The Achievements of Bumble’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is prominently known for being one of Americans most outstanding female entrepreneurs. In addition to her prominences as an entrepreneur she is also the executive officer of the Bumble.

Following the monthly user base rating, the Bumble app is the fourth most popular app in line with dating. Bumble headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Additionally, Andrey Andreev approached Wolfe concerning the establishment of a dating platform. The former facilitated a partnership with the latter alongside a new firm in the year 2014 with Wolfe. The establishment of Bumble took place in the year 2014. As at now, the number of registered users that it has exceeds 11.5 million.

Bumble is currently undergoing different transformations include the launching of BumbleBIZZ as well as BumbleBFF. The latter facilitates friends’ finding. Under the TIME, the value of the company is currently at $500 million.

Looking at her education and early life, Utah is her birthplace. She is a daughter of Kelly who is a housewife and Michael who is a property developer.

She, later on, joined the Southern Methodist University for her further studies. It is in the course of her studies that she became a major in International Studies.

Remarkably, she began her business while she was nineteen years while at college. The business entailed the sale of bamboo tote bags. The benefits went to the regions that were encountered the effects of the BP Oil spill.

The partnership between Patrick Aufdenkamp who is a celebrity stylist and Wolfe enhanced the launching of the organization by the name Help Us Project which is non-profit making. It is worth acknowledging the reception of that bags by the national press after their photography with celebrities including Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. Upon graduation, Wolfe moved to the Southeast of Asia. It is during her stay there that she worked with the orphanages.

Notably, Whitney Wolfe in a gorgeous wedding that took place at the cliff-side village found on the Amalfi Coast. She is now married to Michael Herd of Texas oil.

Despite the fact that the couple is yet to make their marriage official, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with congratulatory messages and photos from family and friends who attended the event. For more info about us: click here.

Additionally, artist Ashley Longshore on her Instagram appreciated the couple for making everyone believe not only in love but also in the beauty as well as the infinite possibilities. The sister of the bride as well congratulated them for their show to the world of the definition of true love.

An In Depth Look At Citizens United

End Citizens United is an Political Action type Committee which has a goal to reform campaign finance. In addition, the committee is also fighting against the negative effects of Citizens United. A 2010 court decision United Vs. F.E.C. has apparently changed the way in which people vote.

Essentially during election campaigns way too much money is spent on endorsing possible candidates for office. Donations seem to pour in from various sources. End Citizens United is strongly opposed to such donations. The committee feels the money being donated by wealthy individuals could be better spent on other important issues within the world like world hunger.

Serious campaign reform must take place. Yes, it tales money to campaign and get elected however much of the money is wasted and it no longer becomes an issue of election the best candidate. These issues in particular are contributing to decline of society as a whole. Candidates must oppose money in politics.

It is an absolute necessity to pursue aggressive campaign finance reform. A large majority of Americans agree that Jobs and Health Care are more important than spending millions of dollars on campaign funding. There must be limits set on exactly how much money can be spent to try and elect a candidate to office. Anyone whom disregards the funding limits set should be immediately disqualified from the campaign.


Sirius Radio has addressed this very issue numerous times. Sirius Radio as well as its commentators are in complete agreement that way too much money is spent on trying to get unqualified candidates elected to Political Office. Chris Frates from Sirius Radio has spoken out quite publicly about this very issue numerous times. It is about time something was done about it.

Some feel that reforming campaign finance would lead to manipulation of the political system as a whole. Some feel that the big money contributors who normally donate funds to political campaigns would then try to manipulate other organizations such as churches and schools. This is merely a red herring to deter individuals for being in favor of campaign reform.

Putting an End to Political over-spending
Funding secret money into political elections has been going on for decades. Weakening finance protections would lead to even more exposure of the political wrongs regarding campaign finance that are still taking place today. Therefore, we must get more people involved in exposing this serious issue even more as well as taking an active stand to pass bills in congress which would prohibit such conduct within the future.

End Citizens United is a group which does have good intentions. However, it is a matter of getting more people interested in the cause. Turning a blind eye where political campaign reform is concerned can no longer be done. Ignoring this issue is doing nothing to help the world and its critically important issues such as affordable healthcare, jobs and conquering world hunger. A great deal more money is needed in these areas, why not use the money that would have went toward funding another overpriced political campaign. Take that money and put it toward better and affordable healthcare, additional jobs for the unemployed and improving our educational system.

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Hard Work and an Innovative Mind Set Anthony Petrello for Greatness in his Career and Life

Becoming one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States is no mean fete yet Anthony Petrello graced the position in 2015. His successful career life is a clear indication of how much one can achieve by relentlessly working hard. His innovative mind has made way for him to live the American dream.

Education Background

Anthony Petrello started marking remarkable achievements early in life. He was highly talented in Mathematics in his high school days in Newark where he grew up. His prowess in the subject was spotted by the Yale University, earning him a scholarship in the prestigious institution. He had the privilege to have Serge Lang, a celebrated professor, author, and mathematician as his mentor. He eventually graduated with a Bachelor and a Masters degrees. He would later surprise many by diverting from mathematics and taking up law at the Harvard Law School.

Career Path

After graduating with a law degree, Anthony Petrello set out to the corporate world. His first engagement was at Baker & McKenzie in 1979. His area of expertise was in business law, particularly taxation as well as arbitration. He was quick to climb the ladder as in 1986; he was appointed partner for the firm’s New York branch. His star would continue to shine after demonstrating his unbeatable analytical skills to a client, Nabors Industries. The client successfully lured him into the business world by hiring him as the COO in 1991. He was also admitted to the board of directors and executive committee almost immediately. He was appointed the President the following year.

Anthony Petrello set down to work in steering the company forward. He went on to expand the firm by leading the acquisition of companies who shared in Nabors Industries vision. Such firms include Grace Drilling in 1993 and Superior Well Services in 2010. His contributions led him to his current position of the CEO and Chairman of the board of directors and executive committee.


Anthony Petrello has been a generous philanthropist besides his official commitments. He contributed 7 million dollars to the construction of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The institution works with children who suffer from neurological illnesses across the globe.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello has been the steering wheel at Nabors Industries. He is actively involved in strategic planning of the company. His capabilities have set the company at the top of the dynamic oil and gas sector. Besides Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello is a director of Hilcorp Energy Company,, and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

Rodrigo Terpins Is A Role Model To Sportsmen

Aside from being an admired entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins is a sports personality that is highly regarded. Specializing in major rallies with incredible passion and determination, Rodrigo has completed world record racing competitions in just a few minutes. As it is said, the apple does not fall from the tree, Rodrigo is the son of a sports personality, Mr. Jack Terpins, a man who ventured into basketball and successfully led a team in the country. A successful business professional too, Jack Terpins is a perfect role model for his sons. Rodrigo has a brother called Michel Terpins, who is also a sports personality.


Rodrigo Terpins and his brother play for the Brazilian international team, Bull Sertoes Rally Team. With passion and determination, he has grown intoto the team, earning some of the world’s best positions. Mainly involved in T1 Prototype, Rodrigo has been scaling up the ladder of successful sports personalities for years. Managing to land 8th position in the 22nd edition of the competition, he is a role model to many prospective racers. One defining character for this visionary man is discipline. Aside from being focused on the sport, he ensures that discipline is paramount.


Rodrigo Terpins joins his brother in racing. Coupled with a strong partnership form their co-drivers, the teams have always emerged among the best, says Developing an interest for rallying a few years into their victory, Rodrigo Terpins keeps tabs on performance as well as progress. He is determined to achieve a lot a few years from now. In a team of nine others, Rodrigo has always graced the occasion in preparedness. Sources indicate that the duo has been in the industry for some significant time. With five successful seasons, Rodrigo Terpins has experienced immeasurable victory thanks to his determination.


An epitome of success, Rodrigo Terpins has a business to run too. It has been 16 years since he ventured into entrepreneurship and from the outcome of his success story, the business is doing well. His experience at Lojas Marisa contributed to his current success story. Working as an operations manager, Rodrigo Terpins is multi-skilled and determined to offer the best to the world. Read more on


How Paul Mampilly Impacts On Investment

Mr. Paul Mampilly is an American investor who was born in India and moved to the USA when he was still young. He was once a hedge fund manager and the winner of Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul is the founder of investment the newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that he uses to offer advice to his clients. Paul has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News.

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor of Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He joined the firm in 2016 and specializes in helping Main Street Americans to find wealth in growth investment, unique opportunities, and technology. Mr. Paul began writing Profits Unlimited in 2016 with the aim of identifying the stocks that go up. After Paul became tired of making money for the rich people, he retired to spend time with his family. However, he is still carrying out his duties as a research and investment analyst. Paul finds it a pleasure to help ordinary people to make money. Most of his newsletter is about teaching people how to earn money and improve their lives.

Mr. Paul Mampilly started his own business after he became tired of working on Wall Street. He found it unfair for him to help wealthy people to get wealthier. Paul then opted to provide his services to the ordinary people rather than the wealthy, and that is what made him start his own business. Paul Mampilly is a financial mastermind who has used the financial markets to generate a significant amount of wealth. He can predict successful innovations of tomorrow basing on generational trends.

Paul believes that the rise and fall of industries are attributed to human behaviors. In his views, when an investor can predict the general preferences of generations, then they can understand the status of the key industries across the world. Contrary to wealth finance professionals, in the USA, Mr. Paul put his focus on supporting the common people. He holds the notion that economy depends on the average Americans. Therefore, he founded Capuchin Consulting to help people to reach their financial goals.

Jason Hope’s Two Cents on Technology and Business

The technology from mobile communication fueled Jason Hope’s journey into the business world. Jason got into the business industry after learning of the advantages that the technology of mobile brought along. He believed and still believes that that technology will catalyze major changes in the world economy. The fact that mobile technology is quite an aged one but still has room for advancement inspired him to set off on the journey of starting his tech company. It did not take long before he was reaping profits from his business. His first company, Jawa which is a mobile communication company, acted as a base firm from which he added partnerships and investments in the technology sector. It is from this portfolio that he makes money.

Jason Hope, just like any other business owner, experiences challenges and doubts in the business world. He categorizes doubt as a good thing since it helps keep business owners alert and provokes action. For him, he uses doubt and challenges as a drive for change and because of his dedication to the technology industry is what gets him through most doubts. He additionally says, what makes an entrepreneur successful or not is how he or she handles challenges and doubts. He also mentioned one of his failures in his business, when he had hitches with some of his first clients. He remained focused and looked ahead because dwelling on failures hinders progress. He would wish those other entrepreneurs would apply this.

While still a startup, Jason got his first client as a referral while he was working on the marketing and advertisement for another company. From there, he started building his clientele network. Presently, aside from referrals, he uses social media for his marketing strategies. He states that social media is readily available and since it keeps people interconnected, proper use of it is a great way of marketing your business. In as much as this contributes to Jason Hope’s success, there are other factors too that fuel his progress. For one, his focus on the future greatly boosts his business. He is always looking at what direction technology will take in improving lives. He also doesn’t give room to failure or doubt, another factor that has driven his progress.

A technological trend that seems to excite this business icon is the Internet of Things. He says shortly, every home will have all its devices interconnected. He also is excited about how technology will contribute to anti-aging processes and as a result put a stop to diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. In the same spirit, he shared a business idea with those that may be interested in applying it. He talked about internet marketing and utilizing the social media with businesses. Having these skills and using them for your business will bring success to your business according to him. He leaves us with his favorite quote which in summary urges people not to sit on their ideas and rather, do something about them.

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The Best Medical Expert in North Carolina-Dr. Imran Haque

He is one of the most respected medical experts who operate their practice in North Carolina in the United States of America. Doctor Imran Huque is a medical doctor who for an extended period of more than 15 years has been specializing in internal medicine. The medical doctor is described as a caring doctor who values the needs of his clients leading most of the residence in Carolina to seek his medical attention and advice. Imran Haque has a medical facility located in Asheboro, North Carolina and it is known as Horizon Internal Medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque has grown to be a prominent medical doctor. After his High School graduation, he attended one of the prestigious universities in Santo Domingo; Universidad Iberoamerican where he graduated with a degree in medicine in 1998. His passion for medicine led him to further his education at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. His passion as a student, as well as a practicing medical practitioner, was to give the best therapy to his patients. After a successful completion of his training at the University of Virginia; Imran Haque was given a license to practice internal medicine in North Carolina.

Some of the services that Dr. Imran Haque provides to his patients include; ultra sound, laboratory services among other quality treatments for internal disease as well as complicated health conditions. Dr. Imran Haque carries out quality check-ups as well as examinations in order to provide the best treatment for the disease or condition. Most of the people who visit the respected medical doctor to that for various reasons including; his commitment to his patients as well as the results he gives them, the location of his office is convenient, and his medical facility is fully qualified, the doctor treats a wide range of health complications, and has licenses from the required authorities in the region. Everyday Dr, Imran strives to provide the best medical services in North Carolina.

Securus Technologies Is A Positive Thinking Company

With great pride, Securus Technologies leads the pack in the public safety field. They are experts at the justice system, and they are clearly the innovators in the industry. On a weekly basis, they create newer and ingenious ways of protecting the people.


One of their biggest clients is the US government. They are contracted to assist them in their correction facilities. On an average, during the year, they deal with more than a million inmates. They are keeping the environments safer.


Over the months and years, they have received numerous contacts from their clients telling them how beneficial their work is to their facilities. The company decided to publish this so that other people could see the information.


Securus Technologies also extended an open invitation to people to visit their TX location. The people could see what they were working on, and ask any questions that they might have about it.


With the staff employed by Securus Technologies, nothing is impossible to them. They go above and beyond the call of duty, making the world a safer place. They are always on the ball, and they want people to know that they care about them. As they look to the future, they will be in the lead of a highly competitive field.