Edwin Miranda, The Consultant Of New American Funding

New American Funding is a banker company that offers loans for purchasing a home and for refinancing. These loans have many options like Harp 2.0, conventional, and mortgages that have adjustable and fixed rates. The doors of New American Funding were opened in 2003 and started with 40 dedicated men and women. Back then the company was simply a call center. Now, New American Funding has expanded into a direct service and seller for big companies and aspiring business owners and starters. This is a company that has provided processing, servicing, and origination in order to perform good lending.

New American Funding prides themselves on treating their partners and clients with dignity. Their business model is measured by integrity, and they want to be known as a company of good standards. Therefore, they chose Edwin Miranda to be the Senior Loan Consultant of New American Funding. Miranda goes the extra mile for his customers by taking them through the loan process step by step, explaining the parts, answering their questions and being there for the customers when they need him. On Social Survey’s website, socialsurvey.me; customers are writing reviews and saying good things about Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda went to Saddleback College and studied Criminal Justice. He graduated from there in 2012, and got a job at LensCrafters in 2013. There he was a expert laboratory technician and stayed with the company for almost three years. Then in June of 2016, Edwin Miranda joined New American Funding. And it wasn’t long before he became the Senior Loan Consultant of the company. Miranda can speak Spanish as well as English very well, and has received numerous endorsements for his work and accomplishments for the company. There is no question that Edwin Miranda is perfect for this job.

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