Ian King Looks at Ways Bonds Offer Stability to Investors Portfolio

Why Invest in Bonds?

Bonds are becoming more popular today, according to Ian King, contributing author at Banyan Hill Publishing. With a recent expected basis point increase, bonds are challenging the stock market as it is today. The Federal Reserve is supposed to meet in June. The outcome may affect rate increase.

For investors who want to avoid the volatility of the market finds a safer shelter in the bond market. Why? The Fed has an almost predictable increase pattern, whereas the stock market continues to be volatile and less predictable.

Ian has experience in the bond market when he spent time working with credit derivatives with Citigroup. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Do Bond Rates Rise?

Bonds have shown a consistent rise over the past year. Two-year, Five-year, and Ten-Year notes have increased, but it reaches a plateau after 10 years. Investors, when they consider not being able to get a better return on their investment in another market (TINA), will consider holding on to their investment. This basically means investors are always looking for better alternatives, but when the market shows them none they are forced to either hold onto their investment or cash in. TINA (there is no alternative) occurs when an investor has the hope despite not having a better alternative for his investment. If enough investors have the same mindset then the market will gradually begin to move upwards.

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Ian King

Ian King has twenty years of experience in analyzing and trading in the financial markets. His knowledge and insights into cryptocurrencies often put him in the headlines of Investopedia, Fox Business News, and Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha.

Ian began his career in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers’; later he worked in credit derivatives with Citigroup. After ten years begin head trader at Peahi Capital he got an opportunity to work with Banyan Hill Publishing who was seeking someone to head their Cryptocurrency efforts for their investors.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Crypto Profit Trader

Since 2017 Ian King has been the senior analyst for Crypto Profit Trader, which is Banyan Hill investors to get a first-hand review of the cryptocurrency markets with the guidance of Ian King at the helm. The first concern of the Crypto Profit trader is to allow investors to enter the market where there is an easy entrance while learning techniques to store and retain investor digital coins. Read more at Release Fact.