The Truth About WEN Cleansing Conditioner

If you’ve seen the commercials for WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner on television late at night, you’ve probably wondered whether or not this product can actually live up to its claims. Every year, hundreds of new hair products flood the market that promise to turn dry and damaged hair into locks of shine and volume. However, these products rarely work because they are composed of cheap filler ingredients like sulfates that actually make hair dry and lifeless.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean unique, however, is that it uses a purely plant-based formula that is rich in the nutrients that hair craves. Vegetable glycerin and rosemary extract clean hair while restoring moisture. This all-natural formula allows hair to get back to a state of total health in no time.

Emily McClure from was determined to finally achieve shiny, voluminous hair when she purchased a bottle of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from a nearby beauty store. In order to test out the product, she applied it to her hair for seven days in a row. She even recorded her daily results in a journal.

To Emily’s delight, the Sephora marketed product boosted her hair’s health after just the first application. As her hair dried, she noticed that it had more volume and that it was softer than it had ever been before. Feeling encouraged, Emily kept applying WEN to her hair during her daily shower.

By the middle of the week, Emily’s hair had achieved new levels of shine and volume.

In fact, this transformation was so noticeable that friends started to ask her about what she was doing to her hair. By day seven, Emily was fully convinced that WEN Cleansing Conditioner’s plant-based formula really is the only product that can truly restore hair’s health so that it may become softer, shinier and thicker than ever. For more product information, visit the Wen Wikipedia page.

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A Die-hard Fanatic Gives Her Honest Review of WEN by Chaz Dean Products

Emily McClure, a die-hard hair care fanatic, was attracted by the appealing TV commercials and Facebook ads on Wen by Chaz Dean. The gorgeous woman featured in the commercial had beautiful hair that Emily couldn’t resist. She decided to buy the Wen Cleansing Conditioner and experiment it on her hair. She then took to to tell her experience with the healthcare product.

Commencement of the Experiment

After a busy day, Emily went home and set out to start her WEN cleansing experiment. She was slightly taken aback by the instructions on the product’s bottle label that required her to use more than ten pumps when applying the product. She, however, proceeded with her experiment. She went to the shower and following the instruction on the label, washed her hair with WEN. The immediate effect was satisfactory. Emily later blow-dried her hair and was happy to see her hair looking bouncy and shiny.

The following day, Emily woke up to greasy and flat hair. She couldn’t shower in the morning due to a tight schedule, so she waited till evening to wash her hair. She repeated the day one procedure, and the results were amazing.

Reactions from the Third Day

In the third day, Emily’s hair was not as greasy as in the previous day. She washed it thoroughly and even applied a heat protectant and texturizing paste. Her hair was still healthy and shiny in the evening. Emily didn’t wash her hair in the morning of the fourth day, and she ended up having a bad hair day.

In the fifth day, she washed her hair with Wen and the day was good. For the sixth and seventh day, she had gotten used to the product, and even her friends liked it. Emily’s conclusion was that WEN cleansing products are good, but one must be ready to wash her hair every morning.

About WEN Chaz

WEN by Chaz Dean ( is a hair care products company based in Los Angeles, USA. The firm was established in 2008 by Chaz Dean and has since designed and distributed millions of products. The firm has an outlet at Dean Chaz Studio along 6444 Fountain Avenue.

For more info, visit the Wen website.

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How An Imaginative Redesign Of Lip Balm Took The World By Storm

When you think about the past of lip balm, you think of a boring stick that wasn’t fun to apply and that looked questionable to apply in public. There was nothing glamorous or beautiful about it. That is what EOS changed when they invented their creative orbs of lip balm.

When you think about a business as large as EOS getting it’s start, you would assume that they would get a large outside investment to get going. Not so for EOS whose founders started by investing their own money in the company. They worked with a clay artist to come up with a completely new and different idea for the shape and appearance of the lip balm. Their aim was to make something that wouldn’t just compete with other lip balm companies, but that would change the world of lip balm all together. With it’s spherical shape, EOS is beautiful to look at and hold. It’s easy to apply, does a great job at moisturizing and protecting the lips and is made in many, many different flavors.

Lip balm became fun and trendy. It is now common to see celebrities of every age pull the little EOS orbs out of their purses while they are out and about town. EOS revolutionized a product that was tired and worn. They changed both it’s appearance and how the world viewed lip balm. Their companies history’s unique. As their name states, they truly are the “Evolution Of Smooth.” Evolution of Smooth is found in numerous chain stores like ULTA, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, eBay and more. Sales of the product is reported to be exceeding $1 Million per week.

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