Transforming collection with IC system

IC system is a collection agency founded eighty years ago. The agency has been managed by the three generations of the Erickson’s family having been started by Jack Erickson with Ruth Erickson. The agency has since been recognized for its service to its customers and the community at large. They serve their customers with integrity and ethically. Most of the customers appreciate it for their honesty and excellent service delivery.

IC system has also managed to compete with other such agencies for many years. It has been able to sustain its position in the industry. The agency was fast to replace its’ typewriters when computers came in. It was the first in the United States. The agency is also keen on meeting the minimum requirements for operations in the states it meets the Regulatory and Compliance standards. This way the company keeps its reputation for being a secured agency is kept. The good reputation is the reason why the agency has been the finalists of BBB Torch Awards from the year 2013 to 2015.

IC system always finds a way to do things perfectly by regular and latest innovations. This is one of the core values of the agency, and there is an award to an employee who fulfils the values. Besides serving its customers, it also serves the community, especially through charity events. There is a charity committee in place to accomplish such activities. The committee also ensures that the employees facing difficult situations are sorted out. The agency contributes to American Red Cross, American Cancer Society among others. The company strived always to have maximum security and completed an audit of the entire network (

IC system employees are happy working in the agency. The work schedule is flexible, and there is always an opportunity for overtime. The management is good and is considerate of its employees thus helping them improve mentally and socially. They pay fair commissions with honesty. The company complies to risk management by clear documentation auditing and training with an audit committee. Moreover, it is licensed to operate nationally and collects debt in over fifty states.