An In Depth Look At Citizens United

End Citizens United is an Political Action type Committee which has a goal to reform campaign finance. In addition, the committee is also fighting against the negative effects of Citizens United. A 2010 court decision United Vs. F.E.C. has apparently changed the way in which people vote.

Essentially during election campaigns way too much money is spent on endorsing possible candidates for office. Donations seem to pour in from various sources. End Citizens United is strongly opposed to such donations. The committee feels the money being donated by wealthy individuals could be better spent on other important issues within the world like world hunger.

Serious campaign reform must take place. Yes, it tales money to campaign and get elected however much of the money is wasted and it no longer becomes an issue of election the best candidate. These issues in particular are contributing to decline of society as a whole. Candidates must oppose money in politics.

It is an absolute necessity to pursue aggressive campaign finance reform. A large majority of Americans agree that Jobs and Health Care are more important than spending millions of dollars on campaign funding. There must be limits set on exactly how much money can be spent to try and elect a candidate to office. Anyone whom disregards the funding limits set should be immediately disqualified from the campaign.


Sirius Radio has addressed this very issue numerous times. Sirius Radio as well as its commentators are in complete agreement that way too much money is spent on trying to get unqualified candidates elected to Political Office. Chris Frates from Sirius Radio has spoken out quite publicly about this very issue numerous times. It is about time something was done about it.

Some feel that reforming campaign finance would lead to manipulation of the political system as a whole. Some feel that the big money contributors who normally donate funds to political campaigns would then try to manipulate other organizations such as churches and schools. This is merely a red herring to deter individuals for being in favor of campaign reform.

Putting an End to Political over-spending
Funding secret money into political elections has been going on for decades. Weakening finance protections would lead to even more exposure of the political wrongs regarding campaign finance that are still taking place today. Therefore, we must get more people involved in exposing this serious issue even more as well as taking an active stand to pass bills in congress which would prohibit such conduct within the future.

End Citizens United is a group which does have good intentions. However, it is a matter of getting more people interested in the cause. Turning a blind eye where political campaign reform is concerned can no longer be done. Ignoring this issue is doing nothing to help the world and its critically important issues such as affordable healthcare, jobs and conquering world hunger. A great deal more money is needed in these areas, why not use the money that would have went toward funding another overpriced political campaign. Take that money and put it toward better and affordable healthcare, additional jobs for the unemployed and improving our educational system.

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