Marc Beer Renovia Playing Great Roles in the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostic Sector

Women are in most cases affected by diseases that seem hard and costly to treat or diagnose. One man who has expressed his desires to help women in need of special treatment get the best aid is none other than Marc Beer Renovia. Marc is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Renovia Inc. an institution that has been looking for the best treatment measures and products for pelvic floor disorders. One initiative that has caught many people by surprise is the news that Marc Beer has closed on a $42 million Series B fund.


This is not only good news to Renovia Inc., but also to women out there in need of help treat pelvic floor complications and other related conditions. This round of Series B funding will give Renovia an opportunity to improve and grow its channel of medical technology devices. These developments will help the healthcare institution come up with better and improved ways for diagnosing pelvic floor ailments. These are disorders that include pelvic organ prolapse, faecal incontinence and urinary incontinence as well as connected complications like haemorrhoids and constipation.


Childbirth is one of the key causes of pelvic floor disorders in women and you can imagine how many lives the $42 million funding will save. Marc Beer Renovia is delighted to get such an opportunity to help women in society. Mr. Beer is more than willing to use his more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and devices as well as biotechnology industries.


Renovia will use the $32 million of the Series B funding to develop new products and diagnostic devices for pelvic disorders and the $10 million of the fund in venture debt. There are more than 250 million women affected by pelvic floor disorder and other related conditions. Renovia Inc. is not new to the diagnostic and devices industry and it has been able to produce several products. Among its widely acknowledged products is Leva, which is certified by FDA for use.


This initiative by Marc Beer has seen reputed institutions like The Longwood Fund join the drive and will help foresee the development and production of better diagnostic and therapeutic products. These new products will be new developments and improvements of the Leva device. The fund will also be used for clinical trials and acquisition of high-end diagnostic equipment no health institutions can provide. This is a valid vision that Marc Beer feels will save the lives of millions of women.


About Marc Beer-What More to Know


Besides being the co-founder and CEO of Renovia, Marc has worked in many other healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions. Academic wise, Marc Beer is a Bachelor of Science degree holder from the Miami University. He has always used acquired knowledge, his wisdom and experience in the healthcare sector to change the lives of those in need of urgent diagnostics and treatment. Learn more: