Brian Bonar the Genius Behind Bellamy’s

In the heart of Escondido, California, is a gem of a restaurant that foodies will believe is on par with the Hope Diamond. Opening in November 2012, Bellamy’s is still wowing its clientele with an outstanding mix of old world and nouveau cuisine. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Bellamy’s is the brainchild of Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonan. He is a rather unlikely restaurateur as Bonan’s background is in the field of technology. He possesses degrees in Technical and Mechanical Engineering as well as his Ph.D.

Bonan’s storied career began at IBM, he went on to secure employment in various technology-based companies, and eventually, Bonan founded his own company, Bezien Systems. It was Bezien Systems, which eventually launched the first printer with SCSI connections.

Brian Bonar has a great ability to assess people’s needs as well as their skills. This trait served him well when Bonar transitioned away from technology and into the restaurant business.

When opening Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar set out to create an upscale restaurant that stands out from the collection of tacky and touristy restaurants quickly becoming the norm in the area.

He felt a restaurant, which catered to the loyal repeat customers, could make its mark in Escondido. Read more: The New Frontier

A key to Bonan’s success with Bellamy’s is Master Chef Patrick Ponsay. Chef Ponsay, a native of Toulouse, France, brought a strong resume and a creative genius to Bellamy’s. He is passionate about using local sources and is a proponent of Farm to Table Cuisine.

Of course, a few French delicacies make their way onto Ponsay’s menu. The Chef describes the style of Bellamy’s as a contemporary and progressive combination of French and Californian cuisine.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Brian Bonar is transforming the local Brady Canyon Ranch into what he hopes to be a dining destination, similar to the gîtes of France or the Napa Valley.

Success seems very likely for this dynamic duo, who have already created restaurant perfection at Bellamy’s.

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