EDM DJ duo The Chainsmokers, dishes on Dirty Habits, Dark Songs and Overnight Success

The Chainsmokers took some time off to relax, recoup and to take a much needed breath. When asked about their kitschy name and whether or not they are heavy smokers they both look at each other and laugh. “We really weren’t big smokers in school and we aren’t heavy smokers now. I don’t know, that is a great question.” Drew Taggart speaks candidly about what people say about them and not having any strong desire to quell rumors about the band. “Our producers and sound engineers sat us down a long time ago and told us that the haters are all still out there and they love nothing more than to piss you off and get you going. Honestly we are too busy to even get involved with all of that. We have publicists to handle that for us now.”

When asked to open up about the overnight success and the pressures from fans to keep the momentum going the band, with a very relaxed response said “We don’t want to be about responding to our fans likes or dislikes, we just want to do what feels good to us because when it stops being what we want and morphs into something we don’t even recognize anymore, that is when we will just stop and maybe, I don’t know, get a job at In and Out or something.”

As they straddle that line between EDM and Top 40, they discuss where they get their inspiration for their sound. “We are so often in airports or taxis or ubering about towns so we get to meet and talk to a lot of people. Just having normal conversations with people about their lives, their struggles and what makes them happy are things we take away with us and then write about later. We have always had this synced mind set between the two of us that shows up in our work.” They are quick to add that their success stems from more than just the two of them. “We have a radical team and we know we wouldn’t be here with them.”

They are often asked if the lightning fast commercial success is ever too much to deal with and they have both said “We will let you know when and if it becomes too much!” Right now they are enjoying the fame, success and the big acts that they have been fortunate enough to work with. “Halsey is such a babe!” Laughing “Seriously though, she was so much fun to work with, it was a good collaboration.” They may be taking a much needed break but watch out world because this down and dirty duo or just clearing their throats.


Through Her Leadership Strengths, Susan McGalla Inspires Women to Succeed

Even though workplace diversity creates a more dynamic environment and fuels greater success, many companies still lack a strong representation of women in the chain of command. Today, that’s starting to change and women like Susan McGalla are leading the way.

Susan McGalla is Thankful for Her Male Role Models

Susan grew up in a household filled with males, having two brothers with which to contend. The three of them were raised by a father who worked as a football coach and Ms. McGalla says that helped her father instill important communication skills in each of them. Susan learned how to interact effectively, because, if she wanted something, she had to speak up for herself. In a home with two teen boys, it didn’t pay to be timid.

Additionally, McGalla says her father wouldn’t make excuses for her, because she was a girl. Susan was expected to work just as hard as her brothers, which taught her the solid work ethic that has helped her succeed professionally.

Once she was ready to start working, she joined the staff at American Eagle Outfitters, where she applied that devotion to hard work for her own advancement. She rose quickly through the executive branch, ultimately becoming president of the company. After leaving American Eagle, Susan launched her own business, P3 Executive Consulting.

While becoming an entrepreneur fulfilled one ambition, Ms. McGalla still wasn’t satisfied. She continued to work towards getting the most out of her career, which ultimately led her to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was the ultimate boys club, but that didn’t mean the management wasn’t willing to give Susan a shot. She took that shot, impressing her superiors with her dedication and savvy. Her work on the “wear what we wear” advertising campaign, which promoted Steelers attire, helped Susan rise in the ranks. The Pittsburgh Steelers was no longer closed to women.

Today, Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When she’s not working in that capacity, Susan sits on several boards, including those for the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and HFF, Inc. Ms. McGalla previously served as a trustee for the University of Pittsburgh. She also spends time serving as the director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Susan McGalla is a graduate of Mount Union College.

Sheldon Lavin’s immense success as the CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Group is privately owned American holding company that focuses on meat processing. It is also involved in the retail food business. Sheldon got engaged with the group in 1973 when they needed financing to expand their business. He saw potential in the company that was then called Otto and Sons. He invested both capital and time in the venture and had led the company for over four successful decades. Over the years, Sheldon has transformed the company into a global retailer and food supplier. Sheldon joined the meat industry as a consultant with the Otto heirs. He had worked in the banking and financial sector where he was vastly experienced.

Sheldon purchased controlling shares in the company in 1980 and became a partner together with the two sons. He was impressed with the firm’s business culture and strategies and therefore decided to become a full-time partner. He also cultivated a rare culture in the company where employees are treated as a global family. He became the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group with the aim of converting it into an international retailer of food products. The corporation has also quadrupled its labor force with over 20,000 employees internationally and with over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries. OSI Group developed long-standing connections with the McDonald’s franchise when it was just a small startup. The founder of McDonalds Ray Kroc agreed with Otto Kolschowsky to be its exclusive supplier of beef.

Sheldon Lavin was presented with the Global Visionary Award in 2016 for his outstanding success with the OSI Group in creating of employment worldwide. Lavin says that he was glad to see his life’s work being appreciated as he had spent most of his life committed to the success of the corporation and its employees. Under Larvin’s tutelage, the company has garnered numerous awards that recognize its contributions to environmental conservation and sustainability. Sheldon Lavin is an enthusiastic philanthropist with a generous heart. He is involved in many charity foundations such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Jewish United Fund and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago just to mention a few.

OSI has been ranked among the top most companies in the food and beverages docket. With its recent acquisitions such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe, Sheldon hopes to guide OSI Industries in providing modern food processing to countries worldwide.

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David Giertz Gives Retirement Advice

David Giertz has been speaking out for a long time on a sad truth in American society. That truth is that the majority of Americans will not have enough money saved once reaching retirement age.

A substantial amount of money can be necessary to facilitate a comfortable retirement. This is especially true for individuals that retire early and are blessed with a long and healthy post-retirement life. However, for those individuals who have only saved enough money to survive for a few years, their retirement dreams can quickly become a nightmare.

David Giertz is an expert at helping Americans prepare for retirement and has the following brief advice for those facing retirement in a few years and perhaps did not begin to plan early enough.

Consider Relocating

An idea that may be obvious to some is to move to a part of the country with a lower cost of living than where you presently are. Also, if living in a big city it is important to remember that these cities cater to working professionals and are usually more expensive to live than a smaller city would be.

David Giertz also explains that for more daring individuals that are willing to spend their golden years in a foreign country that there are a number of locations where a high level of living can be attained for much less money than in the United States.

Plan For Retirement Income

David Giertz recommends that some type of income is maintained during retirement years. This income can be passive or active in nature but is necessary to have in the event an emergency arises.

Take A Close Look At Your Retirement Benefits

Payments from social security are usually of a modest nature but many times can be just the extra money that is needed to provide the needed boost to live out retirement years.

Giertz explains that it is also important to understand the impact on your quality of life that will result from early retirement as partial government retirement benefits cannot be accessed until the age of 62 and full benefits require the retiree to be 66 years of age.

How OSI Food Solutions Doubled Their Chicken Production

Feeding the world the food they want is not an easy job. And there is one food solutions company that has helped millions of people get the food they want, anywhere around the world. That company, OSI Food Solutions, has expanded aggressively, which includes recently doubling their chicken production.

So how did this food solutions company quickly double their chicken production? It all started when OSI Food Solutions acquired the Tyson Chicken Plant just outside of Chicago. Offering to keep many of the staff from the Tyson chicken plant, OSI Food Solutions was able to quickly convert the plant to meet their needs and double chicken production for their own company.

The acquisition of the Tyson Chicken Plant was one of just many moves OSI Food Solutions has made to bring more people the food they want. By supplying everyone from supermarkets to convenience stores and restaurants, OSI Food Group supplies everything from fresh meat to deli foods, prepared foods, and other supermarket items.

In addition to the Tyson Food Plant acquisition, OSI Food Solutions has acquired Baho Food – a Dutch food company as well as Flagship Europe. The Baho Food and Flagship Europe acquisitions have helped OSI Food Solutions expand their operations to the European markets.

OSI Food Solutions got their start over a century ago when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market in Oak Pak, Illinois. Mr. Kolschowskywas able to quickly expand his small business and in 1928, the company renamed itself Otto & Sons. The newly named Otto & Sons quickly expanded across the Midwest. However, it was a fateful meeting with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc that turned this Midwest meat supplier into an international powerhouse. Using a new cryogenic food processing technique, Otto & Sons were able to ship meat patties to McDonald’s locations across the country. Today, OSI Food Solutions continues a century-long tradition of bringing fresh food to the biggest food sellers around the globe.

From acquisitions to innovation, OSI Food Solutions has become the food supplier of choice to thousands of supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants around the world. As more people seek a diversity of fine foods, OSI Food Solutions will be ready to deliver.

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ClassDojo is Rising to the Top in the EdTech Industry

ClassDojo is a communications platform aimed at teachers and parents. It’s main function is to be able to connect parents and teachers with a text messaging app specifically meant for the parent/teacher relationship. This enables teachers to be more productive and empowers them with the ability to ask parents questions in real time to better suit each child’s individual needs.

ClassDojo also serves as a private social media platform for children, parents and teachers. Each student is enabled to upload their own photos and videos to their own personal page to share with their parents. Utilizing these ideas, ClassDojo has built a real community in the classroom. ClassDojo provides a platform specific to a major part of every parent’s life, you can upload content to ClassDojo that may not be appropriate for everyone on social media: the content is private between you, your child, and his classroom.

The app also allows parents to chime into the classroom anytime they want. Parents are able to use live video streaming to contact their child and join in on the day’s class. Parents can positively participate in classroom activities and give their child a sense of unity.

ClassDojo was founded in the summer of 2011 and has quickly risen to be one of the EdTech industry’s leading companies. The software is already used by millions of teachers and students in the United States and many other countries. ClassDojo is made up of individuals who have had long careers in the educational field as well as designers and developers who previously worked at companies such as Facebook, Dropbox, and Amazon.

Schools that are not utilizing technology like ClassDojo are at a disadvantage. With so many schools already using ClassDojo and similar software, any school hasn’t implemented ClassDojo are doing themselves an injustice. ClassDojo could enable teachers and staff to save countless hours; ClassDojo eliminates the need for lengthy private meetings with parents and allows the parent to communicate with you during work hours. ClassDojo respects the privacy of teachers and comes equipped with a do not disturb feature called “Quite Hour.”

Find out more about ClassDojo: https://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathleenchaykowski/2017/05/22/how-classdojo-built-one-of-the-most-popular-classroom-apps-by-listening-to-teachers/&refURL=https://www.google.com/&referrer=https://www.google.com/

The Endeavors of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas, is one of the most accomplished female doctors in cosmetic surgery. This amazing woman has definitely put in the hard work and put in copious amounts of time. Her success surely hasn’t come from cutting corners. Years and years of research and study has produced this extraordinary person that you see today. In 2014, Harper’s Bazaar listed her as One of The 24 Best Beauty Surgeons, and she is one of the very first doctors to use advanced-laser machines. Silicone-breast implants would probably still be obsolete if it weren’t for this woman’s research.

TexasMD, Vogue, Italian Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Self, Health, MD Monthly, Glam.com, The Dallas Morning News, Refinery, VIVE, New York Magazine, Austin MD Magazine, New York Sun Magazine and The Austin American Statesman Magazine have all presented her image. Dr. Walden has taught laser technique to other cosmetic surgeons. This includes HALO Hybrid Laser, fat graft surgery, facelifting and others. She’s a pioneer of the subject despite being rather young in age. Dr. Walden’s very own medical practice is located in the city of Austin, Texas, and she relocated here after the birth of her two boys. This facility is technologically advanced to the highest degree. It offers some of the most modern technologies such as DIVa noninvasive-vaginal rejuvenation as well as ThermiVa rejuvenation.

Thanks to the success of this brilliant medical practice, she has been able to expand the business with a second location. Under the powerful mentorship of acclaimed Dr. Sherrell Aston, Walden has thrived in this industry because she knows all the tools of the trade. She earned her fellowship from the astounding Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, and she has held the position as an attending surgeon here. The list can literally go on and on for days, but this short article should give you a better understanding of how great this woman truly is.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden