Bernardo Chua: A Health & Wellness Guru

Bernardo Chua is a medical professional who over the recent years has become widely recognized and respected in the health and wellness industry. At a young age, he displayed a desire to help people. His grandparents taught him the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum, which is a mushroom used in traditional Asian medicine. Ganoderma Lucidum is a mushroom used in traditional Asian remedies that contain numerous healing properties. This knowledge made Bernardo an ideal individual to work for Gano Excel, a company that promoted products containing Ganoderma. In 1999 he started working with a mentor Leow Soon Seng to help start Gano Excel Philippines. Due to his good-natured personality and desire to help people, he did extremely well to market the products and established an even larger customer base for Gano Excel in many regions of the world. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

After a few years with Gano Excel, he was made President of the Gano Excel division for the United States. This worked well for Bernardo Chua, who felt obligated to enlighten the US and other areas in western Europe about the medicinal benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom. In California, he seized to opportunity to start a massive marketing campaign. He built up a large marketing team and they were instructed on the medicinal purposes of the Ganoderma products. He had his marketing team travel all over the American market to spread the word about the health benefits their products could offer.

After a successful career with Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua decided become an to entrepreneur and he founded Organo Gold. He had great success in his marketing campaign for Organo Gold. Bernardo and the health benefits of his company’s products have been talked about on the air by stations like Direct Selling News and Marketwired. The Organo Gold products are purchased in over thirty-five countries



Southridge Capital One of the Prominent Financial Services Firm Based in Connecticut

It is necessary that you start planning your finances from the very beginning of your career. Most of the people realize it too late that they have missed out crucial years of their life when they should have been investing. It makes it challenging to plan retirement optimally or program any wealth creation plan. However, no matter what stage of your life you are, age-wise and financially, taking the help of the financial experts would help you get the answers of all the finance-based riddles that you might be struggling to solve. Southridge Capital is a notable financial services provider in the United States with nearly three decades of experience in the business. The experts at Southridge Capital have been associated with the world of finance for many decades and understand the financial world like the back of their hand.



If you are looking for some assistance with organizing your finances, the experts at Southridge Capital can be of great help. They would ensure that you can invest in the financial instruments that would not only safeguard your future but would also help you achieve your retirement goals with ease. Many people who are earning good but have not enough savings is because they are not focusing on their investments and savings. Southridge Capital also believes that the struggle with debt that most people go through is also one of the primary reasons why many people are not able to save as much as they should. For more details visit releasefact




According to Newswire, if you are looking for assistance with managing your finance, Southridge Capital would be more than willing to help you. The experts at Southridge Capital would sit and consult with you about your financial goals and vision you have in mind and would craft a strategic business plan accordingly, individualized entirely for you. Southridge does not only provide financial planning and retirement planning services to individuals, but is also an expert in the field of corporate advisory, corporate strategic alliance, launching IPO, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. For companies looking for some assistance with their finance, the experts at Southridge Capital can help in ways more than one.



Freedom Debt Relief Reviews – 8 Critical Thoughts to Consider

First, it is not possible to save money on all forms of debts. Ask a company like Freedom Debt Relief exactly where their level of expertise is! Target in on your specific goals and ask plenty of questions after you have done your initial research.

Debt relief companies like Freedom Debt Relief work with you primarily on credit card bills and unsecured loans, especially if you are over $15,000. or more in debt.

* You want to see what all your options are when you obtain at least $15,000. of unsecured debt or more and you are motivated to acquire ways to diminish your debt.

* Researching and looking at Freedom Debt Relief reviews and other online resources can help you to make up to date decisions and lead you on the path to debt relief.

* You could also discover how to approach your debt distress with recommendations in a video on finance management. Good credit card debt relief videos have an assortment of brief, easy to understand information that could help you get a better awareness about credit card debt and dealing with it and what to do next.

* Some companies offer a free of charge – 100% confidential consultation when you go to their website and submit your information.

* When you go to a website such as Freedom Debt Relief, you may be ready to fill out a short form for a free debt relief consultation or estimate while other people prefer to speak to a person first. An efficient arrangement will give you both options, either call first, or simply type in your brief information. Now you can see how responsive and professional a particular company is, and get a fast free debt consultation that is 100% secure and confidential.

* Your questions regarding debt consolidation or credit card debt settlement should be addressed by thoughtful, caring, and expert counselors like those at Freedom Debt Relief.

* Customers and clients have become increasingly disenchanted with a merely adequate level of customer service. For most informed customers, extraordinary service is the rule, not the exception.

* Excellent customer service like that of Freedom Debt Relief is vital to the success of any business, and is essential in today’s competitive economy. Use these thoughts to prepare yourself for your debt relief inquiry.

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