Accepting The Challenge

Communities thrive off of the ability to manage its resources and govern the needs of its inhabitants. Members of a society brings different attributes to the environment in which they live. Some people hold great wealth and knowledge. There are others who are less fortunate and struggle to provide themselves with the simple necessities that make life comfortable.

Balance is obtained when those who have more decide to give to others who are in need of extra assistance. Efforts such as this bring an emotional lift to a community of people who feel they do not have equal opportunity.

James Dondero is a successful Dallas businessman who has continuously dedicated his time to the society he operates in. His philanthropic contributions have had a major impact on many different aspects of the community around him.

James Dondero is a founding member of Highland Capital Management. He launched the company in 1993. It now manages assets worth billions of dollars. The Highland Dallas Foundation was created to handle the philanthropic business of the company. According to PR Newswire, through the Highland Dallas Foundation James Dondero issued a one million dollar challenge.

The challenge simply states that it will match any contribution made by another donor up to the amount of one million dollars. The gesture by James Dondero is the result of a call to action by the mayor of Dallas. The city was in dire need of assistance to help with the many problems that plague it’s inner cities.

The money will go to expanding the operation of The Family Place. The Family Place is a program that assist families whose suffer from violence. It provides shelter, medical attention, an emergency hotline and job placement assistance for those who are ready to change their current circumstances.

James remains active in the Dallas community on many levels. His company is a long-time supporter of Southern Methodist University. Dondero was named to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business at SMU.

The appointment is a result of Highland Capital Management’s relationship with the institution. The board meets several times throughout the year and is involved in every aspect of molding the business attributes of its students.

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Fabulous Fabletics

Finding good clothes to wear when you work out used to be almost impossible. You want them to be comfortable, easy to move in but also attractive. The Fabletic line is all three. Kate Hudson has always been passionate about her own health. With the Fabletics line she is sharing that love with other women as she passes along the apparel that she’s always liked to wear herself while working on that enviable body. Each piece is easy to move in, and is made from breathable material so that you can be sure to get the most from your workouts. Hudson has made keeping fit a priority in her life and if it’s one for you too, you will love wearing the Fabletics line as much as she loves designing it.


Fabletics began in 2013 and ever since, each year the sales has increased as women who try the outfits share their experiences with others. Outfits vary from solid colors, splashy patters and interchangeable pieces that work for running, yoga and a workout at the gym. If you’ve ever admired Hudsons style now is your chance to get it for yourself in an affordable, easy way to shop with new pieces you can add to your collection each month. From crop tops to long sleeve options and leggings, Fabletics even manages to takes the stress out of shopping the racks by delivering exciting pre-selected coordinating outfits right to your front door. With a subscription service that selects items just for you, in your size, and send them right to your home it’s just one less thing you have to worry about that frees up more time for your workout.


No matter how you choose to get your workout, whether it’s from sweating at the gym, training for a marathon sweating on the tennis courts or using your own equipment at home, wearing something that moves with you and controls your body temperature is important to get the most out of your workout. Fabletics can help you do that. Moisture control, affordability, easy to care-for and fashionable, what more could you want from your idea workout apparel?

IAP Focuses on Expanding Markets

When the very foundation of IAP Worldwide was forming in 1953, there was no doubt a plan for the company to grow. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and expand into new markets. IAP Worldwide has continued to look for ways to expand into new markets as they continue to build relationships with engineering companies and those who can assist with air traffic control and flow. IAP isn’t just focused on serving in America, but they are also serving other countries. This means that they have to learn the lay of the land and how they can assist our military by doing so.

Operating in the UK gives us a solid foundation for building relationships with our allies, and managing facilities has also become important during times of war, natural disasters, and emergencies with local governments. While continuing to build infrastructure, IAP Worldwide has been focused on assisting in many areas where climate isn’t always friendly.

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As IAP continues to grow strong, it also grows from the inside with a more sound financial backing. A complete restructuring began in 2014 with the help of a new board of directors and new ownership. With more than 1,600 employees and 110 locations, IAP Worldwide has been a goal to support and offer the very best in training and education for those who work with the company. Currently, 175,000 plus personnel are working in the United States as well as the Middle East in an attempt to assist our military with their current operations.

The science and technology behind what IAP is doing is far above and beyond anything that we could imagine. The missions are always great, and there could never be enough hands on deck for the work that needs to be done at home and abroad. The environment needs to be protected and so do the people working in it. Today, IAP is committed to bringing help when needed most, and in doing so they are providing supplies as well as food and healthcare.

The greatest needs in the world are what IAP Worldwide is working hard to provide. IAP focuses on quick response and giving the best care available when disaster strikes. This is why IAP Worldwide is still a top hiring company, and they are always looking for individuals to bring their unique gifts and talents to the table. Life-sustaining supplies can make the difference in a time of need.

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Insurance Claim To End With Bruce Levenson Starting Court Proceedings

The insurance giant AIG has recently discovered it will be heading to court after attorney’s for former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson filed breach of contract papers in a Fulton County court over an unpaid claim. Levenson’s lawyers have filed the court claim after a year long battle with AIG to acknowledge a claim relating to the mutual termination of the six year contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; the legal case has been brought after AIG failed to communicate with Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium after the group sold the NBA franchise to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson has been one of the best loved philanthropists in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas, particularly after he raised a large amount of funds to found a new program providing undergraduates and graduate students the chance to explore not for profit groups at The University of Maryland. The program has already created a number of philanthropy specialists who work with groups in the local Maryland area, but with the aid of the Levenson family has now expanded its reach to developing areas of India and Africa.

The work of UCG’s Bruce Levenson has made him one of the top business leaders in the U.S. who is now looking to bring his skills to the legal fight he faces with AIG; the New Hampshire based insurance company was first notified by members of the Hawks staff of an impending claim over Danny Ferry’s contract as early as April 2015, which was followed by a claim being made when Ferry’s contract was mutually terminated in June 2015 just days before the franchise was sold. Bruce Levenson’s lawyers believe the comments and behavior of Ferry are grounds for constructive dismissal and should have resulted in the insurance policy being triggered with AIG that will now form the basis of the breach of contract claim.