Fabletics – Quality Products, Affordable Price

Big e-commerce companies like Amazon are threatened by start-up fashion brand Fabletics, which was launched in the year 2012. The company in just a few years has been touching annual revenue of more than $250 million, and its workforce has increased from just a handful to over 1.500 employees in the last few years. Fabletics offers a broad range of active wear and athleisure products and gears for women, and the best part is that the company is known to keep the price low and quality high. There is hardly any big brand in the market that offers athleisure products at the cost in which Fabletics offers its products.

Moreover, Fabletics follows a subscription based business model that ensures that the customers remain with the brand, and which also helps the customers get huge discounts and a variety of other perks. It is a win-win situation for the company as well as the customers. At present, Fabletics has over 1.2 million customers, and its customer base is increasing at the rate of over thirty percent each year. The co-owner of Kate Hudson says that one of the reasons why the company has been able to meet the expectations of its clients at such consistent pace is because the enterprise uses the sales, marketing, and user data to provide customers what they are looking for.

The company uses technology in an integrated manner for its strategy building and decision making. It helps in making the right choice, whether it is a business decision or a creative process. The company has over a 1,500 employees, and close to 1,000 of these employees are dedicated to providing customers with attentive and responsive customer service. Fabletics has recently started opening stores across the nation, and presently has 18 physical stores. The reverse showroom technique implemented successfully by Fabletics is also one of the reasons why the company has been able to keep its customers.

It has helped in ensuring that it does not lose its customers to the competition, and continues to grow at a steady pace. The company takes special care of its customers and offers a broad range of offers from time to time, irrespective of whether it is VIP member or a guest on the site. The company has a vast collection of quality athleisure products to choose from. The customers looking to buy athleisure products from Fabletics must not forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz at its site.

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