VR and Alex Hern

3Alex Hern has been a major technology entrepreneur for many years. His success stories are legion. He was formerly co-founder director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs, which powered search engines. He was formerly co-founded and director of Yesmail. And that is only a brief sampling. There are many others. Hern currently serves as the CEO of Tsunami VR. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

When he came on board he immediately set to work honing virtual reality technology for the average user of today’s home-based computers and mobile devices. He says he still spends four to five hours a day concentrating on this very thing. Most of the best ideas during these times come at night when no one is around and there are no distractions. In fact, he avoids any form of multitasking since Alex Hern strongly believes that it is unproductive. This is one reason he doesn’t do social media. He is particularly excited about integrating AI and cloud-based computing into the work of Tsunami.

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But Hern is also all too aware that macroeconomic conditions are uncontrollable and that an entrepreneur is always well advised to meet the adverse economic conditions at any moment. He is all about helping the next generation of business people face the many challenges of the business world. He says he even recently gave his daughter $100 to start a dog walking business. But he only did this because she had a good plan which he believes is always necessary from the start. But he says that regardless of plans, there will always be failures. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

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