successful as a business person. There is so much one can do to realize his or her dreams.

To Know More Click This Link : www.businews.com.br/2018/10/12/guilherme-paulus-ex-dono-da-cvc-planeja-hotel-de-luxo-em-sao-paulo/

Matt Badiali, The Master Investor

A person’s background, education, and experience can lead them to their destiny. And that is what happened with Matt Badiali. He saw that his education and experience had him well fit for the natural resource market. This is an area that often fluctuates widely and has lots of speculation. In order to be successful at investing, one has to understand the finance and science of the market.

And Badiali has a great understanding of these things. He went to Penn State University and got his bachelors degree in science. And it was in Florida Atlantic University that Matt Badiali got his Master of science degree in Geology. He kept his academic career going at University of North Carolina and worked towards his Ph.D until the year of 2004. Then a friend introduced Badiali to the finance world. At that point, Badiali had started giving advice about investment to other people, and they went on to make lots of money. So, that is why Matt Badiali abandoned his quest for a Ph.D, and committed himself to investment and finances. Info

In interview.net, George Baker did a Q&A with Matt Badiali. Baker asked Badiali about his financial newsletter titled Real Wealth Strategist. This news letter was published by Banyan Hill in 2017 and gives input about how to invest in oil, metals, and materials that are used for construction. Badiali created this publication to help people in making the best and right choices about investing. He feels that people need advice that are genuine when it comes to topics like this. In order to understand these markets, professionals has got to have the expertise for it. And Badiali says that his newsletter will do just that for readers. He makes his newsletter engaging by talking about his travels to places around the world like Canada and Mexico, to pick up more knowledge about investments. George Baker asked Matt Badiali a lot of good questions in this interview. Badiali also talked about concentrating on each task separately to increase productivity and reading to help make better decisions. This was an insightful interview.

Bernardo Chua: A Health & Wellness Guru

Bernardo Chua is a medical professional who over the recent years has become widely recognized and respected in the health and wellness industry. At a young age, he displayed a desire to help people. His grandparents taught him the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum, which is a mushroom used in traditional Asian medicine. Ganoderma Lucidum is a mushroom used in traditional Asian remedies that contain numerous healing properties. This knowledge made Bernardo an ideal individual to work for Gano Excel, a company that promoted products containing Ganoderma. In 1999 he started working with a mentor Leow Soon Seng to help start Gano Excel Philippines. Due to his good-natured personality and desire to help people, he did extremely well to market the products and established an even larger customer base for Gano Excel in many regions of the world. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at YourBeautyCraze.com

After a few years with Gano Excel, he was made President of the Gano Excel division for the United States. This worked well for Bernardo Chua, who felt obligated to enlighten the US and other areas in western Europe about the medicinal benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom. In California, he seized to opportunity to start a massive marketing campaign. He built up a large marketing team and they were instructed on the medicinal purposes of the Ganoderma products. He had his marketing team travel all over the American market to spread the word about the health benefits their products could offer.

After a successful career with Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua decided become an to entrepreneur and he founded Organo Gold. He had great success in his marketing campaign for Organo Gold. Bernardo and the health benefits of his company’s products have been talked about on the air by stations like Direct Selling News and Marketwired. The Organo Gold products are purchased in over thirty-five countries

Visit: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/12/organo-gold-review-2012/