Jake Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the Titans in healthcare investment. He has worked together with Stuart Weisbrod for many years at Merlin BioMed Group. After partying ways for close to twenty years, they are sharing offices again. Jacob co-founded Merlin in 1998 as a management company focussing in healthcare with portfolios in medical device, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare service sector. After leaving Merlin Gottlieb went ahead to start his own firm. With about $300 million in initial capital, Gottlieb found Visium management.

Visium survived the financial crisis in 2008 and grew to about $8 billion hedge fund. At the time it had 200 employees with offices in London, San Francisco, and New York. Despite having almost 10 years of continuous success, the Visium’s growth came to an end in 2016. Three executives were accused of mismarking and insider trading. This was after Jason Thorell; A Visium employee brought forward the evidence concerning the discovery. He spent more than two years coming up with the proof of the SEC and FBI.

Gottlieb has since been cleared of any wrongdoing involving the mismarking and insider trading scandal. He has continued his role as the CEO of the company, to ensure that funds are returned back to investors. His partnership with Weisbrod is expected to bring better changes in the healthcare industry. Even as he runs Visium, Gottlieb has already started Altium capital. The company is also a hedge fund that is meant to perform even better than Visium.

The first investment by Altium was a stake of 5.61% in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oramed was started in 2006, to help transform the way medical treatments are administered. One such transformation is the use of oral insulin which replaced the use of injected insulin. This innovation has managed to change the lives of many people with diabetes and those going through protein-based therapies. Gottlieb decided to invest in Oramed having foreseen its potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry.

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