Dyeing Hair Lilac With Wengie


Wengie transforms her blonde hair into a lovely lilac shade. Keep reading to find out how she did it!


The first and most important aspect of this dye job is to lighten the hair. Wengie started out a dark blonde, and because of that her lilac will be a darker shade. The closer to white the hair is, the lighter the purple will be. It’s important to keep the hair as close to one shade as possible, as having darker or lighter spots will change the color of the dye.


She began by mixing Fudge’s Pink Flamingo and Blue Hawaii dyes into a Tresemme conditioner to get the precise purple she was looking for. Once the dye was mixed, it was simple to paint her hair with it and leave it on for twenty minutes. Wengie used a shower cap to help the color infuse.


Once the time was up, she hopped in the shower and blow-dried her hair so that we could see the result; a lovely shade of lilac! According to Wengie, the color will start to fade after about two or three washes. She’ll be rocking that purple until she goes dark again for her friend’s upcoming wedding!