Heather Parry and Her Incredible Resume

Heather Parry is one of the most successful female producers the film industry has seen in recent times. Parry has a resume that includes work with some very successful production groups. She has had her hand in a number of very successful movies and tv shows as well. In 2018 Heather Parry to her work to a whole new level when she became a part of one of the biggest films of the year.

Heather Parry’s film career start with MTV. While with MTV Parry produced 50 Cent’s movie Get Rich or Die Trying. Working as the West Coast Bureau Chief for MTV News. While with MTV Parry also worked with Adam Sandler to produce The Longest Yard for MTV Films. The film would go on to make nearly two hundred million dollars at the box office. Parry’s relationship with Sandler didn’t stop here. She went on to work for more than a decade with Happy Madison Productions. During that time Parry had a role in some huge films which include The House Bunny, Just Go with It and Pixels.

Parry’s company Live Nation played a role in one of the biggest films of 2018, A Star is Born. Parry became very interested in the film when she learned that Bradley Cooper was part of the film. She quickly called up Cooper and began persuading him to allow her to work on the film. Parry was convinced that he company had lots to offer the film in terms of festivals and concert venues. Parry’s persuasion payed off because she and her company became part of the film.

A Star is Born is not the first film about music on Parry’s resume. Two years ago she collaborated with Sean Combs on the movie Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, A Bad Boy Story. Parry also collaborated with music stars Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons and Lady Gaga on other films.

Find out more about Heather Parry: https://twitter.com/heatherparry?lang=en


Ryan Seacrest Isn’t in a Hurry to Settle Down: Here’s a Reason Why

It turns out that Ryan Seacrest isn’t in a rush to get married. The very busy television host and producer had some time to talk to Entertainment Tonight at KIIS FM’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball earlier this month. Seacrest revealed that his family is not pushing him to get married to girlfriend Shayna Taylor. They’re too busy worrying about his sister, Meredith Seacrest.

Seacrest told the entertainment news outlet that they’re too distracted by his sister. Meredith had a baby for the first time. Seacrest said that he’s happy to become a first-time uncle. He’s been working on his baby skills, which he’ll need if he ever settles down with Shayna. Seacrest says he’s been practicing on various objects to learn how to hold a baby. He doesn’t seem too worried.

The 43-year-old American Idol host said that despite being one of the most famous television interviewers, he still has moments when he gets starstruck by a celebrity. Seacrest admits that he even says “stupid things” quite frequently in interviews. Having over a decade of experience doesn’t mean that you don’t get nervous in the presence of celebrities at times.

He is currently in the midst of filming the second season of American Idol. Seacrest can’t reveal anything about the upcoming season. He did promise that there will be even more moments that will tug at your heartstrings. Since the American Idol reboot launched last year, it has shifted its focus on emotional auditions. The music competition show wanted to steer away from poking fun at the contestants who can’t sing.

Seacrest noted that there’s one audition in particular that has everyone in the room crying. Aside from American, he’s also hosting On Air With Ryan Seacrest and Live With Kelly and Ryan each week. Seacrest also makes time for his non-profit organization the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is focused on inspiring children and young adults through the worlds of entertainment and educational opportunities.

He also released his first-ever menswear lifestyle brand called Ryan Seacrest Distinction in 2014. This brand is dedicated to delivering quality men’s clothing and accessories. Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction is only available at high-end retailers such as May’s and the Macys.com website. This lifestyle brand also focuses on his very own men’s skincare line in partnership with Dr. Harold Lancer called Polished.