Cly Siegall, Seattle Genetics, & Cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in modern day society. Just about everyone has been directly or indirectly affected by this debilitating illness. Cancer Research has been around for years and there has been a number of medical treatments on the market for saving lives. Unfortunately many of these medical treatments are overrated while never really seem to be doing much of anything. The side effects from those treatments can be far sickening than the disease itself. Luckily this is the 21st Century as there are many innovative treatments available today, but the most popular is Antibody Based Therapies. These therapies are far superior in the fight against cancer. Though they’re not fool proof, it’s the closest thing we have to a cure.

Seattle Genetics is one of the leading companies in the world whom are trying to eradicate the disease. The company is located in Bothell, Washington as it specializes in the development and commercialization of these exclusive breakthrough therapies. In 2015 Seattle genetics was listed on the Forbes list for fastest growing companies in the nation and it’s flagship drug (ADCETRIS) is the bread winner. Of course when it comes to great companies there has to be great leadership. Dr. Clay Siegall is that great leader and he has pushes the company full steam ahead. Dr. Siegall is well respected and appraised in this game as he is a man of many talents and accomplishments such as holding 15 patents, has a Ph.D in Genetics as well as a (BS) in Zoology. This author has up to 70 published articles as well.

Having such a strong passion for his craft, Dr. Siegall has a strong foundation to stand on. Scientific research, drug development, and rigorous research. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics, and Cancer Research go hand-to-hand as these three entities are saving lives thanks to their perseverance, patience, and passion.