Dick and Betsy DeVos Reveal their Philanthropic Giving Records and Prove Critics Wrong

Dick and Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic record speaks for itself. The couple supports charity and education initiatives across the United States through their family foundation. Being politically affiliated with the Republican Party, the DeVoses also give substantial donations in support of Republican candidates. Their generous giving attracts appreciation and criticism in equal measure, with critics arguing that the couple gives a little too much to political campaigns. For those who understand Betsy and Dick’s charity donations, however, knows that their political giving is negligible relative to what they give to charity.


Revealing the DeVoses’ Donations


In line with the American Constitution, individuals nominated for cabinet positions undergo vetting and scrutiny before they are appointed to assume office. Betsy DeVos had to pass through the same process early this year upon her appointment by President Trump to the Secretary of Education docket. One of the issues put in the spotlight during Betsy’s vetting process was the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation where the couple was required to reveal the foundation’s spending. Records obtained from the foundation’s website showed that the couple had given philanthropic donations to the tune of $140 million for its entire active philanthropic period. The records further showed that the DeVoses had contributed close to $5.3 million to political campaigns since 2011 and $11.6 million to charity in only one year- 2015. More than $3 million of the amount spent on philanthropy in 2015, which accounts for a quarter of the whole amount, was channeled towards education programs. Of the $3 million, $357,000 was in support of organizations that advocate for education reforms. This spending was a clear indication of how weighty the DeVoses take education reforms.


Education and Culture & Art’s Donations


2013 was another year that saw the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation give hefty donations towards education programs in the United States, particularly in Michigan. Records from the Tax Department broke down the particulars of donations for that year, specifying who the beneficiaries were and how much they got. Big Rapids-based Ferris State University, for example, got $100,000 while Midland-based Northwood University got $200,000. Potter’s House in Wyoming and West Michigan Aviation Academy took the lion share, each of them receiving more than $300,000. The DeVoses’ commitment to improving Art & Culture was also evident in the couple’s donations. The sector was awarded 21 percent of the couple’s total philanthropic donations in 2015. The DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the distinguished University of Maryland on its side had received a whopping $22 million before 2015.


More about Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is the current senior executive head of The Windquest Group. He also served as VP at Amway International and later as president of the same company. From 1991 to 1994, he was the CEO of his family’s Orlando Magic. He is a pilot by profession and an alumnus of famed Northwood University.


Omar Boraie Of Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is most often thought about in reference to his position as Vice President of Boraie Development which is in the business of real estate development. Numerous projects have been built by this company in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area. It is a pillar of the New Brunswich community, and recently expanded into the Atlantic City and Newark areas where it is certain to continue to excel.

It was Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball star, who brought about the move into the Newark market. It was his desire to introduce a new residential building into his hometown that was the inspiration for this new team. The resulting building became the first new high rise residential construction project in 50 years to see the light of day in downtown Newark.

In an article on NJBiz, Boraie Development is also planning the creation of something brand new for Atlantic City. The historic value of the barren southern inlet region of this resort city will soon enjoy a boost to its popularity. For Omar Boraie, great potential exists with the area around Revel Casino Hotel Tower where retail establishments and housing can easily be added to enhance what is already going on there. With Sam at the helm, there is little doubt that this project will succeed.

As for New Brunswick, Boraie Development company management says that projects that have already been completed are just the beginning of what they have planned as work continues on New Brunswick’s transformation. According to Omar Boraie, the company has some long term plans, but these will be implemented in incremental steps over a number of years. These projects are part of the vision Sam has for the city and he predicts that it will become New Jersey’s economic hub in the future.

It was Omar Boraie that founded the company 40 years ago, and is now in the process of grooming Sam’s brother to take over when he retires, but Sam plays a major role in managing Boraie Development. Growing up in this family business, Sam is now in charge of acquiring new strategies to help the company grow more rapidly as it achieves its mission of revitalizing the city in which it was born.

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Mr. Don Ressler: an Innovative Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon

Mr. Don Ressler is a highly revered executive with interests in startups and fashion. Mr. Ressler is one of the founders and chief managers of JustFab, a renowned e-commerce fashion retailer. He works together fashion entrepreneur Mr. Adam Goldenberg, his fellow chief executive officer. Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg set up JustFab in 2010. A year later, they sought out the services of Kimora Lee Simmons, who took charge of creative director and president posts. This firm specializes in the sale of handbags, denim, shoes, and jewelry. Mr. Ressler and his colleague tailored this company to operate on a membership basis. This company handles over 10 million clients.

Mr. Ressler contributions to the growth of JustFab

In 2011, Mr. Don Ressler facilitated the company’s first funding deal that saw the company receive $33 million in capital from Matrix Partners. Having utilized the first round of funds to grow the business, in 2012, JustFab received a second round of venture capital. Among the partners who invested in this firm were Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures. With this money, JustFab opened offices in Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, the company expanded its operations through acquiring FabKids, a brand that markets and sells outfits that suit individual needs of children.

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The same year, Mr. Ressler announced that the business had closed the third round of funding amounting to $40 million. This additional round of financing enabled the company to enter new products into the business. In August 2014, Passport Special Opportunity Fund gave JustFab $85 million worth of capital. Other key stakeholders who participated to this contribution were Sinning Capital, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners. By 2014, Mr. Ressler and his partner had been able to secure a total of $250 million worth of funding. JustFab currently owns industry-leading brands like Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids.

Mr. Ressler’s other startups and achievements

Mr. Ressler has been instrumental in setting up other companies, such as Intelligent Beauty, Inc. At Intelligent Beauty, he operated and incubated businesses involved in beauty and fashion. He is also the brains behind FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc., a fitness center that serves high profile clients in the United States. Mr. Ressler is also the founder of Alena Media, a company that pioneered Hydroderm, a skin care brand. Throughout his career, he has helped companies raise capital to the tunes of millions and has generated sales worth $1 billion. Mr. Ressler is an expert is brand building, particularly for Internet companies. He set up Myspace.com, a $650 million dollar company that was acquired by News Corp in 2005.

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Desiree Perez Convincees Jay-Z of Need for Exclusive Content

Desiree Perez has been vital to the revitalization of Tidal. Anyone that has seen the work that she is doing is well aware of the progress that she has made. Based on crunchbase.com, there is no mistaking that she is one of the best when it comes to negotiating contracts and crunching numbers. This has been the buzz on the internet about all of the work that she has done in getting more artists to get involved with the exclusive content that has been linked to Tidal.


Customers that love new music that can’t be found anywhere else will have Desiree Perez to thank for this. She is the one that helped Jay-Z realize that he could not simply buy a music streaming service and assume that it would lure customers just because of his fame. Jay-Z, at best, is a retired rapper that has a catalog that is outdated. This would not be enough star power for him to lure millions of people away from Spotify.


He is also married to Beyoncé, and that definitely gives him an edge on the competition, but this alone would still not be enough for him to build a solid music streaming service that would cater to a diverse crowd. Desiree Perez knew that Jay-Z would need to have something that was completely different from everything else that was out there. That is the reason that she decided to help Jay-Z navigate his way through music streaming and give him the insight he needed for a streaming service that would attract people from all walks of life. Desiree has evidently done this with success because even Sprint has made a conscious decision to invest in Tidal. Learn more.


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