George Soros Helping the World Through Donations

George Soros is best known as the man who broke the Bank of England. This refers to his endeavor from 1992 when he shorted the currency so much that Great Britain had to delist it from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros, however, has done so many other important things in his life that one might have issues prioritizing them. Although there is a lot of controversies that surround Soros as a consequence of his philanthropical engagements, he remains one of the most generous billionaires to ever live.

The latest reason that Soros has made many headlines is one of the largest donations ever made. He has transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations which is a gift that has been in the planning for years. This organization was founded by Soros himself over 30 years ago. Currently, the presence of it is known around the world as it is impactful in 120 countries.

Although Soros has made hefty donations which account for $30 billion, this will be his larges single-sum contribution. The goal of it is to basically leave the majority of his current $24 billion net worth to the organization that was made to help people around the world.

Soros, however, remains a hot topic in many conservative circles. This is because of his on-going involvement with the Democratic party where he has been an open supporter of Hillary Clinton. His opponents go to extreme lengths to demonize all of his endeavors and some of the latest theories about his underlying goals push the limits of rational.

For example, one theory portrays Soros as the mastermind behind many of the latest protests that have happened in the United States. The sports-related demonstrations, as well as the societal disturbance, has been prescribed to Soros by some of the most conservative conspiracy theorists.

Soros has undeniably engaged in a lot more philanthropy since the latest presidential election in the U.S. which can be contributed to his spotlight. With the shift in leadership to a Republican-based establishment, Soros has noticed a pattern of hate crimes that he has been fighting hard. This includes donating a lot of money to causes that help people who might be affected by the racism and discrimination that has seen a spike.

Soros has already donated around $14 billion to the Open Society Foundation since 1980 which has enabled its existence for the past 37 years. The money he gives now will serve to ensure the existence of the establishment long after his passing. Since Soros is an 87-year-old, the donation can almost be looked at as his will to have most of his possessions go towards helping people who are affected by the issues of society.

Even though there are a lot more theories of Soros’ hidden goals, one cannot deny his ability to influence the democratic body in many countries. The fact that there are groups who oppose him comes as nothing more than a proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of his actions!

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