A Brief History of Deirdre Baggot- The Renowned Pioneer for Bundled Payments

Deirdre’s Education Background

Before commencing her career, Ms. Baggot pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing, from the Southern Illinois University. Afterward, she acquired a master’s degree in business administration as a way to hone her skills in the healthcare business industry. Read more articles by Deirdre Baggot at Researchgate.

Work Experience

After completing her studies, Deirdre Baggot started practicing as a nurse and manager in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. As the hospital’s manager, she machinated a treatment guideline that eliminated unnecessary medical procedures, thereby reducing their patient’s treatment expenses. She quit the job after six years.

In 2003, she was appointed as the administrative manager of the University of Michigan Health System. In the course of her contract, she streamlined the system’s efficacy, a reason why she was esteemed with the Lean Sigma Certification.

In 2006, Deirdre Baggot joined the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. The Institute appointed her to coordinate acquisitions, market the organizations, as well as outsourcing for talented candidates who could help the organization improve its service delivery. She successfully helped the organization to open 11 new and fully-staffed branches.

After four years, GE Healthcare Partners hired her as their vice president and a supervisor of the organization’s healthcare payment system. Shortly, she launched a project that improved GE’s income by $6 million.

The healthcare strategist has also served executive roles at the Acute Care Episode, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, The Camden Group, and other top healthcare organizations.

Ms. Baggot has been at the forefront of advocating for the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement. The initiative aims to slash down patients’ healthcare cost, as well as improve the collaboration between specialists working in the healthcare industry.

She has been spreading her advocacy through her journals, as well as the conferences organized by principal healthcare patrons like the American College of Healthcare Executives, and Bundled Payment Congress.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina – a respectable figure in the UK.

When Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born back in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, quite a few would have predicted he was going to enjoy a global reputation a couple of decades later. He grew up in Tanzania before moving to the UK when he was in his teens.

He attained a degree in Dental Surgery from the reputable University of London in 1975.

After his studies, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has gone and had a long, prosperous career as a dental surgeon and in other fields. His highly decorated career has built him an enviable reputation all over Europe. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at angel.co.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina worked with some hospitals and institutions for a couple of years before venturing into entrepreneurial and philanthropic ventures. Some of his notable achievements include being the Joint Chairman at Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex is an institution that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for senior citizens. The institution had modest beginnings back in 1985 but thanks to the active and visionary leadership of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, it has grown to have 20 modern, well-staffed and well-equipped care homes in the UK.

Sussex now offers the elderly a well-furnished gym, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and occupational therapy among others. All these have improved the living standards of the otherwise neglected senior citizens.

Other than being a respectable dental surgeon and the joint chair of Sussex, Dr. Shafik is also actively involved in some activities that see him give back to the society. His voluntary efforts aimed at giving back see him being active in some institutions such as the Humanitarian Assistance International Coordination Committees where he is their chairman.

Furthermore, he is a HoD and a board member of the Global Institute of Ismaili Studies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also part of the Aga Khan Development Committee which targets to bring economic development in the Muslim world.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s impressive résumé coupled with his exemplary leadership make him a respectable figure in different parts of the world. His humanitarian efforts also give him the opportunity to give back to the community.

Find out more: https://www.behance.net/ShafikSachedina


Dr. Saad Saad Has Made Pediatric Surgery More Precise

For over 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad practiced pediatric surgery in the U.S and in the Middle East. As a part of his medical practice, Dr. Saad constantly sought to improve the procedures and methods used for treating his young patients. As a result of his intense focus on the improved health of his patients, Dr. Saad invented new surgical procedures. He even invented and patented two devices that have been instrumental in the successful treatment of pediatric patients.


One of the devices that he holds a patent on is the Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. This device is unlike the average catheter, which would accomplish one of several things: perform hemodialysis, drain fluids and gases, administer oxygen and medications, measure pressures and fertilize embryos or transfer sperm. Dr. Saad device was created to generate electromagnetic energy so that it can be exactly located in the body, foregoing the need to utilize an X-ray or an MRI machine.


This eliminates the need to continuously expose patients to the radiation that emanates from the X-ray machine. While the Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI) machine may seem like an alternative to the X-ray, it fails as an alternative because of its enormous size and non-portable status. The device has a magnetic tip and wires throughout its length. This enables the doctor to use a locating device that houses a sensitive light which ignites when it is directly perpendicular to the catheter’s tip. This eliminates the need of a body scan in the case of an emergency situation.


The second device, Dr. Saad holds a patent on is the Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope. He also maintains the patent on the methods used to accomplish this important exploratory task. The endoscope is used to look inside the body through the bladder, throat, windpipe, colon and stomach. It provides a visual image of the inside of the body. Because the body is composed of liquids in abundance, the endoscope has a lens which is frequently exposed to a limited view due to fog. Dr. Saad’s invention of the anti-fog port that converts into a suction-irrigation device clears the view so that medical procedures can proceed unobstructed.


Dr. Saad invented these devices out of necessity. It was his goal to prevent unnecessary complications and to speed up the performance of medical procedures. His life’s work has given Dr. Saad great satisfaction because he has made the lives of both the patients better and the work of their doctors easier. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs Recognized for being among the best startups

Tempus Labs has its headquarters based in Chicago and it was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. The enterprise has been rated among the top ten best start-ups in the medical sector. The labs are dedicated to offering several cancer-related types of research. It conducts cancer testing, sequencing of tumors based on RNA analysis, characterization of immune systems based on tumor analysis, pathology and medical imaging among others. The organization has also partnered with National Cancer Institute to help offer comprehensive cancer treatments.

Tempus Labs have termed as a start-up that offers promise in revolutionizing the health sector in the coming years. For this reason, they have been recognized on Eric Topol’s list of emerging start-ups. The facility has been recognized for using gene therapy and editing technology to advance medical treatment.

Another technology that has been developed and is believed to help improve medical treatment is the pathogen sequencing technology a technology that enables quick sequencing of genomes within the pathogen structures. This offers quick health response in the event of an outbreak.

Two glucose sensors have also been developed and approved to be used to inject insulin directly into the bloodstream. Chimeric antigen receptor Immunotherapy is also a new technology that is set to be used extensively in the treatment of hematological conditions.

A watch that helps monitor and read blood pressure has also been developed and approved by FDA. The watch works in such a manner that it reads the blood pressure through pressing of the hand’s radial artery.

Another key technology is the artificial intelligence used for treating eye diseases. The technology is considered more accurate than doctor’s diagnosis and is more effective in identifying eye infections.

Eric Lefkofsky is considered one of Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs. Besides establishing Tempus Labs, Eric has also co-founded several companies such as Mediaocean and Lightbank among others.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also a humanitarian. He has supported various charities and has served as a trustee in several organizations such as The Museum of Science and Industry. With his wife Liz, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which aims at empowering the society in areas such as art and culture, education and human rights.

For More info: lefkofskyfoundation.com/about-eric-lefkofsky/

The Doctor of the year: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr.Mark McKenna is a passionate and dedicated medical Practioner in Medicine and surgery. He studied at Tulane Medical School and was licensed to practice by Florida and Georgia State Board Of Medical Examiners. After completing college, Dr. Mark McKenna joined his father clinic to practice medicine. Mark had interest in business and While working he establish McKenna Boutique, Investment Firm and real estate company. His venture expanded to offering design, financing, and real estate development closing services.

In 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna actively participated in rebuilding Orleans City after destruction by Hurricane Katrina by coming up with affordable housing blocks. Dr.Mark McKenna launched consumer-facing clinic called OVME. The hospital was offering technology-driven medical aesthetic which is reinventing and facing out elective healthcare. Mark was inspired to start the clinic by his extensive ten-year experience in medical field and untapped opportunities which would turn around service delivery in the industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna owes his fortune to discipline and seeking knowledge to expand his medical business skills. Also, he selectively spends his time with smart and innovative people who keep on challenging him to be better. Mark Loves visualizing and setting long and short-term goals. He is keen on time, and he wakes up very early in the morning to exercise and plan his day ahead.

Mark is married to Gianna McKenna, and they have one beautiful daughter. Mark serves on several company boards which include Orleans Industrial Development Board, Orleans Jazz Festival among others in the medical and entrepreneurial field. Mark is known for his quote ‘Speed without directions useless” he urges young entrepreneurs to be focused and be consistency in pursuit of their goals. Also, Mark encourages youths to take their time to study as they discover the career path they would like to pursue. Otherwise, they will end up being frustrated, or be jack of all trade.

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The Best Medical Expert in North Carolina-Dr. Imran Haque

He is one of the most respected medical experts who operate their practice in North Carolina in the United States of America. Doctor Imran Huque is a medical doctor who for an extended period of more than 15 years has been specializing in internal medicine. The medical doctor is described as a caring doctor who values the needs of his clients leading most of the residence in Carolina to seek his medical attention and advice. Imran Haque has a medical facility located in Asheboro, North Carolina and it is known as Horizon Internal Medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque has grown to be a prominent medical doctor. After his High School graduation, he attended one of the prestigious universities in Santo Domingo; Universidad Iberoamerican where he graduated with a degree in medicine in 1998. His passion for medicine led him to further his education at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. His passion as a student, as well as a practicing medical practitioner, was to give the best therapy to his patients. After a successful completion of his training at the University of Virginia; Imran Haque was given a license to practice internal medicine in North Carolina.

Some of the services that Dr. Imran Haque provides to his patients include; ultra sound, laboratory services among other quality treatments for internal disease as well as complicated health conditions. Dr. Imran Haque carries out quality check-ups as well as examinations in order to provide the best treatment for the disease or condition. Most of the people who visit the respected medical doctor to that for various reasons including; his commitment to his patients as well as the results he gives them, the location of his office is convenient, and his medical facility is fully qualified, the doctor treats a wide range of health complications, and has licenses from the required authorities in the region. Everyday Dr, Imran strives to provide the best medical services in North Carolina.

Dr. Imran Haque Excels in Providing World-class Health Care

Dr. Imran Haque is physician based in North Carolina. He specializes in internal medicine and runs businesses in Ramseur and Asheboro. Dr. Haque has over a decade of professional experience and can attend to patients with various medical conditions.


Dr. Haque educational background and career


Dr. Haque is an alma mater of the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) where he studied medicine and later graduated in 1998. The following year, he joined the University of Virginia Roanoke-Salem Program where he majored in internal medicine. Imran Haque has worked for Randolph Hospital while studying at the University. He later acquired his medical license, which allowed him to practice in North Carolina. He has been able to make a name for himself while working in this state. Dr. Haque has clients from all walks of life who depend on him when they are in need of medical care. The facility he works at is the Horizon Internal Medicine. In this center, he conducts various diagnostic procedures caused by complex medical conditions. This hospital has become famous among the residents of North Carolina who seek not only treatment but advice as well.


Dr. Haque and cosmetic procedures


Dr. Haque works alongside other professionals in the medical field this enables him to arrive at accurate diagnostic conclusions. The Horizon Internal Medicine Center also provides laboratory and radiology services, such as ultrasounds. His clinic is also involved in the provision of other cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatment. This process is conducted in the regions of the chest, neck, and face so as to tighten a person’s skin. Dr. Haque also offers weight loss solutions to patients struggling to lose some calories. Additionally, he provides hair removal services to the residents of Asheboro. Dr. Haque practices high-levels of hygiene at his facility while conducting these procedures. Dr. Haque’s level of professionalism is unmatched, and he continues to excel in service provision.



Doing Business With Dr. Reddy

Tips On Enhancing Your Dental Care

Whenever you are looking to get the most out of your dental care, it is important that you do everything possible to receive great coverage. Doing so will require you to get in touch with a wonderful dental professional that can steer you in the right direction. With this in mind, getting in touch with Dr. Akhil Reddy and his practice of MB2 Dental will help you out a great deal. To make sure that this happens and that you get access to a beautiful smile, read on and use the tips below.

#1: Do your research on Dr. Akhil Reddy and MB2 Dental

If you know that you are in need of a primary care dentist, be sure to give Dr. Reddy a try. He will be able to assist you with any sort of dental work that you think you need. Because he is a native of Texas, you can also put trust in this work and the overall love that Dr. Reddy has for his community. There is a great reason that MB2 Dental is the best around, so get in touch with them for your primary care dentistry.

#2: Make sure that you always get cost estimates on your dental work

Before you receive any sort of dentistry work, you need to know how much it will cost you. Touch base with your dental insurance as well so that you are cared for without having to pay all of your own money out-of-pocket. Dr. Reddy is unique in that he puts the needs of the patient above income and will see people who cannot normally afford his services.

#3: Take great care of your own dentistry as well

It is also very important that you get in touch with your own dental care. When you are able to make the most out of your dentistry, you will keep your teeth shining bright and avoid cavities at all costs. Always brush and floss and give yourself access to a dentist who can serve you.By utilizing these three tips, you will be able to always get the most out of your dental care. Because not all dentists are created equally, take heed to these matters and get in touch with Dr. Reddy. This will enhance your oral health care and allow you to love the smile that you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues to Make Her Mark as a Cosmetic Surgeon

As we progress through the 21st Century, women everywhere continue to shatter the glass ceiling. We now have women in congress, women jet pilots, and women defense attorneys. Of course, they are a few areas that are still dominated by males, and this would include in the realm of plastic surgery. This is an area where more women are needed, however, and that is something that Dr. Jennifer Walden is all-too aware of.

Dr. Walden is aware that she is up against statistics. Thee are roughly 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Of that number, only 851 are women, and the list goes down to just over a dozen women in Dr. Walden’s home state of Texas. Why is there such a disparity? Dr. Walden has at least one major theory on this.Dr. Walden believes that one of the reasons cosmetic surgery is so male-dominated might be because the average plastic surgeon has to go through five years of training even after medical school and even a year of fellowship. This literally means that most women would be in their 30’s before they were able to become a plastic surgeon!

Even though Walden is a woman in a male-dominated profession, she realizes the importance of her contribution. Perhaps one of the reasons she gets such good reviews would probably be because she realizes that 91 percent of her patients are women as well!Thus, because of the fact that she fully understands the areas of the body that most women are concerns with, she is viewed with strong reviews as the top-notch surgeon she truly is. Dr. Walden is a fully trained surgeon with solid reviews in breast augmentations, rhinoplasties (nose jobs), tummy tucks and face lifts. These women do not want to be barbie dolls, they just want to stop being embarrassed by their body! And because Dr. Walden understands this, that is why you can trust her and believe all of her great reviews! Learn More.