The Doctor of the year: Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr.Mark McKenna is a passionate and dedicated medical Practioner in Medicine and surgery. He studied at Tulane Medical School and was licensed to practice by Florida and Georgia State Board Of Medical Examiners. After completing college, Dr. Mark McKenna joined his father clinic to practice medicine. Mark had interest in business and While working he establish McKenna Boutique, Investment Firm and real estate company. His venture expanded to offering design, financing, and real estate development closing services.

In 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna actively participated in rebuilding Orleans City after destruction by Hurricane Katrina by coming up with affordable housing blocks. In 2007 Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta to open a wellness aesthetic clinic. Later on, Mark sold the ShapeMed clinic to Life Fitness International Company in 2014 and started working with them as national medical director until mid-2016. A year then Dr.Mark McKenna launched consumer-facing clinic called OVME. The hospital was offering technology-driven medical aesthetic which is reinventing and facing out elective healthcare. Mark was inspired to start the clinic by his extensive ten-year experience in medical field and untapped opportunities which would turn around service delivery in the industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna owes his fortune to discipline and seeking knowledge to expand his medical business skills. Also, he selectively spends his time with smart and innovative people who keep on challenging him to be better. Mark Loves visualizing and setting long and short-term goals. He is keen on time, and he wakes up very early in the morning to exercise and plan his day ahead.

Mark is married to Gianna McKenna, and they have one beautiful daughter. Mark serves on several company boards which include Orleans Industrial Development Board, Orleans Jazz Festival among others in the medical and entrepreneurial field. Mark is known for his quote ‘Speed without directions useless” he urges young entrepreneurs to be focused and be consistency in pursuit of their goals. Also, Mark encourages youths to take their time to study as they discover the career path they would like to pursue. Otherwise, they will end up being frustrated, or be jack of all trade.

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Preston Smith and the Things he Did at Rocketship Education

Charter schools do not charge any fees or tuition for enrollees to attend. While they’re as much of public schools as those led by school boards, not having to follow many rules and guidelines that might not apply to your particular school is great for educational institutions.

This is one of the main reasons why Rocketship Education is known as one of the best elementary schools in the entire United States of America.

Preston Smith created Rocketship Education in 2007 with help from a technology expert named Mr. John Danner. While Smith is the only founder still with the group today, he has been an instrumental part of the group’s success, disputable by none.

He wrote on a Californian news website that parents need to create their own schools more often, rather than voicing their concerns and not taking any action. Talking is great for parents – Rocketship Education solicits opinions from them about how their kids are doing with current educational efforts – but action means a lot more for creating top-notch institutions for children from low-income cities to attend.

There are eighteen schools belonging to the system of charter schools in the United States. One school is in Wisconsin, three are in Tennessee, two are in Washington DC, and twelve are in the Bay Area.

Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education in the San Francisco Bay Area, having proved by a longshot that it is as innovative as most businesses that take a foothold in the area.

Rocketship Education is one of the best schools for personalized lessons plans in the nation. They are known by many in education as a pioneer of technology in personalized lessons for entire classes of students. This requires lots of effort from teachers. When working together ideally, Rocketship Education is one of the best such schools in the lower 48 states.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes the Central Talk Point at Shoptalk Europe

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial advisory company based in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, the company has served most investors and entrepreneurs within the United States of America and beyond.

The company has constantly thrived in offering their services, and this has made it gain notable popularity. Following its establishment in 1934, it has managed to pull a team of well-trained employees with expertise in various departments.

The company strives at offering excellent services to their clients. This has enabled the company to expand their branches and hence attracting a wider market for their services. As a result, this provides job opportunities to various classes of people in Dallas and the United States of America at large.

Having a large pool of employees has speeded up the company’s transactional services as well as the financial services offered by their team of financial advisories. Investors have consulted with the company for the best money lending institutions for their loans and also for advice on how to go about their businesses. Additionally, their banking services have also impacted positively on the businesses of various entrepreneurs and investors. This way, businesses have managed to maintain their financial statuses without incurring unnecessary debts. Their clients have expressed their gratitude towards the service providers of the company.

Recently, the company was promoted as one of the best companies in Texas that deliver expert banking services and financial guidelines for various people around Texas and beyond. Due to the expansions, the company has been ranked one of the largest banks in within the city.

Through successful partnerships with other financial institutions, the employees have greatly benefited from the exposure. Mingling with other employees has enabled them to gain more knowledge and experience that they have utilized to the advantage of NexBank’s productivity. The increase in productivity has dramatically impacted on the profits realized by the company at the end of each financial year. As a result, the economy of Texas has drastically risen following the increase in revenue earned by the country.

For every company to grow, it needs effective professionals who work towards achieving the company’s goals.


Freedom Debt Relief Reviews – 8 Critical Thoughts to Consider

First, it is not possible to save money on all forms of debts. Ask a company like Freedom Debt Relief exactly where their level of expertise is! Target in on your specific goals and ask plenty of questions after you have done your initial research.

Debt relief companies like Freedom Debt Relief work with you primarily on credit card bills and unsecured loans, especially if you are over $15,000. or more in debt.

* You want to see what all your options are when you obtain at least $15,000. of unsecured debt or more and you are motivated to acquire ways to diminish your debt.

* Researching and looking at Freedom Debt Relief reviews and other online resources can help you to make up to date decisions and lead you on the path to debt relief.

* You could also discover how to approach your debt distress with recommendations in a video on finance management. Good credit card debt relief videos have an assortment of brief, easy to understand information that could help you get a better awareness about credit card debt and dealing with it and what to do next.

* Some companies offer a free of charge – 100% confidential consultation when you go to their website and submit your information.

* When you go to a website such as Freedom Debt Relief, you may be ready to fill out a short form for a free debt relief consultation or estimate while other people prefer to speak to a person first. An efficient arrangement will give you both options, either call first, or simply type in your brief information. Now you can see how responsive and professional a particular company is, and get a fast free debt consultation that is 100% secure and confidential.

* Your questions regarding debt consolidation or credit card debt settlement should be addressed by thoughtful, caring, and expert counselors like those at Freedom Debt Relief.

* Customers and clients have become increasingly disenchanted with a merely adequate level of customer service. For most informed customers, extraordinary service is the rule, not the exception.

* Excellent customer service like that of Freedom Debt Relief is vital to the success of any business, and is essential in today’s competitive economy. Use these thoughts to prepare yourself for your debt relief inquiry.

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Todd Lubar

Baltimore, the Charm City, is quite charming for entrant professionals on the market, no wonder the name. Although at first sight, it may look as though the population is declining, its growing popularity among the younger generations and the projections of the future show it will continue on the same path. The rebound rate of the economy will profoundly affect this trend over the coming years.

Due to a high concentration of younger professional workers in Baltimore, the demand for a more extensive variety regarding housing options rises. Real estate developers respond to that call of demand by refurbishing older buildings, turning them into hip choices for residents of the city. Therefore, there have been more options for condos and apartments.

Millennials turn to Baltimore as a prime destination. Since the cost of living in Baltimore happens to be lower than that of Washington, D.C., young professionals, as well as recent graduates, look to kick-start their careers with their supposed first home in Baltimore. With unemployment rates improving and even increased wages, the buying power of the millennials improves and business booms in this city. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar has been at the heart of Baltimore’s Real estate market for decades now, and with his background knowledge in credit and finance, he is the best mediator for either sellers or clients in the real estate market in Baltimore looking to close a deal.

Lubar is currently the President at TDL Ventures, with a focus to expand the company and attain new heights in the industry. He also serves as Senior Vice President, Legendary Investments, with former positions at Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Through his expertise, he saw Maryland Legacy Financial office grow into a production unit of multiples of $100 million annual volume.

Owing to his desire to help those in need, Lubar held a position of Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. He also holds a B.A in Speech Communication, Syracuse University. Todd impressively maintained his position among the best mortgage companies in the country for many years. He is actively involved in all sectors of Real estate, Maryland. You can visit his Facebook page

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Oncotarget Helps Reseachers To Advance The Process Of Cancer Treatment

The success of a scientific research entirely depends on how much effort a researcher is willing to put into the project, and how much support he/she can get from colleagues and other well-experienced researchers. However, the success is also dependent on another factor that is crucial to any research project, and that is the resources that are available to assist in uncovering the badly needed answers.

For cancer, research has been conducted widely in different parts of the globe, and this has led researchers to put a great deal of time in trying to find a possible cure, but at each step of the way, the challenges continue to be insurmountable. As much as other researchers have experienced great difficulty with the research process, Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the few oncologists in the society who continues to see hope even in the midst of the challenges that keep coming his way.

He understands that the best way to overcome problems is by bringing in other more experienced people in the same field to help with the solution creation process. Oncotarget was developed to create room for scientists to come together and develop better solutions for any ailment. Mikhail Blagosklonny does not only focus on research for cancer, but he also tries to find solutions for aging and more

The journey has been long, and many challenges have already been faced. Still, more difficulties may be encountered in the quest for a better treatment methodology. Mikhail Blagosklonny serves the purpose of a chief editor for Oncotarget, and he ensures that the data which is posted on the website is valid and has been well researched. The lengthy experience in the field of oncology enables Mikhail Blagosklonny to understand more that is associated with matters of oncology.

In the course of his career, Mikhail Blagosklonny has successfully managed to develop a solution to help in curbing the high rate of aging in human beings. The drugs that Mikhail Blagosklonny emphasizes should be used are proving to be very useful, and the process is helping many people in the society who are faced with old age complications.


How Eric Lefkowsky Plans to Save the World

His Financial Prowess

Eric Lefkowsky has certainly proven himself as one of the world’s most amazing business men. Everywhere you look, there’s a reminder of his success and his talent. He was behind the growth of Groupon and other major startups of our time. Thanks to his work you can enjoy countless services we take for granted today. However, he wants more than profits and wealth. He has decided to use his billionaire fortune to help those around him. Through his family foundation and his new company Tempus, we will see Lefkowsky change the world in ways you would never have expected.

What He Has In Mind

The Lefkowsky Foundation is an example of the work he’s doing right now. Through his personal foundation he manages to provide resources necessary for charities across the world. These resources have made a massive impact on the lives of countless people already. There are schools in places that used to have none and there is research being conducted on diseases that were otherwise forgotten. Lefkowsky certainly has some sort of magic touch. Now, he wants to take that magic touch and apply it to one of the world’s most devastating diseases. To know more about him click here.

Where This Is All Headed

Tempus is the company at the center of is latest efforts to improve the world. Essentially, this company is built around trying to find ways to give cancer patients customized cancer treatment. What works for one cancer patient often doesn’t work for another. This requires a personalized approach to just about every new case. Thanks to the technology you’ll find at Tempus, it can be done easily. The genetic history of every single patient is easily observed as well as plenty of other factors as well. When you include all of them together, it creates a solution with a high certainty of success. So far, the plans to turn this into something bigger are close to completion. Lefkowsky understands what it will take and he plans to do everything he can. It’s just a matter of making sure he gets everybody else on board.

End Citizens United Endorses Doug Jones

There is a secret war going on for the rights of the average American voter. For nearly eight full years now we have seen voting rights under systematic attack thanks to groups like Citizens United, led by men like James Bopp. The goal of Citizens United, a conservative right wing group, has been to prop up corporations in order to allow them to use their extensive cache of money to sway legislators and influence elections. Citizens United struck their heaviest blow in 2010 when they appeared before the Supreme Court in order to argue that monetary donations were an extension of ‘free speech’ and that corporations should be considered as people. It’s not even hard to see what Citizens United was attempting to do.

Thankfully the power of the American people has been resilient, if fractured, and it has represented itself in the form of grassroots campaigns. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has dedicated themselves to focusing on putting legislators in position to introduce a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizens United decision. Led by Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is trying to make a difference in an era where Donald Trump is leading the Republican party from the White House. This has made End Citizens United’s job infinitely more difficult thanks to just how partisan Washington DC has become. Due to this, Muller has had to focus on putting their power behind legislators who are willing to make campaign finance reform part of their platform.

Most recently End Citizens United has gotten behind Democrat Doug Jones, a former United States attorney who is in the running for the Alabama Special Election which will occur on December 12th, 2017. Jones is a progressive who has made campaign finance reform a huge part of his platform and that is something that End Citizens United fully respects. Jones will be running against Republican Roy Moore who has been under fire for ages thanks to his bigoted outlook and his racially charged comments. Moore is backed up by big money and it will be an uphill battle for Doug Jones to overcome the difference in their financial levels. This case is exactly why End Citizens United is so stringent in their belief of campaign finance reform. The American people should be able to vote for the legislator they believe in, not the one with the most money.

Tiffany Muller spoke out on Roy Moore by saying his “radical agenda has no place in the U.S. Senate, plain and simple.” Muller was harsh in her condemnation of Moore and that should help to fuel a surge for Doug Jones. Now it remains to be seen if Jones can continue to make up the difference.

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Only the Best for Your Dog: Choose Beneful

Beneful is a dog food brand housed under the Nestle Purina umbrella. The term Beneful Beneficial stems from the origin “full of goodness” and has been established as a brand favorite in the dog food industry. The “full of goodness” pun is appropriate for this brand that features soupy food with large chunks of stew meat and chicken. Dogs gravitate towards this humanized style of dog food and owners appreciate the company’s commitment to the health and wellness of animals. Overall the Beneful brand offers a mixture of wet and dry dog food and a plentiful line of dog treats that is enjoyed by both pets and humans across the globe.

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The Achievements of Bumble’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is prominently known for being one of Americans most outstanding female entrepreneurs. In addition to her prominences as an entrepreneur she is also the executive officer of the Bumble.

Following the monthly user base rating, the Bumble app is the fourth most popular app in line with dating. Bumble headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Additionally, Andrey Andreev approached Wolfe concerning the establishment of a dating platform. The former facilitated a partnership with the latter alongside a new firm in the year 2014 with Wolfe. The establishment of Bumble took place in the year 2014. As at now, the number of registered users that it has exceeds 11.5 million.

Bumble is currently undergoing different transformations include the launching of BumbleBIZZ as well as BumbleBFF. The latter facilitates friends’ finding. Under the TIME, the value of the company is currently at $500 million.

Looking at her education and early life, Utah is her birthplace. She is a daughter of Kelly who is a housewife and Michael who is a property developer.

She, later on, joined the Southern Methodist University for her further studies. It is in the course of her studies that she became a major in International Studies.

Remarkably, she began her business while she was nineteen years while at college. The business entailed the sale of bamboo tote bags. The benefits went to the regions that were encountered the effects of the BP Oil spill.

The partnership between Patrick Aufdenkamp who is a celebrity stylist and Wolfe enhanced the launching of the organization by the name Help Us Project which is non-profit making. It is worth acknowledging the reception of that bags by the national press after their photography with celebrities including Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. Upon graduation, Wolfe moved to the Southeast of Asia. It is during her stay there that she worked with the orphanages.

Notably, Whitney Wolfe in a gorgeous wedding that took place at the cliff-side village found on the Amalfi Coast. She is now married to Michael Herd of Texas oil.

Despite the fact that the couple is yet to make their marriage official, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with congratulatory messages and photos from family and friends who attended the event. For more info about us: click here.

Additionally, artist Ashley Longshore on her Instagram appreciated the couple for making everyone believe not only in love but also in the beauty as well as the infinite possibilities. The sister of the bride as well congratulated them for their show to the world of the definition of true love.