Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs Recognized for being among the best startups

Tempus Labs has its headquarters based in Chicago and it was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. The enterprise has been rated among the top ten best start-ups in the medical sector. The labs are dedicated to offering several cancer-related types of research. It conducts cancer testing, sequencing of tumors based on RNA analysis, characterization of immune systems based on tumor analysis, pathology and medical imaging among others. The organization has also partnered with National Cancer Institute to help offer comprehensive cancer treatments.

Tempus Labs have termed as a start-up that offers promise in revolutionizing the health sector in the coming years. For this reason, they have been recognized on Eric Topol’s list of emerging start-ups. The facility has been recognized for using gene therapy and editing technology to advance medical treatment.

Another technology that has been developed and is believed to help improve medical treatment is the pathogen sequencing technology a technology that enables quick sequencing of genomes within the pathogen structures. This offers quick health response in the event of an outbreak.

Two glucose sensors have also been developed and approved to be used to inject insulin directly into the bloodstream. Chimeric antigen receptor Immunotherapy is also a new technology that is set to be used extensively in the treatment of hematological conditions.

A watch that helps monitor and read blood pressure has also been developed and approved by FDA. The watch works in such a manner that it reads the blood pressure through pressing of the hand’s radial artery.

Another key technology is the artificial intelligence used for treating eye diseases. The technology is considered more accurate than doctor’s diagnosis and is more effective in identifying eye infections.

Eric Lefkofsky is considered one of Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs. Besides establishing Tempus Labs, Eric has also co-founded several companies such as Mediaocean and Lightbank among others.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also a humanitarian. He has supported various charities and has served as a trustee in several organizations such as The Museum of Science and Industry. With his wife Liz, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which aims at empowering the society in areas such as art and culture, education and human rights.

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