Eric Lefkofsky’s Efforts to Fight Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky maintains a shelf just behind his desk. It has documents of three companies that he has seen through success, making them public companies. These include Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. On these important items is a 3-D printer that he uses for his office and personal stationery needs. Eric, according to Forbes, has a current wealth of 1.79 billion dollars.

Tempus is Eric’s newest venture. The serial entrepreneur uses it to take on cancer. Among his goals is to amass a set of databases about cancer that can be used to compare with patients’ DNA, based on This will make it easier for doctors and health practitioners to personalize therapies for their patients. The success of this mission means that cancer will become easier to control and probably to cure.

Eric Lefkofsky might not have much background knowledge about medicine and genomics. However, the entrepreneur and risk taker learned a lot about breast cancer because his wife suffered from it a while back. She was diagnosed and treated, and Eric says that she is in good shape. He did all he could to attain the much-required action to help her doctor treat the disease. It was during his search that he realized that most hospitals lag behind in the use of data to help cancer patients.

In the course of his career and desire to fight cancer, Eric Lefkofsky has donated quite a fortune to aid in the research on cancer. Tempus is a high-technology-based startup that seeks to build infrastructure and technology that modernizes cancer diagnosis and treatment. He remains the company’s president. According to Tempus Health Inc. website, doctors, and health care practitioners are empowered to perform data-driven, personalized and real-time services to their patients. uses the genetic code of patients to develop their molecular therapies. It applies the best analysis and sequencing methods to assist doctors to understand better a patient’s tumor. It uses statistical data for analysis. The results are important in choosing the best and personalized healthcare to offer each of their patients. The Groupon founder’s efforts to fight cancer through Tempus Hospital are bearing fruit.

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