Enhanced Athlete Does Not Fall Victim To Law Suit Shake Down

Shake down law suits can happen in nearly industry. In July of 2017 Enhanced Athlete became a target of a despicable shake down style law suit. Nutrition Distribution filed the suit while claiming the marketing techniques promoted by Advanced Athlete were hindering the product sales of Nutrition Distribution. Enhanced Athlete is a Wyoming based company that manufactures body building and fitness vitamins for athletes.


This particular shake down style law suit was heinous because Enhanced Athlete was a new company that was promoting their product during their start up time. All new businesses undergo this time where they market to their communities and clients to expand their outreach. Nutrition Distribution attempted to claim that their sales decreased due to Enhanced Athlete’s increase in promotions. Nutrition Distribution was within their rights to also up their promotions and sales to draw in more customers but they failed to do that. Many companies will fall victim to these types of law suits and end up with a out of court settlement. Enhanced Athlete CEO Scott Cavell refused to bend to this shake down and let the suit go to court. Once this went to court the California Eastern District Court ended up ruling in favor of Enhanced Athlete and the suit was thrown out.


Wyoming based Enhanced Athlete has vowed to switch out some of the ingredients in their products to provide a better vitamin for their customers. While they are based out of Wyoming within the United States, they have customers across Europe, India, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries. Enhanced Athlete has acquired two sister companies which include Enhanced Clothing and Enhanced Coaching.


Enhanced Coaching features fitness experts with more than thirty years of combined coaching and mentoring knowledge. These fitness experts help people achieve their ultimate fitness goals. This is a highly economical way to gain muscle, tone and definition. Enhanced Coaching coaches will recommend various work outs, regimes and vitamins to take for maximum results. Enhanced clothing also features high end athletic apparel and accessories that are comfortable and economical. The powerhouse combinations of Enhanced Athlete, Enhanced Clothing and Enhanced Coaching provide their global customer base with top of the line nutritional information, products and support to maintain a healthy life style.

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