Jeff Yastine, Working All The Angles For Investors

The Publishing Company, Banyan Hill started out as, the Sovereign Society in 1998. At that time it offered individuals the personal keys to sovereignty and self-reliance. Its readership mainly consisted of nouveau investors who were earnestly interested in advice about asset protection with offshore accounts, global trusts and how to form international LLC corporations. Then in 2016, as apart of a rebranding process, Banyan Hill Publishing was created offering a wealth of little known information about varying investment strategies. It followed the original path of dispensing advice, but grew its website to over 400,000 readers daily. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

To say Banyan Hill Publishing has evolved since those early days would be an understatement. The emphasis at Banyan Hill Publishing is dispensing investor information via award winning editors financial experts who contribute timely articles about wealth building. Investors are empowered to make their own financial destinies, rather than following a path laid out by an overpaid financial advisor.

Financial advisors don’t work for the investors, they primary function is to make money for their brokerage firms. Banyan Hill Publishing puts the control solely in the hands of the investors. They are presented with a myriad of industry experts; people who have been in the field, so to speak. In the field, means they’ve made money by avoiding the dreaded downfall of market instability. No investor can avoid market instability, because this volatility unfortunately is apart of the financial economic system today. But, there are ways to protect assets from decline.


Jeff Yastine is an award winning former news anchor and business reporter. His insights as an Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing has turned his column, Total Wealth Insider, into one of the most popular newsletters on the site. In the newsletter, Jeff Yastine goes beyond typical financial jargon and actually provides details about hidden investment options. These options are hidden stock opportunities. Jeff has a knack for uncovering invaluable information. For example, Jeff Yastine wasn’t afraid to travel to Cuba, twice he explored the role foreign investors played in the country’s economy.

Helping others achieve long term prosperity is paramount when it comes to understanding the value of Banyan Hill Publishing and how Jeff Yastine contributes as Editor. He has been writing Total Wealth Insider since 2015. He has gained combined experience as a financial journalist and as an actual, successful stock market investor. His newsletter helps investors understand stocks and provides insider insights for better financial planning. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

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