Clay Siegall Explains How He Developed Interest In Cancer Research

Clay Siegall is the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. The Seattle-based company engages in the development of targeted cancer therapy. Clay is passionate about providing the populace with viable drugs. Under his guidance, Clay Siegall has succeeded in maintaining the company’s leadership position in the market. Seattle genetics is recognized for developing the first antibody drug conjugate, which was later approved by the FDA.

Clay Siegall’s inspiration to develop cancer therapies was informed by his long time interest in medicine, and determination to fight diseases, and restore the health of people. Additionally, he has always been interested in the power of technology. His focus on cancer treatment started while he was a student at the university. When one of his relatives was taken ill, he was taken to hospital, where he received cruel treatment. The family member developed severe anemia and nearly died from the chemotherapy. Siegall become aware of other treatment options like amputation and radical surgery. To this end, he saw the need to develop other viable drugs. It is for this reason that Clay founded Seattle Genetics.

Siegall notes that Seattle Genetics generates income in different ways. The company makes money by selling its own proprietary drugs, including ADCETRIS. In addition, Seattle Genetics earns considerable revenues from partnerships and licensing of technologies. Siegall notes that their business uses unique marketing strategies. This way, they have been able to woo many companies to use their technologies to develop viable drugs. Siegall points out that the company engages in new businesses by spending a lot of time in meetings and negotiations.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics, a firm that he founded in 1998. He has led the company in developing multiple cancer therapies. Moreover, he has guided the firm in capital raising activities. Before launching Seattle Genetics, Siegall was working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Clay Siegall holds 15 patents. He has written 70 publications. Siegall sits on the board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals. He is an alumnus of both the George Washington University and the University of Maryland. Siegall has a B.S. in zoology and holds a PhD in genetics. He is a firm believer in therapies that prolong the lives of patients.

Business Guru Eric Lefkofsky Helping to Tackle Cancer with Big Data

Eric Lefkofsky, well known Chicago-based entrepreneur and philanthropist has used his expertise to help battle breast cancer. Mr. Lefkofsky has recently pioneered a startup named “Tempus,” that’s dedicated to fighting cancer, and is already tackling the problem by aiding doctors with much-needed data to provide realistic and targeted treatments. He’s partnering with the University of Chicago Medicine to provide this data to predict how patients may react to treatment. This problem has been identified as a stumbling block to treatment, and that doctors are often forced into trial and error scenarios rather than being able to create an individualized plan for each patient.

In an article by Jim Dallke, Assistant Editor of ChicagoInno on March 16, 2017, titled “Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Will Use Data to Help UChicago Battle Breast Cancer,” Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, a Dean at the University of Chicago in Global Health, offered her statement regarding the matter: “This forces too many physicians to make treatment decisions without the benefit of highly specific genetic information that could help them make better informed and precisely targeted decisions…” The implied outcome is that patients are more likely to react favorably when the molecular data is specific to their body chemistry. This has caused a chain reaction of other universities getting on board in hopes that strength in numbers will lead to cures.

Mr. Lefkofsky is the founder of Groupon, the popular discount website, and application that has revolutionized not only the way people shop. New, small and local businesses have a unique opportunity to gain exposure and cost effective advertising leading to new customers and clients. Other ventures started by Lefkofsky include Lightbank, a venture capital business and Uptake Technologies which provides business analytics consulting to leading companies. His educational background includes a law degree from the University of Michigan.

His philanthropic efforts are quite noteworthy. The Lefkofsky foundation was started in 2006 and provides “high impact initiatives” to communities in need. He also serves as a trustee at a local children’s hospital and at a local theater company in the same capacity. He’s authored “Accelerated Disruption,” a book on innovative technology and also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He even finds time to blog and be very prominent on social media. Lefkofsky’s business acumen and philanthropic efforts are benefiting not only his businesses but cancer patients and medicine as a whole, impacting people from all walks of life.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Contributions To The Cancer Research Community

Seattle Genetics is one of the companies that have made inroads in cancer research. The company has registered immense success under the leadership of Clay Siegall. He has put Seattle Genetics on a growth trajectory. The entity continues to make advancements in cancer therapy. In the last five years, their stock price has increased tremendously. This is a clear indication of the company’s superior performance.

Over the years, Dr. Siegall has developed interest in improving the lives of cancer patients. Presently, he serves as the chairman of the board, CEO, and president of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall has been working for the company for nearly two decades. He has guided the company towards undertaking comprehensive cancer research and developing therapies for patients with cancer.

Dr. Siegall worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute after he earned his PhD in Genetics. He is an alumnus of the George Washington University. Dr. Siegall has accomplished many feats in his professional career, including serving as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Under his leadership, Dr. Siegall has motivated his teams to come up with drugs that can help to many patients.

In his work, Dr. Siegall is guided by his desire to help patients and ease their suffering. In the recent past, the University of Maryland recognized his contributions to the scientific and medical fields. In 2013, he was honored as the Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences. In the same year, Dr. Siegall was recognized as the ERNST & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. His research zeroes in on targeted cancer therapies. Clay is a scientist by training. Dr. Siegall has played a pivotal role in ensuring that Seattle Genetics engages in the development of antibody-drug conjugates. Additionally, he has led the firm into numerous strategic partnerships.

In the cancer research community, Dr. Siegall is one of the scientists that have made immense contributions in the field of cancer research. Through his extensive knowledge, the doctor has helped Seattle Genetics to manufacture Antibody Drug Conjugate, which selectively terminates cancer cells, leaving cancer free cells alive. Additionally, Seattle Genetics has broadened the use of Adcetrics to other diseases besides cancer.