Sheldon Lavin: The Visionary Leader At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the sitting CEO of OSI group, which is the leading company is meat packaging as well as food processing. Sheldon Lavin is popular for exceptional leadership and philanthropic efforts to Ronald McDonald House Foundation. He holds a degree in finance and accounting from Roosevelt University. Lavin has managed to grow OSI Group into a multibillion-dollar enterprise that distributes its products to more than 17 countries.

Sheldon has extensive knowledge on the industry since the time he was part of Otto & Sons which later became OSI Group. His commitment to improving the welfare of the company and that of its employees has contributed to growing the business into an industry leader. His efforts are also supported by the use of state of art technology and a history of embracing challenges when they present themselves

Over the years, Sheldon has carried out initiatives to promote sustainability and for food production techniques that are environmentally friendly. Because of this, he has won several accolades such as California Green Business Award, Global Visionary Award, among many others. They represent a crowning achievement for the many years he has served the company.

He owes his success to his ability to plan and prepare for the unseen future and it is a trait Sheldon Lavin believes sets him apart from the rest. The majority of people do not possess this ability, but for him it a habit he developed from an early age. He would make decisions that he knew would improve his situation in the future. Sheldon Lavin considers the ability to plan ahead as a prerequisite for establishing a firm that lasts.

OSI Group is a company that has embraced technology through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin because he understands that in the near future, almost every aspect of the business will be guided by technology. The company has embraced technology not only in the processing of products but also in its marketing initiatives to reach out to more prospective customers. ISO Group engages in internet marketing and uses of social media marketing. Sheldon has developed a team whose work is to look out for technological trends which are later incorporated in the model of business.

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