Guilherme Paulus From Tourism To Entrepreneur

Guilherme de Jesus Paulus, or known internationally as Guilherme Paulus, is one of Brazil’s most successful businessmen. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1949 and finished his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the age of 20. He then took an internship in IBM. Meeting a former local government official named Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, Paulis started to think about expanding the tourism in Brazil. With Mr. Cerchiari backing up the funds and with Mr. Paulus acting as the CEO, the tour company was known as Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda was born.

Paulus opened the first CVC store in the streets of Santo Andre, where a movie theater is nearby. Because of this, the then-new company caught the attention of a lot of movie-goers. Believing that Brazil’s tourism is a market that will boom in the future, Guilherme Paulus worked hard to make the first store success. In no time, a lot of CVC stores has been opened across Brazil inside the large retail malls. This move is effective since malls are very accessible to people and prospect customers. A few years later in 2013, CVC is now the biggest tourism company in Brazil and the whole Latin America and is able to get more than $5.2 billion of sales per year. Its branches are now around 1,200 and the employee base is now more than 3,000. Check out Guilherme Paulus on

Other Ventures After CVC

When CVC boosted Brazil’s tourism, there is a lot of needs that founded demand on air travel and hotel facilities. That’s what Guilherme Paulus set his eyes next. He started a new company named GJP Hotel & Resorts in 2005. Since then, GJP has grown into 3,000 rooms within 14 hotels where 5,000 workers are being employed. GJP hotels are built all around Brazil which includes places in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Maceio, Salvador, and Recife.

Guilherme Paulus purchased Webjet in 2006 for the purpose of making it one of the biggest airlines to accommodate the country’s booming tourism needs. He did his best to improve Webjet which, at the time, has only one airplane. By the time he sold the company to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA, Webjet has 20 airplanes that operate in the country and is the third biggest airline.

Paulus has dedicated his career in making Brazil one of the best tourism destination in the world. When asked why he invests in his beloved country, his answer is because of the people, his long-time advisers, and his employees who helped him with his endeavors throughout the years.

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A Glance At Sussex Healthcare, A Stellar Company

Sussex Healthcare began serving the public in 1985; it is located on the southernmost coast of England. The facility is made up of seven homes, a daycare service, and an excellent gym. It accepts referrals with the following issues: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and in a younger population, neurological challenges. The Healthcare company is managed by two joint chairman, Shiraz Boghani, who has experience running hotels, and Shafik Sachedina, a dental surgeon; these two professionals have created a stellar residential service for the elderly and disabled.

Sussex Healthcare offers an array of supportive services to the residents of their homes. The company answers the medical needs of clients, for example, with specialized diets. Sussex has a company mission which is to care for their residents physically, but also to put the premium on individual rights and quality of life issues. For example, staff try to increase a resident’s level of functioning by developing a treatment plan based on the resident’s interests and goals; then, they coordinate subsequent activities, such as grocery shopping and obtaining work. And it provides therapeutic programs at its gym. It supplies respite care and breaks to caregivers. It also provides excellent end of life care to its elderly residents; this service includes pain management. The facility develops service plans with residents and their families to assist folks in managing their memory impairment and enhancing the quality of their lives. Sussex Healthcare employs speech and language professionals, as well as, physiotherapists, to residents who suffer from neurological diseases, such as spinal cord injuries, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and motor neurone disease. This company also provides PLMD Care (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities).

This business includes a day center called Redwood House Day Centre. Like several other of the houses, it offers residents a garden to work in. It also provides other activities, for example, cooking and arts and crafts. The center also holds aromatherapy and reflexology sessions, access to computers, a home cinema, and sing-alongs. In summary, Sussex Healthcare has worked hard to provide diverse, all-encompassing services and it continues to emphasize a personalized, respectful clinical approach to its clientele. Most of all, Sussex Healthcare continues to excel at putting the person first.

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Boraie Development: Driving New Investments in New Jersey

Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, vowed to transform the real estate and property development sector in New Jersey. His company, which is headquartered in New Brunswick, has been constructing a lot of projects in the state’s major cities. He believes that it will drive economic growth, and it will attract business people from all over the country to move into the state. The economic growth of New Jersey has been growing slowly, far from what it was decades ago. The city of Newark, for example, has a thriving economy back in the 1950s, which is spearheaded by the growth of the manufacturing industry. However, people started to move out as cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia became the major hubs for those who are living in the East Coast.

Today, Boraie Development wanted New Jersey’s major cities to experience a total overhaul. They partnered with the city governments of Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City to have their construction proposals approved. In Atlantic City, Boraie Development decided to construct a residential complex near the entertainment center, which will attract the working class who are living outside the downtown. These homes are built to supply what the people wanted, and the company stated that it will also draw in more tourists and investors who wanted to help Atlantic City. In Newark, Boraie Development partnered not only with the city government but also with famous individuals who will be helping them market the property that they constructed. The One Rector Street is their primary project for the city of Newark, and this residential tower is being funded through an agreement between Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal, a popular basketball player. Shaquille O’Neal thanked Boraie Development for their idea of revitalizing the economy in his hometown, and the basketball superstar said that the construction of One Rector Street would drive in a new age of growth for the city.

In New Brunswick, where the headquarters of the company is located, Boraie Development decided to build The Aspire, a luxury residential complex that offers a new meaning to city living. Many people have purchased a unit within the residential complex because of the amenities that can be found inside, including a bar, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a 24/7 security that roams around the community every day. The Aspire is also constructed with the aid from professionals, and it was also built near establishments around the downtown area.

The Story of David McDonald and OSI Group

President of OSI Group, David McDonald was raised on a farm in Northeast Iowa and completed his graduation from Iowa State University. He started his first job as a Project Manager and now leads the entire OSI Group.

OSI Group started its journey as a small butcher shop at the west side of Chicago in 1909 which later became the first meat suppliers for McDonald’s chain restaurants. Currently, the group is among the leading global suppliers in the food industry with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries. Read more about David McDonald at

The Background of OSI Group

David McDonald supports the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He played a vital role in OSI’s growth and expansion in China through his vast experience. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened its first ever McDonald’s franchise in Des Plaines, Illinois and joined hands with Otto and Sons currently known as OSI Group to provide processed meat for the restaurant. Over time, the relationship between them grew stronger and both transformed themselves into successful leaders in the international market.

Global and Local Trials for David McDonald

The CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin initially hired David McDonald as an intern, the same year when the company marked its growth in America and Europe.

With time, McDonald gained valuable in-depth knowledge about OSI and built stronger relationships with other local and international companies. He still believes that OSI’s success depends on the collaborative efforts by the team and customers.

In 2001, OSI expanded globally and formed a joint partnership with China. Consecutively, the Group had signed numerous agreements for joint ventures in Europe and USA.

OSI partnered up with domestic companies to raise multiple projects and to expand its product line by adding bacon, sausages, hot dogs and frozen vegetables. In 2014, OSI formed a joint venture with a Canadian company to process beans, salsa, and tofu products by establishing various plant facilities in Canada, Europe, and India.

OSI’s current position

Over the years, OSI has transformed its business globally in China, Germany, Japan, India and Poland and continues to expand its operations under McDonald’s vision and leadership who believes OSI has always proved itself by overcoming challenges through technology and refinements. The company has research and development centers in Aurora and China and has been awarded for its efforts in ensuring environmental safety.



Social Media Aids The Rise Of Billionaire Richard Liu Qiangdong

The rising stature of entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong, oft4en referred to simply as Richard Liu has been aided by a partnership with the WeChat social media platform. The entrepreneur founded online retail brand for computer parts in 2004 following the SARS outbreak in China and has since seen his company floated on the U.S. stock exchange. Richard Liu has shown an unerring ability to adapt, change, and evolve to the changing business world over the last two decades since deciding to launch his career as an entrepreneur.

Richard Liu Qiangdong began life with an unremarkable but successful childhood in Chinese town of Suqian before heading to college to learn more about his passion for computer coding. In the late 1990s, Richard Liu began his career with the successful health products and supplement manufacturer and retailer, Japan Life, for whom he served as director of computers and business. By 1998, the lure of the entrepreneurial sector was too much for Qiangdong to ignore and resulted in his first retail store opening in the Chinese Silicon Valley of Zhongguanchun Industrial Park in Beijing.

Always willing to move with the times, Richard Liu Qiangdong found his burgeoning business crippled in 2003 by the devastating SARS outbreak which ravaged China. The entrepreneur had already seen the drawbacks of operating his business through physical locations before the medical outbreak prompted him to close all his physical stores and focus solely on the Online retail sector through

Richard Liu Qiangdong has always understood the power of social media and partnered with the group by allowing the messaging and payment app to purchase around 15 percent of his computer parts company. The cost of a 15 percent stake in the brand was $215 million for WeChat just a decade after the last physical retail store was closed by Richard Liu. WeChat has become an important partner for and Richard Liu with part of the partnership deal allowing the computer parts brand a huge marketing boost to the more than one billion WeChat users each month.

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Ted Bauman Provides New Perspective On Retail Giant Amazon

Many experts are sure that Amazon is set to control at least 50% of the online commerce market within the next 36 months. Critics will point to Amazon’s growth into such a wide variety of industries, ranging from batteries to washer and drier sets, and its competitive prices against big box stores such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Most Americans typically hold opinions about Amazon on the positive side, and rival merchants at least hold back from claiming that the online retail giant is utilizing tactics that could be deemed anti-competitive. Economists that follow these unfoldings so much to write about them, such as Ted Bauman, have very detailed opinions on these types of subject matter.

Ted Bauman is an economist and editor of his own 100,000+ subscriber publication; however, he is the type to spend his days focusing on the critical investment and financial issues for his readers. His wider perspective is likely due to his insights in market developments and his work as not a typical stock analyst, but a modern economist.

Ted Bauman will tell you the opposite of some of the buzz you may have been hearing around Amazon. Bauman not only claims that Amazon cannot be defined as a monopoly, but he even warns those of his readers who hold shares in Amazon of potential vulnerability.

Many of those who hold strong views on Amazon compare it to the original Sears catalog, based on the new experience for the consumer and the before unheard-of variety of goods to purchase in one place. Instant gratification is an important commodity for American shoppers, which is why almost half of products ordered online by Americans are sold by Amazon. With numbers already this high and growing to potentially above 50%, some experts believe Amazon should be broken down or restrained; however, Bauman argues that the revenue of Wal-Mart is roughly three times higher.

While Amazon holds up its share of ecommerce purchasing, the online giant still has plenty of brick and mortar competitors to keep it from becoming a true monopoly. In addition, Ted Bauman mentions the negative connotation that one usually finds with a true monopolistic firm, such as poor customer service that inflated prices that show a blatant disregard to its consumers (because monopolies can), that you do not find with Amazon.

As an expert, Ted Bauman believes we don’t need to worry about Amazon becoming a controlling monopoly; however, we may need to worry about other issues such as unfair business practices or data security. As smart consumers in this economy, shareholders or otherwise, these are all relevant issues to any individual.

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Edwin Miranda, The Consultant Of New American Funding

New American Funding is a banker company that offers loans for purchasing a home and for refinancing. These loans have many options like Harp 2.0, conventional, and mortgages that have adjustable and fixed rates. The doors of New American Funding were opened in 2003 and started with 40 dedicated men and women. Back then the company was simply a call center. Now, New American Funding has expanded into a direct service and seller for big companies and aspiring business owners and starters. This is a company that has provided processing, servicing, and origination in order to perform good lending.

New American Funding prides themselves on treating their partners and clients with dignity. Their business model is measured by integrity, and they want to be known as a company of good standards. Therefore, they chose Edwin Miranda to be the Senior Loan Consultant of New American Funding. Miranda goes the extra mile for his customers by taking them through the loan process step by step, explaining the parts, answering their questions and being there for the customers when they need him. On Social Survey’s website,; customers are writing reviews and saying good things about Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda went to Saddleback College and studied Criminal Justice. He graduated from there in 2012, and got a job at LensCrafters in 2013. There he was a expert laboratory technician and stayed with the company for almost three years. Then in June of 2016, Edwin Miranda joined New American Funding. And it wasn’t long before he became the Senior Loan Consultant of the company. Miranda can speak Spanish as well as English very well, and has received numerous endorsements for his work and accomplishments for the company. There is no question that Edwin Miranda is perfect for this job.

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Ways Jos Auriemo Neto has Redefined Real Estate Business

For the last five decades, the Brazilian economy has been on a fast growth which according to pundits has created a spiral effect on its overall service industry. The service industry, however, is mostly underinvested but companies such as JHSF are challenging this reality. One of the people that have been central to this growth is José Auriemo Neto. He understands the importance of the service industry in realizing a fully functional economy. In the recent past, his attention has been in high-end hotels, better offices, and most importantly modern shopping malls. In all these projects, José Auriemo Neto has been keen on involving all the stakeholders.

Many factors make Auriemo an exceptionally successful professional in the real estate industry. First, it is noteworthy to appreciate the fact that he had one of the best introduction to business. The fact that his father was already in this business gave him a soft landing in terms of learning the art of property markets and most important how to negotiate deals. He was also fortunate to work in different capacities before becoming the CEO of the company. This introduction and experience, reinforced by his passion for business, make him the best investment manager of our time. Due to his passion and determination, the company gave him the first chance to manage a project, which he did a great job.

The graduate from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University is a strong believer of collaborations in business and partnerships with likeminded entities. Because of this stately belief, Auriemo has been able to work with some of the best companies in Brazil. Some of the entities he has worked with through his company include Valentino and Jimmy Choo. Although the two entities are not in the property market, his understanding on ‘when’ to collaborate with an entity is exceptionally brilliant. Regardless of partnership, José Auriemo Neto gets in; he is always keen to protect the interests of his company.

Shervin Pishevar Takes Down Tech Giants In Tweetstorm

In an unprecedented Tweetstorm, super angel investor Shervin Pishevar unleashed a barrage of harsh criticism on five of America’s largest high-tech entities, blasting them for their powermad dominance and stifling the ability of upstarts to create new business models and products.

In the crosshairs of Shervin Pishevar were Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (owners of Google) and Amazon. He called them “robber barons” who are “destroying one start-up after another.” The bottom line, he said, is that these companies are too large and powerful and should get the “Ma Bell” break-up treatment. The latter refers to the way AT&T was broken up by U.S. regulators because it had become a stifling monopoly.

Shervin Pishevar knows something about starting a small high tech company. He was the founder and creator of, WebOS, SGN and Hyperoffice. All that was just a beginning for Mr. Pishevar. As an angel investor he backed such behemoths as Uber, Airbnb and Tumblr and Uber Series-B. He later founded Hyperloop One and Investment company.

So when a guy like Shervin Pishevar blasts the Big Players for crushing new start-up companies, he speaks with the experience of a man who has “been there.”

Pishevar’s Tweetstorm went well beyond discussion of the Big Five. He also discussed the curious lack of inflation in the U.S. economy in recent years. He also offered opinions on the fate of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. He went on to offer dire predictions about Silicon Valley and even the stock market.

What does he think of the current high-flying stock market? Shervin Pishevar thinks it is overvalued and almost certainly due for a dramatic downward correction. He thinks the stock market could give back 6000 points. Part of the reason for that, he said, is volatility with bonds. He blames the central banks for using bonds too liberally to help stabilize the market.

He also said that Silicon Valley may soon lose its position as the world’s premier tech corridor. He called Silicon valley more of an “idea” than some kind of actual physical location. That means competition can arise from anywhere else on the globe.

Peter Briger Takes Risks Others Don’t

2007 will be recognized as the breakout year for Fortress Investment Group. It denoted the year the private value firm appeared openly on the New York Stock Exchange in a first sale of stock (IPO). This accomplishment made business proficient Peter Briger a very rich person apparently medium-term. At the time, the large number of offers he claimed soar and maximized at somewhat more than $2 billion.

Diminish Briger was up however as the platitude goes, “nothing is exempt from the forces of gravity.” After some time his offers started to quickly diminish in esteem. Indeed, Fortress Investment Group’s stock has just slanted descending since the IPO. Today, his offers are worth fundamentally less. Read this article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Despite the fact that it might appear Peter Briger is fumbling nothing could be further from reality. His general total assets has in fact endured a shot on paper, yet he has supported his remaining as a tip top player in the covert universe of exceptional resource contributing. Regardless of that colossal hit to his total assets on paper, Peter Briger remains a tip top player in the shadowy universe of extraordinary resource contributing.

Dwindle Peter Briger was enrolled to Fortress to help lead the organization’s land and obligation securities organizations. His activity was extremely vital at the time, because of the organization searching out approaches to expand far from its center private value business all the while. He has since worked his way up and now fills in as both a vital and Co-Chairman of the top managerial staff at Fortress.

Since the start of Peter Briger’s profession he’s spent significant time in upset obligation. He flourishes by exchanging resources that others dismiss. He has found real success following the monetary emergency, transforming one man’s junk into his fortune. he even alludes to his business procedure today as “money related administrations junk gathering.” A term that flawlessly portrays the way he’s ready to make something out of nothing.

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