VR and Alex Hern

3Alex Hern has been a major technology entrepreneur for many years. His success stories are legion. He was formerly co-founder director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs, which powered search engines. He was formerly co-founded and director of Yesmail. And that is only a brief sampling. There are many others. Hern currently serves as the CEO of Tsunami VR. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

When he came on board he immediately set to work honing virtual reality technology for the average user of today’s home-based computers and mobile devices. He says he still spends four to five hours a day concentrating on this very thing. Most of the best ideas during these times come at night when no one is around and there are no distractions. In fact, he avoids any form of multitasking since Alex Hern strongly believes that it is unproductive. This is one reason he doesn’t do social media. He is particularly excited about integrating AI and cloud-based computing into the work of Tsunami.

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But Hern is also all too aware that macroeconomic conditions are uncontrollable and that an entrepreneur is always well advised to meet the adverse economic conditions at any moment. He is all about helping the next generation of business people face the many challenges of the business world. He says he even recently gave his daughter $100 to start a dog walking business. But he only did this because she had a good plan which he believes is always necessary from the start. But he says that regardless of plans, there will always be failures. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.

Wes Edens- Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is one of the Fortress Investment Group principal based in the New York City and a co-founder of the company too. Wesley is the private equity chief investment officer at his company and also has investments in various other industries such as media, financial sector, healthcare providers, real estate, infrastructure as well as transportation. Edens serves at different capacities in the leadership of the company such as co-chief executive officer, head of private equity and principal of private equity. Before the Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, Edens worked as a partner at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. where he was the managing director for a long time. Previously he also served as the managing director and partner of Lehman Brothers.

Wes Edens was also awarded the title of “New King of Subprime Lending” from the Wall Street Journal as a result of his commitment and hard work when Fortress Investment Group bought subprime lender Springfield Financial Services as his idea. Subprime lender Springfield Financial Services which was initially known as “AIG’s American General Finance.” By 2015 and was going to be a great addition to the benefit of the Fortress Investment Group since at the time it owned up to a maximum of $3.5 billion in assets. As time went by, Fortress Investment Group also bought “Centex Home Equity Company, LLC” which was at the time a subprime mortgage lender. Later, Centex Home Equity Company, LLC would be renamed to “Nationstar Mortgage,” and Wes Edens took the chairman position at the company.

WEdens’ interest in the finance sector cannot be ignored therefore due to his significant contribution to the industry. He is also a great fun of sports and in 2014, together with his partner, decided to purchase Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million. Edens also went ahead to promise the former Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl that he would in future engage in building a new arena for the team and also that he would see to it that it remained in Wisconsin. Wes Edens studied finance and business administration at Oregon State University which set him a right path to his success in the finance industry.

Robert Ivy: Life of Achieving for Architects

Robert Ivy isn’t your ordinary architect, or Mississippian. He’s led a life of growth, hard work, and continual dedication. He was born and raised in Mississippi, but quickly outgrew the towns there and moved to Florida to study for an English Degree. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website. You might think “What does an English degree have to do with an architect?”…and you’d be right. But he wasn’t done after receiving just one degree, he returned to school and studied at Tulane University to receive a Master of Architecture degree. This was fitting, because he’d later be designated as a Master Architect, one of seven from the national architect fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, and the only architect granted this title in the 21st Century. Robert Ivy wasn’t just satisfied with a good record at school though, he threw himself full force into his new careers. When he was appointed Editor-in-Chief for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, a nationally published architectural journal, he wasn’t happy with just maintaining it’s limited success.

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He pushed for translations, he pushed to expand McGraw-Hill’s infrastructure so they could support international readers and he succeeded. The Architectural Review is now the most widely available and consumed architectural journal. Robert Ivy wasn’t just satisfied with average growth and art work, he wanted to make architecture something that every person could understand and draw inspiration from to fuel their own passions. Of course, his time with McGraw-Hill had to end at some point, but when it did, Robert Ivy didn’t just fade into the background, he pushed to keep expanding the architecture community. Robert Ivy published a book, and eventually became the Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He’s led the AIA to record membership rates in its 150 years of existence, and he’s expanded the AIA to be a worldwide organization with branches in Europe and Canada and other places as well. The Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to artists and critics with a strong tie to Mississippi, and there’s no one else quite like the architect Robert Ivy from Mississippi and his continual dedication to making architecture more accessible. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Southridge Capital One of the Prominent Financial Services Firm Based in Connecticut

It is necessary that you start planning your finances from the very beginning of your career. Most of the people realize it too late that they have missed out crucial years of their life when they should have been investing. It makes it challenging to plan retirement optimally or program any wealth creation plan. However, no matter what stage of your life you are, age-wise and financially, taking the help of the financial experts would help you get the answers of all the finance-based riddles that you might be struggling to solve. Southridge Capital is a notable financial services provider in the United States with nearly three decades of experience in the business. The experts at Southridge Capital have been associated with the world of finance for many decades and understand the financial world like the back of their hand.



If you are looking for some assistance with organizing your finances, the experts at Southridge Capital can be of great help. They would ensure that you can invest in the financial instruments that would not only safeguard your future but would also help you achieve your retirement goals with ease. Many people who are earning good but have not enough savings is because they are not focusing on their investments and savings. Southridge Capital also believes that the struggle with debt that most people go through is also one of the primary reasons why many people are not able to save as much as they should. For more details visit releasefact




According to Newswire, if you are looking for assistance with managing your finance, Southridge Capital would be more than willing to help you. The experts at Southridge Capital would sit and consult with you about your financial goals and vision you have in mind and would craft a strategic business plan accordingly, individualized entirely for you. Southridge does not only provide financial planning and retirement planning services to individuals, but is also an expert in the field of corporate advisory, corporate strategic alliance, launching IPO, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. For companies looking for some assistance with their finance, the experts at Southridge Capital can help in ways more than one.



Editing For Financial Growth: Ask Ted Bauman

In these days and times, Ted Bauman enjoys editing for Banyan Hill Publishing. The editor loves to inform readers through an online information page named for its educational literature on stocks. The Alphas Stock Alert helps Ted maintain a position as an asset protection specialist at Banyan Hill (2018). Well, frankly speaking, Bauman enjoys assisting business owners as well as individuals with gaining resources needed to avoid major business oversights.

Back in 2018, Ted Bauman served as a Director for Habitat for Humanity (2018). The position led Bauman to becoming a writer. As a bonus, Ted Bauman has written many newsletters and blogs about urban planning and finance (2018). Because of dedicating time, Bauman has become international. Ted has traveled to over 50 countries primarily to continue to inform individuals about housing forecasts. The Washington, DC native knows the way to a promising future within a company.

Today, Ted Bauman writes a personal newsletter called, “The Bauman Letter.” Every month, subscribers enhance their own sum and substance. Ted also contributes to other writing resources to include any new business agenda or new stock exchange information. Bauman feels that in order to have a successful life and career, a business owner must maintain the understanding of finances, technology, and education to help cater business to the next level. With that in mind, Bauman has the patience and persistence to ensure self-confidence in each reader. Through writing, Ted Bauman teaches those businessmen that have learned the old ways of trading goods and services. Ted Bauman keeps them current while continuing to journalize and make a difference in the world. Bauman knows that the “eggs in the basket syndrome” produces unstable business environments(2018). Slum Dwellers International is among the businesses that Bauman has helped. Nowadays, Bauman takes time to relax and enjoy life away from a professional career.


Milan Kordestani Wears A Number Of Hats Including Equestrian And Entrepreneur

In the life of an entrepreneur there is never a dull moment and Milan Kordestani knows of this all too well. In his young life already he has experienced quite a few careers including being a award winning equestrian, entrepreneur, farmer, a writer for the Huffington Post, record label founder, app developer for college students who is just entering college himself at Colorado College. How does one accomplish that much who is just still a teenager?

He was born in Stanford, California but moved a lot because his parents got divorced when he was just a child. They even flew across the world to London to get a fresh start, but flew back a year later to California. Milan graduated high school in 2017 at the prestigious Sacred Heart high school in Atherton. During his childhood Milan Kordestani loved riding horses and it developed over time into a passion, and then a career. He also founded and developed other companies on the side including Dormzi which is a app that enables college students to get all the business done they need, including errands, and finding places to go where they live like the laundromat, restaurants, and stores. Mr. Kordestani also founded Guin Records a music production company where artists can record their music records. He was initially inspired by DJ Khaled.

One of Milan Kordestani’s businesses is called Milan Farms based out of his home state Menlo Park, California. It is a sustainable, transparent, organic farm that produces a select number of the upmost quality products. Mr. Kordestani founded Milan Farm in 2015 when he was just a sophomore in high school! Milan uses innovative ways to grow his produce including hyrdoponics and aquaponics which has a very permaculture kind of way. It is also very symbiotic where each part of the system helps each other. At Milan Farms the provide consumers with 100 percent pure and organic saffron, organic mint, and free range and organic eggs. The company is so successful they are constantly expanding their business and provide the entire west coast and Colorado with their quality products.