Does The OSI Group Eat At McDonald’s?

You bet your last french fry they do! Who doesn’t opt for a delicious quarter pounder with cheese (or even some bacon added) once in a while? No one, that’s who! It is, in this writer’s opinion, true, or at least axiomatic, that McDonald’s restaurant is the most famous creation in all creation. McDonald’s hamburgers are world-famous. Everyone alive knows the famous golden arches (for all intents and purposes that is). But where do they get all the great, high quality beef for those millions, perhaps billions, of hamburgers served every day all over the world? Is it fair that the supplier of the most important ingredient (beef) for the most famous hamburger in all of human history, is largely unknown?

Well, whether it’s fair on not is subjective. The OSI Group is the supplier. They provide McDonald’s with the top quality beef they need. They’ve achieved worldwide success in the food industry. They have been supplying McDonald’s with great beef from the very beginning of the OSI Group McDonalds relationship. The OSI Group doesn’t need to advertise with that much success. Their performance speaks for itself. Therefore, the OSI Group McDonalds combo is a one-two punch that has been resonating for quite some time now.

In a nutshell, over 100 years ago a German immigrant started a butcher shop; succeeded for decades partnered with McDonalds in the mid 50s and has been supplying them with beef ever since. Again, the OSI Group McDonalds pairing has stood the test of time, and shows no sign of slowing.

The little butcher shop/meat market that started it all was established by Mr. Otto Kolschowsky. Otto Kolschowsky worked hard and ran a first-rate operation in butchering. His sons followed in his footsteps, and the deal of the century was struck between Otto & Sons (which eventually became OSI Industries, or the OSI Group) and McDonald’s restaurant; hence, the OSI Group McDonalds pairing. The history is thick with success, and with such a dynamic duo as the OSI Group McDonalds powerhouse, success has never been so delicious.

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